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Danny Jarvis - Lost In May 22

A softer, more gentle trip this month as we move toward those light and warm summer evenings. I tend to lean toward the more Organic and deeper house vibe fused with the more laid back progressive sound. There are some beautiful vocal tracks in this mix with a good nod to the wonderful 'All Day I Dream' label and associated artists.

Resident In The Mix - Nick Rodger 18052022

Master of the Deep (House); Nick's May mix once again heads away from the ever-popular trends down a more Fabric and dare I say it Back To Basics route. Chosen especially by PHUK, Nick always finds those rarer grooves and house licks that make him stand out. His seemingly endless crate has no end of depth - Enjoy this intriguing mix of delights - And remember 'Music Is Our Shared DNA" - so please pass this mix on to music fans and friends!

Richard Trout - Undergrounded 001

UNDERGROUNDED with Richard Trout plus special guests. Every 3rd Thursday of the month 8pm-10pm. Starting Thursday 21st April 2022 www.saturosounds.com.

Flux Community & Progressive House UK Presents - Larrosa & Gardoqui

The latest Flux Community podcast showcases a duo called “Larrosa & Gardoqui” From Argentina, Buenos Aires who formed in early 2018. Their distinctive style is based on a mix of genres such as Melodic Techno, and House progressive, among others. They have obtained multiple support from some of their biggest influences like Hernán Cattaneo, John Digweed & Sasha, Guy Mantzur, and Brian Cid. Their productions have been heard on radio shows such as Resident, LNOE, and the Bunker sessions by John Digweed. Their music can be found on various labels such as Steyoyoke (Germany-Soul Button), Plattenbank(Israel-Guy Mantzur), Endangered(USA-Brian Cid), and Asymmetric(Israel-Lonya, Onedotsixtwo(England-Tripswitch), Omnia Rec. (Argentina).

Lynsey Presents... Yana House Of Barefoot Warm Up

This year's House Of Barefoot has the most ridiclous line up ever seen in the North East of England for Progressive House. House Of Barefoot, Sasha, Digweed, Henry Saiz, Danny Howells, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren & James Zabiela all playing over 3 days. However, the supporting ensemble of DJs boasts the region's finest and a selection of underground spinners deservedly there to entertain and delight the crowds over the course of the event. Here we showcase Lynsey who hosted the HOB warm up on here Yana Show - This is her mix - So Lynsey, So good!

Resident In The Mix - Francisco Ludueña 11052022

Francisco's journey into the world of Progressive House began at the age of 16. Unparalleled dedication and passion have helped him to embody the essence of progressive music with his own distinctive hypnotic melodies, seductive rhythms and tight mixing. Francisco has been influenced since childhood by artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Sasha and other exponents. Since 2018 he has also been the man behind Flux which is his own series of selected events. At the same time, you can find Francisco’s collaborations with some of the most renowned artists on the progressive scene on his monthly podcast “Perceptions”. Simultaneously, he was chosen in 2019 as one of our very own residents and we're thrilled to be sharing his exclusive mix for us on a monthly basis.

Flux Community & Progressive House UK Presents - Ric Neils

The latest Flux Community podcast brings to Ric Niels, a young progressive house rising star from Argentina. Ric's music is an essence of emotions and grooves. Mostly focused on progressive house sound and mixing analogue and digital synthesizers, Ric fuses it with deeper, organic and sometimes tech vibes, creating a perfect balance for both an emotional journey for a listener and a captivating dancefloor experience for clubbers. Over a very short period of time, Ric's production has become synonymous with quality and uniqueness. His music is released on some of the most renowned labels in the progressive house scene: Mango Alley, The Soundgarden, Plaisirs Sonores, Clubsonica, Manual, Movement, etc. Ric's tracks are always appreciated and played by the world's Top Tier DJs. Among his regular supporters are such legends as Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, D-Nox, and many more so needless to say we are super happy to have Ric on board this month. 21C Progressive House | Progressive En España | Progressive House UK | Worldwide Progressive House Music | Agency Amplitude

Danny Jarvis - Lost In Sunset

Close your eyes and feel the warmth of that late afternoon sunshine. I've created a mix to accompany the perfect sunset, in a field at a festival, laying on a hammock or a sun lounger on holiday or whilst on a walk in the woods or countryside.

