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Lost In Anthems Pt2

Part 2 of the biggest Lost In Livestream show of the year! This is the peak time section of the mix. 2.5 hours of hold onto your seat progressive and Melodic Techno straight from the underground.

Lost In Anthems Pt 1

The biggest Lost In Livestream show of the year! All the very best tracks from 2021 you can remember and all the gems you've forgotten about. Took some time to whittle down from my top 100 but I wanted to make the set flow through the styles.

Resident In The Mix - Garry Howden 23122021

This is Garry's first mix for Progressive House UK, which doesn't quite seem right and by all accounts, its way overdue. He's not just giving us a one-off mix though, far from it, he's one of our new residents taking us into 2022. For anyone new to Garry’s style then rest assured he’s an accomplished Progressive DJ. That means all the right pacing and energy in all the right places. You’ll notice from the track notes there’s a good splattering of Framewerk used and rightly so. The Irish producers have made some incredible music over the last 2 years and deserved to be celebrated. All the right names appear too, Matter, Fabri Lopez and Michael A to name a few. You’re in for a real treat. Welcome to the sound of Mr Howden. 🚀🔥

Resident In the Mix - McMo 15122021

Where do I begin to describe this mix? It's outstanding. From using his own Bladerunner DJ tool, to the sensational track selection and programming to the perfect, super tight, mixing that crafts it all together. I absolutely guarantee that you'll play this mix time and again. The flow is perfect and takes you on the type of journey only progressive house can. So many stand out tracks from Arthesia vs DalNulla, Kamilo Sanclemente (my go-to producer) and the superb re-take from Sean McClellan - Believe (Nila Remix) out on Pro B Tech Music. The whole mix was booked-ended by two amazing tracks; Kaiyan - Dancing Shadows & Terry Da Libra - U (Extended Mix) out on Monstercat. Just like Hauer's message; this mix will help you see things you couldn't have imagined. Close your eyes and dream.

Resident In The Mix – Dave Furneaux 08122021

How to make a science fiction mix: Dave Furneaux. This mix belongs in Zuckerberg's Metaverse. When selecting the residents for PHUK, we wanted our team to be fearless in trying new things and letting their imaginations run wild with genres simply being the clouds in their blue sky. Dave has delivered this in spades. JFK's 'It's not the critic that counts' hammers this theory home second track in. Take your pick from thereon in. House, techno, tech-house, breaks and back again. Crystal clean groove the whole way through and a magical mystery ride from start to finish. A Wonderful Mix.

Lost In December - Danny Jarvis

This month’s round-up comes earlier in the month and celebrates another Lost In birthday. Dawn Fuller is one of the original members of Lost In and an extremely popular personality in our friendship group. I’m thrilled to have worked on this special set for her birthday, hope you all enjoy the journey - it's a little nod to those old Northern Exposure mixes too. Fasten your seat belts!

Resident In The Mix - Lee Scott 01122021

Lee has hit the decks once again with a fairly vocal lead set of tracks perfect for lightening the mood of these dark and soon to be winter nights. There is some absolute Gold in this mix from well-known purveyors of smooth and rich deep & organic house. Big guns like Jimpster, D.S.F, Monkey Safari & Miyagi are weaved together gently and intelligently by Mr Scott. There's power in the music as always as he subtly builds into the last furlong with Black Circle's aptly named 'Inner Tension' teeing up the underground favourite from Nathan Fake with James Holden providing his magic on the remix. Lee's 60 min mix does everything a great mix should - taking you just far enough away from your own thoughts and into a different space for the journey. Big high five Lee - and that double Miyagi section - sublime!

Lost In November - Danny Jarvis

As another busy week whizz’s by, we close the month on Lost In November. A special 3 hour 20 mins set. It’s also a celebration of our one of our most popular member’s birthdays too - Richard trout. The first 2 hours is roughly the set I would have played for Northern Texture this month. It’s one to turn up from the off. My true underground club sound in full flow, with some retrospective classics at the end!

