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Resident 'In The Mix' Danny Jarvis 23092020

More from Danny Jarvis? - For the first time since Progressive House Uk started I have decided to share one of my 'Lost In' mixes with you from my weekly show. Back in April this year I decided to create an online community and show that lifted our spirits each week on a Thursday. The live stream grew and grew and now there's a loyal community that join in each week to chat and converse with each other whilst I play, practically anything I like. So, why share this show? Well, After 25 weeks and over 500 tracks I wanted to thank the faithful listeners with a full force mix. It also celebrates end end to the Facebook livestreams as Facebook's rules change for the worse for music fans. My new weekly show from the 1st Oct will be streamed on Mixcloud. I hop you enjoy this mix - it's a big one!

Resident 'In The Mix' Danny Jarvis 16092020

A throwback mix to 2015 for this month's outing. It's multi-layered dark textured ride this one -watch out - it's mucky! Dance your self clean!

Resident 'In The Mix' Stevie Reid 02092020

This week Stevie has pulled out one of his favourite mixes. He takes you back to 2013 for one of his mouthwatering sets and a tracklist, which we're sure will be chock full of wonderful artist names past present and future. Set back, relax and enjoy!

PHUK International Guest Mix Series presents... Andy Woldman

Progressive House UK (P.H.U.K.) International DJ Mix Series presents... Andy Woldman Mexico. Andy Woldman, one of the electronic music producers, most influential and outstanding of the city and the country, has been signed on labels such as Perfecto Black, Tulipa Recordings, Stripped Digital, Bunny Tiger, Sony Music (Columbia), and more than 25 record labels worldwide. Andy has been played in massive stages like Beyond Wonderland (First Edition, Monterrey), Foro Normandie (Mexico City), Casa Morelos (Monterrey), Casa Estambul (Oaxaca,Mx), Herr Tlacuache (Oaxaca,Mx), Vinyl Room (Mexico City), Isamal Music Festival (Cancun and Playa del Carmen) and many more, Berlin,UK and Spain shaped his Progressive House & Techno underground style. Also he has been sharing stage with massive artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Steve Parry, Dr. Motte (Love Parade Festival Creator), Sandra Collins(B2B), Luis Junior, Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, and many more. He also is working on a new music genre with the Grammy Certificate Awarded wind instrument soloist Pedro Eustache, in they new “Multi-Directional Electronica” Creating an atmospheric music genre with analog/exotic wind instruments and synths.

Resident 'In The Mix' Danny Jarvis 26082020

For this mix I wanted to test a very simple theory: If I simply played in one key (Gm) would all the tracks I had chosen over the past few months work? Even if I mixed them in Alphabetical order? I'll let you decide.

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 19082020

If there is one word I would use to describe the theme of this mix, it would be, 'Gratitude'. Having a platform such as Progressive House UK, has given me the opportunity to plug into an amazing community of kindred spirits; having an audience to share my musical interests; having friends with years to decades of artistic merit that I can learn from and look up to; having friends who want to share their music and mixes with me, seek my feedback, ask me for advice and take me to their gigs... you have enriched me, musically and socially. Believe me when I say that the appreciation for these wonderful, little things in life have not gone unnoticed. Especially, in a time when restrictions have been placed on most forms of travel, events and social gatherings. Despite all of this, its heart warming to see continued efforts to keep the music alive - via livestreams, online mixes and new music, made by the same community of people and friends whose livelihood have been affected by these lockdowns. This mix is dedicated to you! In keeping with the theme, I have placed 4 vocal tracks within this mix that will, hopefully, convey my message of gratitude. Finally, I close with Mark Craven's remix of Hidden Mantra by Kaspar Tasane, followed by a special mashup! Hope you enjoy this special message.

John Digweed ‎– Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD 2

Tracks on the second mix waste no time either. Salina’s ‘Swirl’ is a beautiful synth-laden shower of melodic progressive house before heading into deeper territory from Heller & Farley courtesy of the Bedrock Mix treatment. Who can forget Sandra Collins and Voyager before a crescendo that is simply Bedrock legend: Heaven Scent. These CD’s are going on today. 21 years old and still sound as fresh as and relevant today.

John Digweed ‎– Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD 1

A redefining moment for John Digweed and an absolute stalwart in Mix compilations. It was released in the UK on INCredible and in the US on Ultra Records in 1999. CD1 started in with a bassline groove and laid back house vocal that set the tone perfectly for the tripped out house that was to follow, whereas CD2 steered into that now classic Bedrock sound of tripped out progressive and trance with solid techno builders wedged in between. The stand out tracks are many from BPT’s Moody and C12’s tale of modern woe ‘Judy’ through to Morel chunky and bumpy ‘True’ onto the unforgettable Hawkins inspired Jondy & Spesh odyssey ‘We are connected’.

Resident 'In The Mix' Stevie Reid 12082020

This month's mix from Stevie goes right through the spectrum of electronic music. A gentle start weaves through 2 hours of upfront progressive with some hidden gems from the last 12 months subtly placed alongside some brand new tracks from big hitters like Stereo Underground, Quivver and a couple of show stoppers from the mighty Framewerk - another Irish name peaking the Progressive charts. Look out for deep house tracks alongside breaks and some good old-fashioned low-end Squelch theory. Scotland's finest does it again! DJ

Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 05082020

This month's mix from the one and only CANDY - Strap in!