Resident In The Mix - Dave Furneaux 04052022

A true slice of perfect progressive house this month from Mr Furneaux to kick of the month of May. Lots to feast on here; a chunky start leads into the wonderful ‘Never A Sunday’ and on into more layers of rolling progressive beats. Popular names on the tracklist too feat previous guest mixers ENAP, ‘Lost In’ favourite JFR, Vegaz SL & Noiyse Project. This is a truly neat and tidy mix from Dave exuding experience and tight mixing that invites a second play as soon the last second fades out.

Lynsey Presents...Momentum With Marcus Nilla

Special Guest this week is Marcus Nilla. Marcus Nilla is a resident DJ with AATM radio, Resonate together and a DJ on the MOAi platform. He also works for the Resonate Together record label and DJsinbox which is an online electronic music magazine and website. His show "Spectrum" goes out every other Wednesday of every month from 8-10pm gmt on www.aatmradio.club. He plays a deep driving sound using different genres of electronic music to try and find a sonic destination. His sound is a fusion of deep, dubby, tech, minimal, organic and progressive house influences. He also shares a real love and passion for breaks, breakbeat and electro broken beat music. Listen out for the resonate mixes in the library to hear this style. His sets are created and built with great thought and care. Always creative. Never stale. Never boring. Influences on his career include Nick Warren, lee burridge, John digweed, sasha, Danny Howells and Anthony pappa to name some. More modern influences include James zabiela, Oliver hunteman and Denny. Self taught in the 90's on belt drive turntables. Won IDJ magazines bedroom bedlam competition in 2005. Played at numerous venues over the north of England. He still has the same love and pure passion for electronic music as he did in the 90’s when he was staying up late in his bedroom taping essential mixes on a Saturday night.

Lynsey Presents...Momentum

Lynsey's a welcomed addition to the Progressive House rota of online shows and DJs we already have on the podcast - Lynsey's own mix this month breakbeat heaven followed by her guest this month Marcus Nilla. Momentum came about after Lynsey was offered a show on Saturo Sounds following a guest mix on Ann Lov's 'Gems' show. It became established as a predominantly prog breaks show due to Lynsey's love of the genre. This opened up the opportunity to invite guests to join her with a similar vibe. To date she has some of the genres best producers, artists and label owners on board. Momentum moved over to Subcode 12 months ago where it is aired on the 3rd Weds of the month alongside Joe Wink's Broken Essence. Momentum will next air on www.subcode.club on Weds 18th May

Super Progressive Podcast - Backtracks with Danny Jarvis

This week I have something special to share with you all. A project I'm really proud of in conjunction with the L.A based Super Progressive community. We first touched base some time ago and hatched some cool plans off the back of their amazing and original podcast interviews with Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia, Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Lawler, Stacy Pullen... the list goes on. And little old me is up next for the maiden voyage of the offshoot!

Super Progressive - Backtracks Compiled & Mixed by Danny Jarvis Pt1

I wanted to create for the Super Progressive listener a full club experience from start to finish: Shifting sonic textures and energy building into something momentous, unique to each person but also an often profound shared experience within the club, on the dancefloor or behind the decks. From my earliest experiences of collecting tapes, CDs and records to nights at the Hacienda in Manchester, the early Cream years in Liverpool, Bugged Out all-nighters, the original Northern Exposure Tours by Sasha and Digweed and the backroom in clubs around the world to my own long sets in clubs and venues all over the UK - this is a modern snapshot of that combined electronic music experience. So, to the mix; there’s something for everyone. Breakbeat, organic house, deep-house, techno, acid house, progressive house and re-imagined remixes of classics from the golden era of Progressive house found on Renaissance and Global Underground. I’ve weaved in some moments from sci films and famous philosophers so as to whisper messages of higher thinking in your ear. As with every mix, my aim is to guide you through different moods, and soundscapes and build the layers and energy. Let the music be your guide.

Super Progressive - Backtracks Compiled & Mixed by Danny Jarvis Pt2

Part 2 The mix continues into the last 3 hours of the epic 6-hour mix for Super Progressive.

