We're passionate about our UK underground house scene & supporting upcoming DJ's, Artists, Producers, label ownners and providing the very best in underground music to share with our followers & subscribers.

Each week we produce a new Resident 'In The Mix' show from our team of resident underground DJs. We also feature a very special 'Guest Mix' series and partner with Flux Electronic Music & our own "In Conversation With" podcast sessions to bring you the very best of the scene's renowned or emerging talent.

You can also find us online on Facebook & Instagram where we create & share unique content, discuss the music, UK events, DJ stories and general memorabilia from the electronic music scene.

We curate our own mixes and work with DJ’s and artists independently to create unique content. You can listen, subscribe, share and enjoy our mixes in addition on all the major podcasts like Apple, Google, and Amazon plus many more.

For further content and discussion, you can also find and follow us on Facebook as a group & on Instagram.

Music is our shared DNA.

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