Guy J - 1000 Words CD1

This week's throwback Thursday mix album has a special place in my heart and came at a tough emotional time in my life. I started running marathons and these two mixes were a must in my musical arsenal to attack the hilly miles near where I lived and trained. Now world-famous and respected by his peers, running his own Lost&Found label, Guy J was/ is one of Bedrock's biggest finds, having regularly appeared on the label since his debut in 2007. '1000 Words' is his second artist album, after 2008's 'Esparanza'. Much like that LP, 1000 Words is part mixed and part unmixed: the first two discs play out continuously, while the third compiles club versions of tracks from the first two. It shows the Israeli producer moving through a range of different styles, from melodic house to atmospheric downtempo, while maintaining a sense of narrative throughout. Guest appearances come from the vocalist Miriam Vega. 1000 Words was available on vinyl as well as CD. CD1 gives a nod to classical composition, taking the form of a series of movements, as Guy J mixes, segues and joins the dots between individual tracks to create an end result that is greater than the sum of all its parts. Opening with a swirl of muted bells and atmospheric pads, the lush opening 3-track sequence is concluded with the gorgeous, heavenly vocals of Miriam Vaga. Just when you think you know what s coming next, the soaring, melodic shower of Fall Star , Guy J lets the spirit of the Mad Professor into the studio and spins into a fizzing dub experiment ( The Right Place ), before getting horizontal and beatless with the melancholy beauty of My Organ Friend , to draw the second movement to a close. Spica wouldn t be out of place on the Bladerunner movie soundtrack, as it cuts to the pulsating disco swing of Electric Tale with a nod to Giorgio Moroder and morphs and breaks down into the spiralling, ecstatic chords of Lamur , before flowing into the distant storm of a perfect sunrise moment ( I Lost My Head ). The majestic beats reprise of Stay Cow and the stunning finale of Fly (once gain featuring Miriam Vaga), bring to a close what can only be described as a listening experience that has been heaven sent. Imagine being able to create your perfect DJ set; having the skill as an artist to create all the music you want to play; all the subtle emotional nuances, mood swings and changes of direction at your fingertips.

Guy J - 1000 Words CD2

CD2 is packed with expansive dancefloor creations. In classic Guy J fashion, this is a musically dense and diverse trip that is as dynamic as it is organic, gradually progressing, turning up the pressure, keeping you hanging on until the very last drop has poured out of the speakers! From the deep, swinging, handclapping grooves of the opening sequence of Doves , Limbo and Easy Can Be , with their subtle, uplifting, intelligent beauty, this is a true journey by DJ, a master artist at work. As the mood moves towards the deep, throbbing intensity with lights down low ( My Thought Of You , Sahara and Teva ), it s easy to become lost in the swirling electronic music as Guy J pushes emotion buttons, exploring the psyche of the dance, exploring possibilities, forging ahead into the future. The full-length club mixes gathered on the unmixed CD3 rounds of this superb package in style, dedicated to bringing any self-respecting DJ s record collection up to speed with a selection of some of Guy J s finest moments from 1000 Words. From the majestic opening notes of Doves , he first explores deep house vibes with an opening trio of low-slung grooves sprinkled with melodic flourishes, Detroit techno influences and dub

Resident 'InThe Mix' Bean Cuenca 29072020

Prepare for something different from Progressive House UK. Something we felt was missing, something bright shiny and sparkling new. It’s BEAN. Our competition winner makes her Resident ‘In The Mix’ debut with supreme style in the form of an emotion fuelled mix of the highest quality. On show here are all the elements that made her our unanimous winner. Soft warm sythns, ethereal voices harking back to a nostalgic age gone by accompanied by deep dreamy melodies – all mixed to perfection. Vocal tracks tie the mix together intelligently, selected and sequenced appropriately as if to tell a story we’re being told through the mix.

Chris Fortier – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD2

As the sound of thunder and deep atmospheric effects signal the start of CD2, Women Of Colour's ‘Elemental’ trickles through the speakers onto Deep C and Randall Jones’ percussion driven ‘The One’, with its smokey sax samples that ease the mood into a deep drop courtesy of Chris's studio partner Neil Kolo, whose solo project Nova marks a turning point in the cd, its deep and trippy percussion leading into a sublime break before driving straight into the hypnotic ‘Gasp’ by Dan Morris & Shylock. Chris's friend Steve Porter pops up once more with John Debo as we get 'Deported'. A bit of oriental flavour is sprinkled in from Hong Kong producer Tszpun as the mix moves subtly along and into Steve Porter's massive single ‘Nordica’ lifts the pace a few notches, as the tough, house chords and vocals of Coco Da Silva's ‘@Night’ erupt, you find yourself getting drawn in even deeper. John Graham and Steve Porter's ‘Two Days On Landsdown’, a track briefly unsigned at the time but which became a monster. Rounding off the cd we have one of Chris's favourite artists Angel Moraes with the tough I-Jack remix of ‘Turn It Up’ before the final track from Chris himself, ‘Losing Wait’ making sure you are in for the ride right till the end, an amazing end to an amazing cd.

Chris Fortier – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD1

CD1 starts with a nice sublime cut from Universal Agents that people may think pays homage to the Tigerhook Corp, but there is a reason for that as one of its members was actually involved in the production, working alongside the mighty G-Pal. The excellent Jay Tripwire continues this deep intro, before the massive smash hit that is BLH's Marscarter (John Debo and Steve Porter's remix) which oozes a raw yet perfect bass led house track from an era long since passed. Things head off in a deeper direction as we glide through Thomas Penton and Luis Dura's brooding Control Factor, sweeping deeper still into the lush deep house of Illinton's interpretation of Choc Electrique's ‘Edge Of Time’ into a track from promising producer Haris with a track that was given exclusively to Fortier entitled ‘Touched By Dub’. Its classic time once more as a track from around 1992 is inserted, Dearboy's ‘Greyclouds 9’ and people may recognise the sample from God Within's seminal classic, ‘Raincry’. Ben Camp's ‘Timewreck’ is up next, as Mara grip it and reinterpret it leading into the massive collaboration between Bill Hamel and London boys Swain & Snell, resulting in the fresh sound of Future. Chris sprinkles some breaks into the mix from Meat Katie as the cd ends with the soothing yet disturbingly dirty Chab mix of Sunscape & Chris Dee's ‘Generik’, leaving you gasping for more.

