Chris Fortier – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD1

CD1 starts with a nice sublime cut from Universal Agents that people may think pays homage to the Tigerhook Corp, but there is a reason for that as one of its members was actually involved in the production, working alongside the mighty G-Pal. The excellent Jay Tripwire continues this deep intro, before the massive smash hit that is BLH's Marscarter (John Debo and Steve Porter's remix) which oozes a raw yet perfect bass led house track from an era long since passed. Things head off in a deeper direction as we glide through Thomas Penton and Luis Dura's brooding Control Factor, sweeping deeper still into the lush deep house of Illinton's interpretation of Choc Electrique's ‘Edge Of Time’ into a track from promising producer Haris with a track that was given exclusively to Fortier entitled ‘Touched By Dub’. Its classic time once more as a track from around 1992 is inserted, Dearboy's ‘Greyclouds 9’ and people may recognise the sample from God Within's seminal classic, ‘Raincry’. Ben Camp's ‘Timewreck’ is up next, as Mara grip it and reinterpret it leading into the massive collaboration between Bill Hamel and London boys Swain & Snell, resulting in the fresh sound of Future. Chris sprinkles some breaks into the mix from Meat Katie as the cd ends with the soothing yet disturbingly dirty Chab mix of Sunscape & Chris Dee's ‘Generik’, leaving you gasping for more.


1. Universal Agents - Solomonic Agents
2. Jay Tripwire - Caught With My Pants Down
3. Bernard Leon Howard III - Marscarter (John Debo & Steve Porter's Deported Vocal Mix)
4. Thomas Penton & Luis Duran - Control Factor (Justin O'brien & Jonathan Dub)
5. Choc Electrique - Edge Of Time (Illington Massive Edge Remix)
6. Haris - Supadrug B
7. Dearboy - Greyclouds 9 (Drum Club Remix)
8. Hamel, Swain & Snell - Future (Mix One)
9. Ben Camp - Timewreck
10. Ben Camp - Timecrash (Mara Remix)
11. Meat Katie - My Little Dancing Girl
12. Sunscape & Chris Dee - Generik (Chab Remix)
Progressive House UK