Early Doors Club

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - Music lovers can now experience the ultimate early evening clubbing night out without sacrificing their Sunday. The Early Doors Club, hosted by North East local DJs Danny Jarvis and Richard Trout takes place at World Headquarters in Newcastle Upon Tyne between 17:00-22:30 hrs.

The Early Doors Club chose World Headquarters as a venue because of its community open-minded ethos and its superb sound system.

Unlike other nightlife experiences, The Early Doors Club offers a unique concept that allows attendees to enjoy a night out without feeling like a zombie the next day. For just £7, the price of one drink, guests can enjoy over 5 hours of amazing house music and unbeatable company. The club doesn't believe in ridiculous ticket prices, social media-star DJs, or impersonal crowds of hundreds with their phones in the air.

"We understand that nobody over the age of 30 wants to feel groggy and waste their entire Sunday after a night out," said Danny Jarvis and Richard Trout, who have over 30 years of experience in the music scene. "That's why we've created The Early Doors Club, a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate great music, genuine conversations, and lasting connections. It’s just like going to a gig really, go out enjoy the music to the max and still be in bed before midnight!”

Whether you're looking to find new like-minded people, invite clubbing friends, or reconnect with old acquaintances, there's something for everyone at The Early Doors Club.

Don't miss out on this new and exciting concept - follow The Early Doors Club on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and join us for an unforgettable night out.

For more information, please contact Danny Jarvis

Instagram @earlydoorsclub

Facebook @earlydoorsclub



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