PHUK International Guest Mix Series Presents... Gav Easby

We welcome PHUK friend and favourite Producer | Remixer & DJ Gav Easby to the International Guest Mix Series for a thrilling two hour instalment. Gav musical journey started back in the late 1980s, a classically trained Violinist for 6 years. Music was always played around Gav’s family home and a lot of early inspiration came from the likes of Queen, which his father used to play constantly. Saving up every penny, he bought his Technic 1210 Turntables a Vestax PMC 17A Mixer and a bunch on vinyl and started to practice. All the while venturing every week to 'SugarShack' in Middlesbrough, watching, listening and being inspired by the likes of Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Sasha, John Digweed, Lee Burridge, Pete Tong, Nick Warren, Carl Cox and many more. Not satisfied simply playing other people's music he ventured down to Sheffield and hired a studio with Studio Engineer D. Ramirez. Dean proceeded to teach Gav the basics of music production throughout in the early 2000's. Along his journeys, Gav fell in Love with the now Mrs. Easby, had a child, and made the decision to hang up the headphones and support his young family. Years passed but he never took his finger off the pulse, watching and learning as technology changed and developed for both DJ'ing and electronic music production. As the genre trends came and went Gav found particular inspiration from Anjunabeats stable and started to firm stong creative ideas. Gav is now very busy establishing himself as an Electronic Music Artist, Producer, Remixer and has always retained his passion to DJ. Now label owner of the INU Music Group, and one Half of the INU Musika Project with Andy Woldman, Gav takes inspiration from the likes of Robert Babicz, Henry Saiz, Junkie XL and many more whilst creating his very own deep underground sound. Credentials: •Producer •Remixer •DJ •Label Owner: INU, IN2U Records & Galvanised •Co-Label Owner: INU Musika (With Andy Woldman) •Radio Show Host: INU Residents Sessions (TM-Radio)

Jimmy Van M – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD2

CD 2 has as much energy as CD 1. Jimmy chose John Johnson's London as the set opener, making it sound as if it's really ready to fire masses of non-stop uplifting effects and swirling melodies. This carries and builds the set into a gorgeous melodic trance courtesy of Solid Sessions, one of this year's most talented artists. This great track finally drops into a million mile of killer breakdown that is sure to send shivers down your spine. This tune was mixed back to back with the mix from the Saffron man who was also responsible for remixing Jennifer Lopez's track. If you play this CD real loud, you will notice that Jimmy has managed to continue to assault sonically with the echo sounding tracks that were made to envelope the room in swirls of sounds. Other cool tunes worth mentioning include Nuclear Ramjet's Deep Blue and Thermobee and Stratosphere's Diminished Responsibility, both deadly tunes with awesome bassline, sweeping sounds and unbelievable metallic grooves that will never leave your head once you have listened to them. Very impressive work by Jimmy Van M. Resident Advisor Monday 23 July 2001

Jimmy Van M – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD1

A week away from being 19 years old – boy did and do I love these CD’s. Released sometime after the first in the Compiled and Mixed by head honcho John Digweed, Jimmy Van M finally got chance to demonstrate his skills. Here it is the latest compilation from Bedrock that profiles one of the best DJs on the planet. Jimmy Van M has done a remarkably good job in compiling & mixing both cds. The tracks are professionally blended using his Jimmy's unique mixing skills. CD 1 starts off with nice mellow grooves of Mo Shic and Zeidan's Night Stalker progressing slowly to ECVM's (Jimmy is 1/3 of the group) Circuit Breaker which was given a tribal progressive treatment by the men of the moment, John Creamer and Stephane K. This tune scores well in its use of synths and subtle effects added for extra feelings and overall sounds that works so well in a set like this. But, still the Original Mix kicks real hard, making it very hard to top. Then Jimmy added a little more energy to the set by mixing it with Richard Scheissel's (Yum Yum) new track "Heavy Fluid" that has already rocked many major dancefloors. Richard, the owner of "Sperm Records," is back to slam the progressive world with a stunningly beautiful track with a storming progressive edge and feel. The next big notable tunes highlights includes "Prototype's Control Of Sound," "Tocharian's Lacuna," and Jimmy's new track "Love Like Sleep," which was co-produced with epic progressive house legends Marc Mitchell (Sunday Club, Human Movement) and Richard Scheissel (Yum Yum) and the vocalist Terra Deva in Jersey, UK. Jimmy ended the set with "Filterheadz Remix" of Minimalistix's Struggle For Pleasure, which is one of this year's best tunes that has been caned by other superstar DJs including Dave Seaman and Sasha.

Resident 'In the Mix' QUiNTESSON 15072020

Wait, stop, look out; it's QUiNTESSON. From the first beat, this is a fast and thrilling white knuckle ride. The very essence of what first pricked our ears at Progressive House UK is on full display here. Like a tightly coiled spring, the first 2 tracks come flying out. The energy created through the clever combination of both mixes of 'Inside' through Thimble and into the crescendo of Sensitive (IT)'s 'Flat Out' is pure electronic joy. Cherry (AU)'s Aiza then throws us into a mystical Saharan love story whilst beats bounce and percussion ricochets around your ears, intelligently fusing Progressive atmospherics with techno-infused rage. Quite right therefore that Buttrich's 'Slow Down' follows to give us a pause in the proceedings - and what a pause. Look out for the neatly slotted in perky re-work of Ame's modern classic Rej this time re-imagined by Javier Benitez followed by a deep funky techno workout from Yotam Anvi. Sublime is the Blond:ish Remix of M.A.N.D.Y.'s 'Hi End' featuring the haunting vocals from Nonku Phiri which are veiled behind the dark stabs and solid grooves. The hypnotism continues with Herzog & Aurich's 'Stranded Spaceman' from Dubspeeka who's remix creates a kind futuristic sparse landscape with swirling synths and cheeky percussive pads playing with each other throughout. The close of the mix brings a very optimistic and playful climax - a tease to make you imagine what could follow. And a tease it is, leaving you wanting more - as all good 60 min mixes should! Hats off (and thrown in the air) for QUiNTESSON.

Resident 'In The Mix' Stevie Reid 08072020

A sumptuous deep start from Stevie this month laying down the foundations for another even deeper dive from Nick Warren and Nicolas Rada into the gothic and bass rumbling Stage Van H track Basso Profoundo, I track I love. Alex O’Rion’s remix of GMJ & Matter’s Gauntlet stops the mix going even deeper into the abyss and opens the door for the first vocal track which soars over you. Chunky and textures progressive beats build along a solid BPM range to deliver some swirling and spaced out melodies – the type Stevie’s fans adore. As basslines growl and shift into position meoldies shimmer and twinkle to form larger soundscapes. Tech edged prog sounds so good when done correctly and this mix showcases with highlights from the mighty Quivver and CIREZ D whilst subtle vocal tracks get delicately placed to break up the energy. It’s yet another assured performance from Stevie and further proof that he’s still a master of the game. Grab 2 hours alone and dive into the deep! DJ

Resident 'In The Mix' Danny Jarvis 01072020

This is my last resident mix as I take a break to work on some other projects I'm getting off the ground. In doing so, I hand over to our new Resident & mix competition winner Bean Cuenca. There are some tougher sounds in this mix as I wanted to play a more peak time set - It's mins shy of 3 hours to keep you entertained with some modern-day remixed classics thrown in for good measure. Play this loud!

Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 24062020

Candy’s mix this month is a delightful mix of light and dark techno. Opening the cinematic score is the first from Robots With No Soul ‘ENTER’ and briskly into Luigi Tozzi’s sparse yet expansive ‘Allergic’ echoing out and warming you up for the path ahead. By Track 3 and 4, I’m reminded of John Selway's ‘Lightwave’ Journeys By Dj’s CD, which washes in and out with warm synth-led atmospherics and calm quiet brooding groove before ramping up and up. Intelligent techno if you will. We have the same ethos here and at around 25 mins in things start to morph and bubble with intent. Somewhere just in the middle of the storm that is brewing is an almost a ‘techno Jazz’ interlude from Tale of Us - Ricordi (Rødhåd Remix). It is reminiscent of a science fiction film soundtrack you think you’ve heard but can’t quite place. And then without warning; onwards. Dino Lenny’s futuristic ‘Living in a song’ sears in delivering the first full vocal of the mix and into ‘The Pain on The Train’ a proper old school techno stomper. At the halfway through point Candy has us all in the Tunnel and the lights are now out. It is head down reach forward stuff as techno tracks weave in and out of menace beats and melodic synths. Often in the midst of a night you know that the DJ will deliver you safely through the smoke-filled darkness and into the light. It’s exactly the reward you have here through the aptly named ‘Breaking the clouds’ from one of my old faves Dapayk Solo. Further gentle guidance and a now typical Candyesq warm and refreshing climax comes from Arutani ‘Far Away’. And we are back, refreshed 78 mins later, without a scratch or a mark on us looking eagerly at the play button again. DJ

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 17062020

From ‘The moment’ this mix starts you know you are in for something special. The PHUK Residents often comment between themselves that the bar is consistently being raised by one another and this mix notches it up yet again. When Xinobi finishes relaxing you into her vibe, ‘Spike’ sends you deeper into QUiNTESSON’s dark velvety trance. If you aren’t already hypnotised, then Issac’s ‘Clavel’ takes you down a narrow corridor of drums and synth lead intoxication that you can’t come back from. ‘Clavel’s’ beautiful breakdown is reminiscent of Sasha’s influential ‘Airdrawndagger’ album yet slightly more rounded and organic -sounding. Just as the float becomes familiar you are slammed back into the train track rhythm that takes you to the next station. Ivory’s ‘Your Grace’ fuses mechanical edge with swirling synths and a steady Kick drum which creates a futuristic moment imagined easily in any Sci-fi movie. Quintesson is in no rush to hurry the listener along here, transitions glide in and filter out perfectly while the groove starts to pick up and gather momentum. As the unmistakable sound of Karmon’s remix of ‘Kaputt’ arrives with it’s kooky vocal you realise QUiNTESSON has cast his spell and you are not going anywhere. What opens up is a wonderful hybrid of 80’s infused electro pop meets 2020 melodic techno, flexing and strutting forward confidently. Mihai Popoviciu’s ‘Transitions’ bumps in to provide a classic Detroit house sound and resume the drum led core that runs deep throughout the mix. As the final 3 tracks provide the drama and climax you need, you can’t help checking your watch to see where the time has gone. For many of us that is the magic of DJ’ing – in 70 mins you have gone through door after door and can’t remember the way back or how you got here. It’s a mix you have to play again straight away and get lost in all over again.

015 CD1 - 'Stay at Home' Mixed & Compiled by Dave Furneaux

We start with a very current reminder of the times we live in right now courtesy of Her Majesty’s government warnings but quickly head off to more exotic shores. The medley of Rej & Kjavik tracks work perfectly here delivering a bass-led jerky ride whilst ethnic chants add spellbinding hypnotism, especially with the moody ‘Kaif’ slotted in the middle from the late, great Andrew Weatherall. Almost like the break of dawn Oliver Kolezki’s ‘We are all lost’ provides a shining light with its soothing trumpet and soft bassline accompaniment. It’s only a gentle pause as Marcus Meinhardt’s solid groover ‘Bamboo’ dances in. The next 15 min section is a gorgeous techy workout gliding into Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich’s jerky and poignant – ‘Choose life’ before a wonderful breakbeat excursion to guide us home. The finale from Editors is a perfect way to perhaps bookend the feelings experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The spirit-raising vocal gives hope and joy in equal measure reminding us that whilst the world may be upside down – we are not lost.

015 CD2 - 'Stay Alert' Mixed & Compiled by Dave Furneaux

The second instalment of this guest mix gets stuck straight in. White Square’s ‘Pressured Mind’ bassline bubbles whilst plucky percussion punctuates a searing and driving synth; plotting a course for things to come. Rodriquez Jr follows with ‘Haussmann’ a mixture of London early rave breakbeat with science-fiction style atmospherics before Blueprint sweeps in delivering an emotional wall of sound – what a start! As the breakbeat echoes out, the solid 4/4 rolls in to take charge of the groove but never letting go of the light in the shape of playful melody and warm light synths washing in and out. Just as the beats relax, Dave starts to whip things up and we’re reminded of the progressive roots from whence he came. Gorgeous big basslines drop whilst rhythms bounce off in all directions giving a sense of space flight and otherworldly adventure from Monojoke bookended with the wonderful Eric Lune. As the mix heads towards its crescendo starting at 51 mins Christopher Kah’s monster track Evolution 909 (Magnus Froblem Remix) crashes in and takes no prisoners. Pryda’s ‘Snaz/ acts as a sonic conduit for the classic and personal favourite ‘Little Bullet' from Spooky, ending the mix perfectly and giving us a sense that we’ve time travelled effortlessly courtesy of Dave Furneaux’s tight control and wonderful imagination.