Resident In The Mix - McMo 27042022

He's only gone and done it again! Hot off the heels of his most listened to ever PHUK mix, his 3rd birthday mix, McMo is back! Super energy from the off this week and effortlessly mixing through some of the hottest artists around today. There's a pace to the mix throughout but not so much as to ignore some gentle melodic tracks which break the tension and allow for some blue skies. Highlights for us - Simos Tagias' 'Emotion' (GMJ & Matter Remix) & EANP's 'Supreme' (Original Mix) on Mango Alley and the final landing track by Massano 'System (Original Mix) on the mighty Afterlife Records. Never disappointing and always engaging - McMo on fire lately!

Lost In - 2nd Birthday Compiled & Mixed by Danny Jarvis

“Two years down the road for Lost In. I'm full of gratitude for this project and how it's reached so many international like-minded, gentle souls who love their electronic music mashed up into a weekly journey. Rather than opt for an 'Anthems' mix, I wanted to produce a ‘Lost In Classic’, taking in all the genres available. Lost In has always been an emotional and deep musical journey and this is exactly how this mix flows. Deep melodies and trippy rhythms nestle neatly alongside soaring vocals with massive melodic techno tracks. If you are already an avid follower or new to this project....all you have to do is press play, let go and get…Lost In.” DJ

IGM. 004 - ORTICAAN Denver, U.S

We're pleased to present the long-awaited return of our International Guest Mix (IGM) series this month with U.S Producer, DJ & Live Artist - ORTICAAN. Based in Denver, Colorado ORTICAAN has 20 years of experience in and out of the progressive house music scene. Producer, Remixer at JourneyDeep records, Producer at ARRVL records and an artist at Droid9 records. (PHUK Head Honcho Danny Jarvis' favourite label of the moment). You'll hear the quality of his track selection and mixing skills immediately on pressing play. A total match fit for PHUK. Intrigued about his artist name while discussing the mix we asked where the name came from. 'Orticaan, a funny name I know. I was listening to a track called Shubuya by Orkan when the inspiration came. I looked up what Orkan meant, traced it back, loosely translated as hurricane in German. Thought that made sense for my style, driving, relentless, high energy. I kinda elaborated on it to include the AA from DAAZ to run as a theme.' So how does ORTICAAN create his force of nature? 'I use Ableton live to play, I like to use loops & layering of tracks coming in, tracks going out and some extra sounds and rhythmic things to keep it fresh. Eventually, I will incorporate my hardware synths from my production setup to add the atmospherics in real time but right now don't have the space etc...' His favourite producers right now are Simos Tagias, Ruben Karapetyan, Alex O’Rion, Soulmade (AR). These artists match the current tracks Danny, McMo & Garry, our Residents are spinning right now so we couldn't have found a better person to re-start our international series off with. Here's where you heard him first - ORTICAAN

PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - Garry Howden

What a tracklist for Garry's special birthday mix. Fresh off the back of his Saturo Sounds competition success, Garry has provided killer proof of why he's so valued on the Resident team here at PHUK 'For this one, I just really went for it and wanted to put something together that I thought ideally represents myself and the style of progressive that I love.' He's a man of few but then.....Garry's music does all the talking! Fire!!

PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - Danny Jarvis

Happy birthday to us! I've had a little break for a few months but still been collecting records in the background - can't help myself! Lots of my go-to artists in here like the man of the moment for me Andres Moris, Kabi (AR), Amonita and Beije. Some great new tracks from The Man Like...Sasha, Chris Cargo and top producing trio Frankie M, Rodrigo Lapena & Gonzalo Sacc. There are different moods nestled together here with lighter spring vibes rubbing shoulders with some heavier peak time tracks in the middle as the pace and tension build. At just over 2 hours (bit shorter for me) I wanted to add my contribution to the amazing resident mixes that are on show this month. Hope you like my mix - I'm happy to be back behind the decks again!

PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - Francisco Ludueña

"'These are dark days that we're living in.' The opening track from Francisco couldn't be more apt right now. But listen, this is our 3rd Birthday and we want to bring you some joy and escapism from all that, at least for 60 mins. The tempo is zippy and the bounce is right from the very first track, so move the coffee table or the footstool out the way because it's likely you'll want to cut the rug up to this. Wonderful tech-house grooves combine with atmospheric melody and deep progressive vibes - Francisco's turf! All the big names are on the tracklist too from Hernan Cattaneo, Art Of Trance (remember them), Matter, The Cobb & D-Nox. One thing is guaranteed with a mix from South American born Francisco: Tight, skilled mixing and quality of track selection. Weave those two ingredients together and you have a wonderful Progressive House Birthday Cake. Go on, have a slice - it's good for you." DJ

PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - Nick Rodger

For my PHUK birthday mix, I wanted to park the house music for a moment and showcase my love of all things electronic. This set is a collection of records I enjoy at home. I knew I wanted to feature "Circulation - Magenta' as this is probably my all-time fav 'dance record that isn't a dance record'. It popped up again in a recent social media post which got a lot of love from so many people, reminding me that we're genuinely all connected through music and records we have a mutual adulation for. A shared experience. So 'Magenta' plays pretty much all the way through. Arguably the finest 9mins Circulation has ever pressed to 12". For the rest of the mix, I dug into my LPs and tried to focus on music I enjoy but rarely get an opportunity to share. Kinda what I'd play for close friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon - a wandering soundscape of moods, rhythms and ambience - my nod to the early 'DJ Kicks', 'Back to Mine' and 'Late Night Tales' series much loved by so many. So what is my set for PHUK birthday celebrations? My love letter to the beauty, subtlety and texture achieved through mixing sounds. Indulgence?....Maybe. But will you come back to it again and again? I do hope so. Enjoy. Nick

PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - McMo

Seems a long 2 years ago since Tom first won our competition and became a Progressive House UK Resident. He's become more than just one of our most listened to DJs, he's also become a good friend. An endlessly patient and gentle soul, Tom's mixes reflect his emotions and his experience in picking out very good music. His skills and performance have also improved massively playing gigs up and down the country over the last year particularly. Enjoy this special 3rd birthday mix from our much-loved resident McMo. ‘I wanted to do something special for PHUK’s 3rd birthday and decided to put a mix together that captures something of my love for progressive and sci-fi. Falling in-love with the recent sci-fi series ‘Raised by Wolves’, the opening music to the series serves as the opening to this out-of-this-world mix. Ethereal and haunting, I wanted to capture something of the mythos of Raised by Wolves - humanity’s resurrection on a distant planet leaving a broken Earth behind. Humanity’s new start begins at the hands of androids, Mother and Father. The mix starts gently but begins to build with power and intent, increasing in intensity and depth, much like the story. I wanted to capture some of the beauty and wonder of good sci-fi, with a healthy dose of deep darkness. Peppered throughout the mix are samples from episode one which I hope add to the overall experience. Coincidentally, most of the tracks have titles that relate to something in the series, although this was unintentional and probably me reading more into the creative process than is actually there. Who knows, the unconscious is always at work whether we know it or not! I really enjoyed putting this mix together and hope you get as much from it as I did. May the last track, Light Beam, take you to infinity and beyond. Happy birthday PHUK!’ McMo.

NEWS - Progressive House Is 3 This Month

Hi Guys, a short message to announce some exciting news about our 3rd birthday this month and to thank a few people!

Flux & Progressive House UK Presents Ivan Aliaga

The latest Flux Community podcast in association with Progressive House UK showcases a young DJ and producer from Córdoba, Argentina who has already had worldwide achievements at the tender age of 19. 

Ivan began his career producing at the age of 17 and signs his first EP, over the next few months Ivan continued to release music on some of the top labels of the genre such as The Soundgarden, Beat Boutique Onedotsixtwo, Mango Alley, OrTwoStrangers, Meanwhile, Green Area, Manual Music among others. 

Ivan is also receiving support plays from the very best artists such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Khen, GuyJ, CidInc, Chicola and John Digweed. DJ wise he has already had the pleasure of sharing the booth with artists such as ARTBAT, Mathame, Ezequiel Arias, Matias Chilano to name a few, demonstrating his talent and what looks to be a very promising future in electronic music. Ivan is nothing short of captivating and in just a few short years, has managed to reach people on several continents. Enjoy, this special mix, right here on PHUK.