Resident In The Mix - Nick Rodger 24112021

Nick has joined us to add to our rosta of top-class underground DJs on the UK scene. Newcastle based Nick is no stranger to the online scene and comes with a massive wealth of musical depth and knowledge. He's also one half of the mighty DEFCON with partner Danny Jarvis. We're over the moon to welcome Nick into the resident clan under his own name. Always deep and always different each time - enjoy the sublime underground sound of Mr Rodger.

Lost In 18112021 - Danny Jarvis

A hypnotising progressive set full of layers, soundscapes and Autumnal grooves.

Resident In The Mix - McMo 17112021

McMo takes to the one and twos this month with an energy packs progger. 90 seconds in and the vibe is set - pumping kick drum, rumbling bassline and angelic floating voices - the perfect holy trinity of sounds. Enamour & Rinzen's 'Photon' out on Last Night On Earth glides in and over to deliver a deep hypnotic groove of Sasha old. Ruben Karapetyan follows with 'Hathor' another slice of deep serious music, watch out for this producer, his tracks are seriously good. The next section of tracks lifts the vibe through Hicky & Kalo and Andres Moris, from PHUK resident faves. McMo's tight mixing and control of energy here delivers a wonderful floating feeling as the tracks dance and play with each other building to the newly remixed Killahertz classic 'Return To West on 27th' via the mighty combo of Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia. Dark and shade envelope as we head into peak time electro-infused grooves from Coeus and Ava Irandoost then plunged further into the deep for the next 20 mins. It's a different McMo on show here; Confidently delivering a peak time set complete with last tune 'feels'. I suggest turning this right up from the off and as you delve right down into it get nice and comfy with your eyes closed for 75 mins of really good underground music.

HubbleUltraDeepField - Nick Rodger

Inspired by the snapshot of circa 10,000 galaxies in a small region of the Formax constellation. The original image taken is approx one twenty-six-millionth of the total area of the sky viewed from Earth, and is thought to show galaxies dating back over 13billion years. Ladies & Gentlemen - Nick Rodger

All Things House - Danny Jarvis

This is my recent set at ALL THINGS HOUSE on 06.11.21. A massive thank you to the legend and our brother Richard Trout Stout for inviting me to play to a packed crowd. Also massive thanks to all the Lost In crew who travelled from far and wide to be there - Amazing! It's a proper Lost In set so get ready for some serious new music and some gems!

Yana on Subcode - Danny Jarvis

Honoured to be asked to play with these very talanted DJs - Thank you to Lynsey Whitnam for having me on the show! This is Yana on Subcode.

Resident In The Mix - Dave Furneaux 03112021

Look out there's a new boy in town! Guest DJ Dave Furneaux turns resident. Enjoy his one our thrill ride!

Kettled Since 81 - Danny Jarvis

Taken from my ‘Lost In’ Livestream (Thursdays 19:30-21:30 HRS (UK) on Mixcloud. It's a 3 hour special of my recent live set at Laurels, Whitley Bay, a night to celebrate our friend Leanne's birthday. Lookout for the Lost In anthems!

Lost In Northern Texture (Klute Durham, UK) - Danny Jarvis

This week's mix is a slightly extended version of my set at Northern Texture, Klute Durham on 16th October 2021. There are 30 mins extra weaved in to give a longer build in the first hour before we head deep into the massive sounds that captured the club last week. I'll be back there 20th November with a brand new set, just as big and just as chock full of energy and emotion.

Resident In The Mix - Lee Scott 20102021

The whole reason we wanted to set up the Resident mix and have really, really talented underground DJ's play is evidenced in this mix by Lee. From the very first moment Rufus' vocal starts you just know you are in for an absolute treat. It's a sensual, smooth, enchanting melody and groove from then on as Davi's warm strings melt your heart and the female vocal stirs your emotions. Lee's not stopping there though, it full on floating late-night vibes through a Tale & Tone label back to back - perfectly weighted and delivered. Just wait for Bjork's 'