Resident In The Mix - Lee Scott 20102021

The whole reason we wanted to set up the Resident mix and have really, really talented underground DJ's play is evidenced in this mix by Lee. From the very first moment Rufus' vocal starts you just know you are in for an absolute treat. It's a sensual, smooth, enchanting melody and groove from then on as Davi's warm strings melt your heart and the female vocal stirs your emotions. Lee's not stopping there though, it full on floating late-night vibes through a Tale & Tone label back to back - perfectly weighted and delivered. Just wait for Bjork's 'Tabula Rasa' courtesy of Antrim & Artfaq on the remix. Does anyone not like a Bjork remix? The warm house grooves resume through a wonderful Chus & Ceballos & Dennis Cruz track laden with percussion and purpose before terminating into a slice of sonic tech edged groove by Dim Kelly. I just know you are going to press play straight away. Why? Because I did! DJ

  1. Rufus du sol - All I've got (Gorge Hewek, lzhevski Remix). Rose Avenue.
  2. Davi - Stargazer. All day i dream.
  3. Adisyn - Departure (Hrag Mikkel Remix). Kindisch.
  4. Somelee - Opus. Tale + Tone 
  5. Rashid Ajami, - You don't know me. Tale + Tone
  6. Mass digital - Sitting on clouds. Melody of the soul.
  7. Bjork - Tabula rasa (Antrim & Artfaq remix). f/d 
  8. Eduardo Mcgregor - I fall (Maxi degrassi remix).Tor
  9. Chus & ceballos, Dennis cruz - The sun. stereo productions.
  10. Dim kelly - The fall feat Lou Zweegers. Trybesof

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