Resident In The Mix - Garry Howden 02032022

Ex-Pat Garry is up this week delivering a warm up-lifting mix - must be that Florida sunshine getting him in the mood! His fortune is ours too as he strides through up-tempo progressive beats that don't fail in raising the dopamine levels. The mix builds quickly over the first 2 tracks and into Salazar 'Aristarchus', a wonderfully bright and energetic number that grows gently into a massive soundscape before arriving at Emi Galvan's bouncy remix of Nick Warren's 'Freebird' out on now The Soundgarden. Hang on! You're only 20 mins in and the tracks are coming thick and fast. There's just enough of that perfect ebb and flow in the tracks that each one takes its time to rise and fall and then re-build. Close your eyes and you could be stood in Buenos Aires with thousands of passionate Argentinian clubbers swaying in the hot midnight air. However, the reality is that this is big muscular, melodic progressive house all the way from Florida and the mid of our latest resident - take a bow Garry - a beautifully crafted, perfectly mixed selection that will warm any UK winter day up!

Resident In The Mix - Dave Furneaux 23022022

Dave Furneaux takes to the decks this week with another instalment of fresh progressive sounds. If you haven’t already please do subscribe to our podcast, listen & share with friends……if you like what you hear then please leave us a review.

Welcome to Progressive House UK

Welcome to Progressive House UK, the global electronic music podcast for like-minded people. All your underground progressive house mixes in one neat place, delivered to your phone, automatically - bye-bye searching and streaming! Find us on Apple, Google, Amazon & all other major podcasts by subscribing FREE.

Andrew Weatherall - Essential Mix November 13, 1993

One of the very first (003) of the mighty BBC Radio One Essential Mixes to air back in 1993. At the tender age of only 15 years, I had to stay up late, line up my 60-minute tapes, keep the volume low on my bedroom hi-fi and hit record. The only challenge was to remember to turn the tapes over as quickly as possible so as to not let too much music escape! These essential mixes went out at 2am-4am back in the day so Sunday mornings were a mixture of excitement and tiredness when listening back. Anyway, expect something special as this was a seminal mix and back when the legend of Andrew Weatherall was only just beginning. A fitting tribute for us from our vaults just after the 2nd anniversary of his sad passing in 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, we celebrate his skills and proudly present a legend, a wonderful soul, a DJs DJ - Andrew Weatherall.

Resident In The Mix - Danny Jarvis 16022022

I very much play what I love rather than stick to rigid genres or get caught up in the descriptions of them. I'm reading a lot about the future of artificial intelligence at the moment and where the evolution of human happiness sits as we hand our lives over to dopamine enticing toxic positivity on social media and mainstream culture. The tracks I've selected run on a deeper level and I've had a dig around my record box for tracks that went in between the cracks. It's a deep dive into a sound I like to call 'Sci-Fi House and continues on a theme from my February A.I mix. Pitched at 118 bpm its rich in atmospherics but still packs a punch as the soundscape builds throughout. As always it's all about the journey with meditative rhythms and subtle energy flows guiding you through. I would love to hear what you all think - Enjoy

Resident In The Mix - Nick Rodger 09022022

For my resident mix this month, I wanted to showcase some of the amazing house music I've been playing over the last few months. Those of you who have heard my mixes before probably won't be surprised that I'm not a fan of planning out my sets, I find the most enjoyment from pulling the threads between sounds, layering and creating something new that is greater than the sum of its constituting elements. Restraint is key. And very rewarding. My current favourite slab of vinyl The untitled A side of VWV004, kicks us off, bleeding its low key less-is-more approach over the first 30mins of the mix. As keys change, pads shimmer and percussive elements weave in and out of one another, my focus for the listener is firmly on nothing but The Groove. As the acapella of Ananda Project puts nicely, 'Wandering'. There's a subtle nod to the populist organic styles of All Day I Dream in YokoO and Atish - Atman, a much deeper and more brooding record than many of its contemporaries. I find most pleasure from bleeding and twisting records, quite apt then that by the time the stripped tribal percussion of Cascades of Colour wraps around you like a thick fog, time has stopped. Is it 11 pm? 5 am? Layering and layering Blakkat & David Morales 'Can't Get Enough' is an anti-anthem, a true moment in time record. King Britt and I finally do what the mix has threatened all along, delivering a true hands in the air record that has been in the record bag for almost 20years. Jack had a Groove, and from that Groove came the Groove of All Grooves. I'm sure that's on a t-shirt somewhere 😅 play this one as loud as possible. Nick

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