Chris Fortier – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD2

As the sound of thunder and deep atmospheric effects signal the start of CD2, Women Of Colour's ‘Elemental’ trickles through the speakers onto Deep C and Randall Jones’ percussion driven ‘The One’, with its smokey sax samples that ease the mood into a deep drop courtesy of Chris's studio partner Neil Kolo, whose solo project Nova marks a turning point in the cd, its deep and trippy percussion leading into a sublime break before driving straight into the hypnotic ‘Gasp’ by Dan Morris & Shylock. Chris's friend Steve Porter pops up once more with John Debo as we get 'Deported'. A bit of oriental flavour is sprinkled in from Hong Kong producer Tszpun as the mix moves subtly along and into Steve Porter's massive single ‘Nordica’ lifts the pace a few notches, as the tough, house chords and vocals of Coco Da Silva's ‘@Night’ erupt, you find yourself getting drawn in even deeper. John Graham and Steve Porter's ‘Two Days On Landsdown’, a track briefly unsigned at the time but which became a monster. Rounding off the cd we have one of Chris's favourite artists Angel Moraes with the tough I-Jack remix of ‘Turn It Up’ before the final track from Chris himself, ‘Losing Wait’ making sure you are in for the ride right till the end, an amazing end to an amazing cd.


1. Women Of Color - Elemental
2. Deep C & Randall Jones - The One
3. Kolo - Nova
4. Dan Morris & Shylock - Gasp
5. Steve Porter & John Debo - Deported (Heavy Mix)
6. Tszpun - Lost Language
7. Amani vs. Teapot - Wise Man Speaks
8. Steve Porter - Nordica
9. Coco Da Silva - @ Night
10. John Graham & Steve Porter - Two Days On Lansdowne
11. Angel Moraes - Turn It Up
12. Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Instrumental)
Progressive House UK