PHUK International Guest Mix Series presents... Glenn Molloy

Progressive House UK (P.H.U.K.) International DJ Mix Series presents... Glenn Molloy. Spend a few moments in conversation with Glenn and you will quickly be immersed in his warmth, drive and passion for what he does. It's infectious! Glenn Molloy is a Dublin based artist, who has made a staggering number of releases over the course of the last few years on labels such as BC2, Mystic Carousel, Findike, IN2U and Pro B Tech, finding support with Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier and Nick Warren to name a few. As a DJ, he has supported acts such as Slam, Spektre, Slipmatt, Fish Go Deep, Gary Beck and Nhar, held residencies at 2 local clubs and weekly shows at Dublin's top underground radio stations. Glenn has also begun his new mix show called Gorgonoized Radio. Delighted to have Glenn Molloy debut our International DJ Mix Series with an outstanding mix - a percussive, vocal and melodically woven journey. From everyone at the Progressive House UK FB Group, we hope you enjoy the next 1 hr 30 mins.... with Glenn Molloy.

Resident ‘In The Mix’ - Stevie Reid 10062020

Stevie's mix this month heads down a seductive and tech edged path. The big deep South American style of Progressive house is not on show here. Instead, it’s crisp, clinical basslines, tight snares and purposeful percussion, accompanied by meaningful Vocals or whispers and suggestions. This is a murky groove with robot funk-infused rhythms shifting energies constantly. There are some real standout moments for me during this, in particular, Aaron Slater - Alien to Me (Simuck Dub) and a Dousk 'Hammer', which I haven’t heard in a good few years. Stevie never fails to weave together a mix that places older tracks perfectly with newer ones. This is a skill that DJ’s often fail to do; they either opt for straight out classics and force them in or opt for updated versions of them that seem too obvious. Stevie remembers a sound that was ahead of its game when released and then complements the new track with it regardless of the number of years between them. The result is a steady hand of experience that stretches out all the goodness of both tracks and brings the ‘sound’ together. This mix is a solid outing from Stevie and further cements why he is such an invaluable member of the team. The residents, although working under the same banner of ‘progressive’ never fail to surprise, compliment, and push each other further and this mix does exactly that. DJ

Resident ‘In The Mix’ - Danny Jarvis 03062020

There's an awful lot going on in the world right now. If I have a gift (we all like to think we have) then I'd like it to be that I can translate my emotions using other people's music to create an emotional story for us to go through together. This mix comes at a time when health, physical and mental couldn't be more at the forefront of our minds. I hope this mix helps to take you away to a happier place for 3 hours. Join me on an electronic journey through some amazing soundscapes. Be safe, build your community and tell people you love them whenever you see them.

Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 27052020

Sit back, relax and let the good vibes roll. This month’s leading lady is back with another sumptuous mix through sparkling house and into the progressive landscape we champion here at PHUK. Firm faves Chris Cargo and Greenage feature here as well as CANDY’s own special finds. It’s a solid mix of control and energy levels. Things are continually looking bright for CANDY with guest mix requests flying in – And we should think so too! Another awesome monthly resident mix.

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 20200520

Way over the other side of the world lives QUiNTESSON. A founder member of Progressive House UK and Progressive House Australia. A man with a burning passion for electronic music and an even better ear for spotting an excellent track and making outstanding mixes. Yet again he’s delivered his wonderful take on progressive house music in all it’s forms. A gentle start with beautifully familiar lyrics first heard on Deep Dish’s Global Underground 025 courtesy of Situation 2WO leads us into a melodic section that welcomes you into the mix. As usual, QUiNTESSON’s track selection delights and surprises as he fuses modern-day tracks with stalwart prog classics, here in the form of a shiny new imagined remix of Breeder’s New York FM by Richie Black and then treated to Bluefish's ‘One’ made famous by Sasha on GU013. Look out for Dave Seaman and remix duties too - Thunderstorm - OOOsh! Stay Alert. Control Your Excitement. Save 1hr 30 mins!

Resident ‘In The Mix’ Stevie Reid 13052020

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Water! This month's mix from Edinburgh's very own Stevie takes you on a magical winding groove through deep house, tech house and choice progressive tracks. It's a story fo energy as all good mixes should be. As ever, Stevie's tight control of mixing and second to none track selection makes for a wonderful 2 hr 40 min mix, the likes of which you could easily imagine in Ibiza or some sun-soaked terrace anywhere in the world. He's delved into the record box and fused new with old and on remixes we'd not heard before. You'll find the PHUK label favourite 'Balkan Connection' in full flow here featuring throughout the mix like audio glue to bond the sounds together that inevitably give Stevie is own unique style. We all may well all be grounded but step about Reid Airways and jet off to any destination your imagination fancies. During these times it's DJ's like this that get us through the day /week /month.

Resident ‘In The Mix’ - Danny Jarvis 06052020

This month's mix comes takes all the energy and frustrations of lockdown and funnels it into a 2 hour solid wall of sound! There's a couple wonderful nostalgic re-works early on from Butch in the form of 'Lale' sampling Baby D and Morttagua’s immense remix of the sublime classic from Solid Sessions, Janeiro. Tracks featured throughout the mix come from my back catalogue from the past 3 years and there’s a good few that I never aired but still sound fresh as a daisy today. There’s also the latest from my ‘Man of the moment’ Alex O’Rion and one of my all-time faves Chris Cargo. As per usual I’ve kept the energy levels moving, building the set through several stages with twists and turns along the way. All the usual dream sequences are layered into the journey to take us all off to that special place only perfectly positioned progressive house can. Enjoy. DJ

014 CD2 - 'Dream' Mixed & Compiled by Nick Rodger

If you’re ready to hit the rewind button and go back through the first mix, I suggest you wait and line CD2 up – Dream. Here the Matrix meets bubbling breakbeat and popping candy synths as Nick delivers his red Pill. At 15 mins in Acid squelches and stray snare drums ricochet around your head in chaotic harmony. Just like a dream, light and shade morph into each other and a sense of calm and control allows you to let go and explore the audio landscape Nick is creating. Sections of the mix just glide and move at there own pace yet nothing stays the same or becomes familiar. As the mix nears to an end or we begin to awaken, bright drum and bass opens up and echoes out again as sunshine pours in leading perfectly up to Royksopp’s ‘Compulsion’ to bring us back from our sleepy wonderland and safely back to CD1 or ‘reality‘. This mix is not just cleverly executed, technically brilliant and unique, it’s a labour of love and a creative masterpiece. Nick has delivered exactly what is intended for this guest mix series and for those who intend to follow; a must-listen. Hats completely off.

014 CD1 'Reality' - Mixed & Complied by Nick Rodger

Pop 014CD1 – ‘Reality’ on and within 30 seconds, you are literally delivered from the womb into Nick’s Reality. Our Lecturer guides us into beckoning ambient tones and soundscapes that instantly envelope you. Time to let go. Whilst the Tokyo rain washes gently down, we’re caressed by deep, rich instrumental segway whilst the voice of our audio companion explores the big human questions. At 11:33 the first solid groove of a bassline glides in accompanied by the ethereal tones of Sara Otel Gauvreau and it’s simply magical. Breaks collide with ambient netherworlds and seamlessly weave in and out while Nick keeps complete control of the theme that runs throughout. This is a DJ who not only knows his music, you can hear his deep respect for how to combine opposite moods and textures through perfectly placed tracks and timing.

Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 29042020

This month’s mix from CANDY is perhaps her most subtle and intelligent yet. From the very first track you can feel emotion oozing from the tracks creating a sense of calm and gentle anticipation for what is to come. Tim Englehardt – ‘Light the fire’ takes you by the hand and leads you into the dreamy world of progressive house that transitions us from one place to another effortlessly. ‘Lolita Express’ opens the door to some more percussion and groove as the mood starts to settle somewhere between pixie wonderland and the hypnotic rabbit hole Progressive fans love. Pig& Dan’s ‘Promised’ floats into Bedrock head honcho Digweed’s ‘Satelite’ takes over for some tech-infused solid 4/4 courtesy of the Oxia remix. Softer progressive tones weave in and out beautifully from Australia’s ever-popular producer pairing GMJ & Matter who feature 3 times on the mix and provide washing warms synths and bubble basslines. It’s a wonderful mix of quiet emotions with an undercurrent of brooding urgency. Certainly another solid and confident outing from the first lady of Prog.

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 22042020

Enter a world, so liquid, so flowing, that you might as well just let go and float down into the whirlpool. The first 3 tracks blend and morph into each other so effortlessly and wonderfully that you don't hear them change. You're in, in for the journey. This is a gentle boiling pot of everything progressive house music should be. Vocals placed intelligently, breaks rolled in and out without fuss or distraction and percussion that builds the energy and yet still delivers a quiet brooding energy pushing onto the next track, and the next. This mix is a master class - at 46 mins in I checked the time and it'd flown by - for me a sign of a perfectly executed mix and I was only a third of the way in. As the hour mark rolls by the beautiful moody 'Artche - Haunts (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]' glides in and we're too far down the river and heading towards the rapids. At around 1hr 27 mins it's over the rapids and down the waterfall we go, hold your breath and see you at the end of the rinse! International Dj'ing at it's finest from the man with the big heart and head full of wonderful music! Class - yet again!

Residents 'In The Mix' - 1st Birthday

Exactly 1 year ago I had a little idea. Nothing new as such. I reached out to a few key people I’d met online. 12 months, 750 members, 700 followers on Instagram and over 4,000 downloads a month from our own website in addition to Mixcloud and Soundcloud. We’ve done podcasts, articles, quizzes and along the way met some wonderful people from all over the world. This is a massive thank you to: Jonathan George Gareth Redfern Keith Sherlock Barry Cahill Hayley Wilson Candy Dupree Webb Lee Scott Natalie Fothergill Les Chrisp Matthew William Ould Matt Elliott Shezza Fogg Dave Lazenby Juliusz Majcher Adam Collins Gavin Easby David Fotn Fletcher Dave Furneaux Nasser Moffat Phil Littledyke Sophie Cara Stevie Reid Alan Ruddick & all our members and followers. Music is our Shared DNA. This is our Live mix recorded & streamed at 15:00-18:00 hrs on Facebook for our Resident 'In the mix' 1st Birthday. All the tracks were compiled by our residents picked from our mixes last and mixed live by Danny Jarvis.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Stevie Reid 15042020

We may all be on lockdown but Stevie Reid as the very mix to free your mind. 100 mins of crystal clear groove and basslines that really rumble in all the right places. His smooth yet energetic style sees some awesome tracks pop up unexpectedly but they work superbly in upping the tempo further and adding some real solid sections to a wonderfully crafted and fresh sounding mix. Get locked in not locked down to this months Steve Reid Resident Mix.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Danny Jarvis 08042020

I mixed this 'live' for my 42nd birthday. I wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia and mixing a more ‘house-music’ style of tracks put together for fun rather than a big serious soundscape like my usual fare. Lots of these tracks are from Years ago and the entire mix spans pretty much from 1991-2020. It’s not a retrospective of house music but I did want to include a few classics and include some good old hands in the air piano tracks that do it for me and capture that sense of care-free happiness from the early 1990’s. Who doesn’t love a piano track right? I grew up listening to hardcore, jungle, intelligent drum and bass, house and then mainly progressive house – I always loved the different sounds being produced by each genre and i feel today the melting pot of electronic music has them all fused neatly together. I hope more than anything this mix brings a smile and that you as the listener can nod your head to a good few of these tracks and I take you back to your very own feelings of love and nostalgia. Enjoy. DJ

013 CD2 Space Mixed & Complied by Danny Jarvis

CD2, ‘Space’ is a full-on Science Fiction Progressive house mix. One of my all-time favourite intellects is Carl Sagan, with a voice so rich and deep, I felt it was perfect for this album. Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ excerpt amongst other interview snippets accompanies you in flight. Watch out too for my own Stephen Hawking and Nasa samples layered under and over some of the stunning tracks I have compiled over the years from some well-known and little-known artists. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this and Guest Mix. I sincerely hope you enjoy what I believe is a very unique and personal journey through my audio/visual soundscape. You’re about to press play on a very different journey. It’s an audio story about Humans and where we are as a species in 2020. We live on a dying planet, yet we can’t leave for another. We have more technology and information than ever before but we’re still not acting quickly enough to save it.

013 CD1 Earth Mixed & Complied by Danny Jarvis

CD1 ‘Earth’, layers Earths Hertz frequency to create instant calm and comfort for the listener. The Earth behaves like a gigantic electric circuit. Its electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz on average — the so-called “Schumann resonance,” named after physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, who predicted it mathematically in 1952. I hope you like it. Ethnic Prayer and ancient chants rub shoulders with the ’Voder’, Alan Watts and Carl Sagan whilst heavenly vocals fuse with crystal clear cinematic Sci-fi tracks in order to transport you from earth to space. You’re about to press play on a very different journey. It’s an audio story about Humans and where we are as a species in 2020. We live on a dying planet, yet we can’t leave for another. We have more technology and information than ever before but we’re still not acting quickly enough to save it. My travels around the world, thoughts, ideas and research have all been a subconscious preparation for this mix. It combines many of my ponderings and endless late nights spent going through YouTube watching old interviews and oddities about humans, our psyche and our relationship with Earth & Space. I have read many interesting books on many different topics but the common theme has been understanding human psychology. How to expand it, explore it and make it more positive. It’s only in the last 4 years that I started mixing and creating again, returning to music as a source of creative release and positive escapism. I also have a huge passion for film, which I studied at University where I found particular interest in fusing sound and vision to disorientate the viewer and make them second guess what they were seeing and hearing. I’m combining all these interests for this concept album. The mix is therefore different than many of my other mixes. It contains some very personal tracks on both CD’s and my original edits and samples. Both mixes were recorded live in one take on 4 decks.

Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 31032020

If you weren't already washing your hands - you'll have to after this dirty little mix. CANDY back on form with a twisted little journey through the murky layers of tech house, prog and melodic techno. From the first beat, CANDY spins you into a vortex of deep textures and mysterious beats building, teasing and pushing on. When a tracklist contains so many tracks that the other residents haven't heard of, you know you are in for a treat. However or wherever you play this mix - turn it up and lockdown!

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 25032020

This is a mix inspired by the music of Stranger Things series. Showcasing synth-filled beats and soundscapes made by underground artists from around the world as well as some of my favourite local, Australian talents such as Nach, Matter and FunkForm.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Stevie Reid 18032020

Due to the obvious complications Covid-19 is causing around the world, we're all having to dedicate more time to our work and family life and do unexpected things. However, Stevie has delved into his archive of treasures and has shared an amazing mix (one of his recent saves) with us all so transmission continues while many may be at home. The tracklist on this mix reads like a perfect set and Stevie never disappoints. Whether you are in isolation or not you're not alone.... - Stevie Reid is taking care of you. Tune in, turn on and trip out.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Danny Jarvis 11032020

The month’s mix is a little more peak-time. Locked into 123 bpm and we kick off with some strong solid sounds from the off. There’s a delicate sprinkling of vocals weaved into the mix early doors too, I love to place vocal tracks in amongst the thick of it all to engage the listener on an extra level. My usual hypnotic grooves layer up as the first half of the mix opens up into a vortex of swirling rhythms and atmospherics. I wanted to create different energy levels throughout the 2 hours, using the magical recipe of shifting keys, just at the right time, and tracks where the percussion changes the pace of the journey without changing the BPM. This is probably as close to a mix I’d play in a club for a headline set, which should give you some idea of my intent here. I hope you get completely lost in my music maze. Enjoy. DJ

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 04032020

As ever QUiNTESSON is back with another a superb collection of underground deep progressive music beauty weaved together to create a tripped-out international journey. Sounds from his native Australia help to set the scene with luscious grooves and soft synths that bubble and shimmer along. As the mix builds to around 50 mins in it’s time to take a detour around the sights and sounds of South Asia courtesy of some extremely talented Sri Lankans. QUiNTESSON’s sound is ever-evolving, maturing and moving into new areas. So load the mix up and take a 2 hour trip to the other side of the world.

Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 26022020

If there's one thing you are guaranteed with CANDY's mixes, it's music you'll have never heard before. Her latest mix retains her theme of mysterious melody, dark grooves and infectious rhythms from all corners of electronic music. One glance at her tracklist intrigues and educates at the same time. Take a deep breath, relax and step into a world that's beautiful and surprising in equal measure. Dark tech sounds dance and play with organic percussion whilst ethnic voices chant and beckon you further into unfamiliar territory. Stay with it though as warm swathes of sunlight come in the form of playful synths akin to that found in sci-fi movies and the darkest of backroom dance floors. Enjoy, but of course, you will.

012 CD1 Mixed & Complied by Alan Ruddick

We're starting this year's Guest DJ Mix Series not so much with a bang but with a cinematic soundtrack that captures the very essence of allowing a DJ to explore their own mind and take us with them. Alan's musical depth and understanding is in full swing here and whilst listening to the warm ethereal strings and keys that echo in and out throughout this 60 min mix - it's clear to see why he was asked to join us again for the 2 CD/mix format so popular with listeners and Dj's alike. Sit back, find a space or take a long walk somewhere special and let Alan lead you off into the audio wilderness.

012 CD2 Mixed & Complied by Alan Ruddick

Out of the ether and into the magical woods we go. Imagine CD1 with beats and you have CD2. Alan leads us into the gloriously familiar progressive territory for a perfectly controlled soundscape of warm synths, bubbling beats and dancing percussion. Alan is in total control. As Lexicon Avenue once asked - 'Do you know why you are here?' You can only reply that 'This is why you're here'. Let go and drift.

