Guy J - 1000 Words CD1

This week's throwback Thursday mix album has a special place in my heart and came at a tough emotional time in my life. I started running marathons and these two mixes were a must in my musical arsenal to attack the hilly miles near where I lived and trained. Now world-famous and respected by his peers, running his own Lost&Found label, Guy J was/ is one of Bedrock's biggest finds, having regularly appeared on the label since his debut in 2007. '1000 Words' is his second artist album, after 2008's 'Esparanza'. Much like that LP, 1000 Words is part mixed and part unmixed: the first two discs play out continuously, while the third compiles club versions of tracks from the first two. It shows the Israeli producer moving through a range of different styles, from melodic house to atmospheric downtempo, while maintaining a sense of narrative throughout. Guest appearances come from the vocalist Miriam Vega. 1000 Words was available on vinyl as well as CD. CD1 gives a nod to classical composition, taking the form of a series of movements, as Guy J mixes, segues and joins the dots between individual tracks to create an end result that is greater than the sum of all its parts. Opening with a swirl of muted bells and atmospheric pads, the lush opening 3-track sequence is concluded with the gorgeous, heavenly vocals of Miriam Vaga. Just when you think you know what s coming next, the soaring, melodic shower of Fall Star , Guy J lets the spirit of the Mad Professor into the studio and spins into a fizzing dub experiment ( The Right Place ), before getting horizontal and beatless with the melancholy beauty of My Organ Friend , to draw the second movement to a close. Spica wouldn t be out of place on the Bladerunner movie soundtrack, as it cuts to the pulsating disco swing of Electric Tale with a nod to Giorgio Moroder and morphs and breaks down into the spiralling, ecstatic chords of Lamur , before flowing into the distant storm of a perfect sunrise moment ( I Lost My Head ). The majestic beats reprise of Stay Cow and the stunning finale of Fly (once gain featuring Miriam Vaga), bring to a close what can only be described as a listening experience that has been heaven sent. Imagine being able to create your perfect DJ set; having the skill as an artist to create all the music you want to play; all the subtle emotional nuances, mood swings and changes of direction at your fingertips.

01. Intro
02. Moderate
03. You feat. Miriam Vaga
04. Fall Star (Rising Mix)
05. The Right Place
06. My Organ Friend
07. Spica
08. Electric Tale
09. Lamur
10. I Lost My Head (AM Mix)
11. Stay Cow
12. Guy J & Miriam Vaga - Fly
Progressive House UK