Guy J - 1000 Words CD2

CD2 is packed with expansive dancefloor creations. In classic Guy J fashion, this is a musically dense and diverse trip that is as dynamic as it is organic, gradually progressing, turning up the pressure, keeping you hanging on until the very last drop has poured out of the speakers! From the deep, swinging, handclapping grooves of the opening sequence of Doves , Limbo and Easy Can Be , with their subtle, uplifting, intelligent beauty, this is a true journey by DJ, a master artist at work. As the mood moves towards the deep, throbbing intensity with lights down low ( My Thought Of You , Sahara and Teva ), it s easy to become lost in the swirling electronic music as Guy J pushes emotion buttons, exploring the psyche of the dance, exploring possibilities, forging ahead into the future. The full-length club mixes gathered on the unmixed CD3 rounds of this superb package in style, dedicated to bringing any self-respecting DJ s record collection up to speed with a selection of some of Guy J s finest moments from 1000 Words. From the majestic opening notes of Doves , he first explores deep house vibes with an opening trio of low-slung grooves sprinkled with melodic flourishes, Detroit techno influences and dub

01. Intro
02. Doves
03. Limbo
04. Easy As Can Be
05. My Thought Of You
06. Sahara
07. Teva
08. No Under But You feat. Miriam Vaga
09. Heliscope
10. Personal Haze
11. Azimuth
12. I Lost My Head (PM Mix)
13. Whirlpool
Progressive House UK