Resident ‘In The Mix’ – Stevie Reid 19022020

This month's outing gets straight down to business. We start as we mean to go on with a solid groove and melody. Stevie's tight grip of the controls never fails to steer us through deep progressive house that shimmers and teasers as the mix motors towards Dimitry Molosh's Bloom via the unstoppable Th;en Remix. We then plunge in the vortex that is Adventure Tale - Consciousness; the second fist-pump moment of the mix. Highlights almost certainly include Andrea Cassino's - De Los Alpes A Los Andes (Robert R. Hardy Remix) & Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Fur Coat Remix). A special treat at the end from the vaults too from Hybrid! The entire mix is a crystal clear audio soundscape of what most people adore about the Progressive genre. Stevie's pace and track selection takes us through peaks and troughs of sonic emotions and you find yourself in a peaceful state of mind, whilst your foot taps away and your mind floats off. Its the type of mix that leaves you feeling eager to find another 2 hours and play it again, all to yourself louder and louder each time. The Flying Scotsman has done it again, climb aboard and enjoy a first-class journey.

Resident 'In The Mix'- Danny Jarvis 12022020

Let me take you on a journey. The end of the earth is upon us. Pretty soon it will all turn to dust. The lungs of the earth are gone, the oceans purged and the heat from the sun too hot for any vegetation to grow to sustain life. It’s time to leave earth. A top-secret space travel project has been underway for years in Nevada and I was instructed to create a soundtrack for an imminent voyage. Interstellar plans have been co-ordinated for a small solar system not unlike ours. We should be able to reach it using light speed in just 2 hours. We must set up a new colony and start afresh; learning from the mistakes we’ve made. I have uploaded the inflight soundtrack to the ship's mainframe computer HAL 9000. I have also coded in Asimov’s 3 robotic laws so you feel safe whilst you are in deep status REM. Whilst you will have no real-time experience of the flight; the soundtrack contains a collection of ethnic prayers, Earth’s original Hz frequencies and chakra lullaby’s to aid restful, calm deep sleep. Space flight is dangerous and although our calculations ensure that we’ll be successful, I must stress, there will be asteroid belts, black holes and wormholes that undoubtedly will cross our trajectory and present challenges. HAL 9000 will be there to guide us on our mission. Our pilots have strict instructions to stay on course no matter what. HAL knows this and will keep us safe. Remember Asimov laws state Robots will keep us safe from harm; their primary objective is programmed to sustain human life at all costs. Good luck, I’ll see you on Earth 2.1. DJ.

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 05022020

It's not often a DJ surprises you with every mix they put out but QUiNTESSON does. And he does it consistently. If you were to find a quiet spot somewhere, wherever you like, on your own and press play on this mix, you'll be transported away to a wonderland of carefully crafted musical magic. Known primarily for his raw, harder-edged, but equally musical style; this mix takes a different path. From the off, we venture into sparse sounds and onto a beautiful and relevant new remix of Massive Attack's - 'Teardrop' courtesy of Luis Junior's Remix. As the last notes of Teardrop echo out, we gently move into the rhythm with Andre Sobota's 'New Seeds' with Jimmy Van M on remix duties. You barely notice the movements of the mix guiding you further into a spellbinding selection of expansive tracks. A personal favourite is track 9, Ivan Stabile - 'All the Way Down', imply magic as it builds emotion and energy. He's done it again. Transportation into another world and back in just 60 mins. Breathtaking and a new Resident series classic. Danny Jarvis Progressive House UK

Resident 'In the Mix' - CANDY 29012020

Hold on to your hat, there's a new girl in town for 2020. This week's mix comes from a revived and rested CANDY and it's tough, techy prog and techno at it's finest. Solid groove is served from the off with low slung tracks from DP-6 & Gab Rhome and Kora (CA) gliding into each other. As the pace whips up and the tracks start to galvanise into a seamless wall of sound that doesn't let up. Just as you're coming up for air, Soul Button's - 'Come to me' grabs you back and pulls you down to the murky depths. Once on the bottom, St Vincent's 'Masseduction' spins you around for a safe return to the surface. Over 60 mins of a brand new DJ with the soul & mind of a well-travelled and seasoned dance floor professional. Enjoy.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Stevie Reid 22012020

Ladies & Gentlemen – we proudly present our newest member of the resident team – Stevie Reid. Stevie is no stranger to the underground scene and winning our competition was but one of the many online accolades he possesses for his outstanding mixes. Picked out by none other than Quivver for his mix competition entry Stevie has made waves ever since with his consistently tight mixing and thoughtful track selections. His debut for a mix for PHUK glitters with all the elements we’ve come to love about his take on Progressive House. Changes in tempo, mood and flow, tease the listener through a sonic journey whilst always remaining original and unique to his style. Quality from start to finish, so much so you’ll play it again immediately.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Danny Jarvis 015012020

Happy new year to everyone. As part of a team of residents who complement each other superbly, we also have very different approaches to our mixes and like any individuals have varying influences which come through in our craft. That said, this creates a wonderful opportunity to venture into other realms of house. I began listening to house music at a very early age thanks to an older brother into the early Acid House Scene. As such my influences are varied but there’s always an ‘old skool’ sound that you’ll subtly hear coming through in my music. The ingredients of a good mix, for me, have never changed but you’ll never hear me playing track after track of obvious peak time tracks or ‘hits' of the moment that typify a trend. Instead, I look to hook listeners into warm grooves and hypnotic vibes that melt and flow into tracks without losing the overall thread of the journey I’m creating. I hope you have an unexpected trip into nostalgia as glide you through 60 mins of atmospheric house music. Peace & Love DJ

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 08012020

Happy New Year! I'm kicking off 2020, with a powerful little mix with some eclectic, percussive sounds and ethnic overtones. Tracks by Brian Cid, NekliFF, Marc DePulse, Jenia Tarsol and Jelly For The Babies. Recommendation: Find yourself a decent sound system and play this loud! Oh and a 1000 points to you if you can guess what languages are featured in the mix - be sure to drop your guesses in the comments.

Progressive House UK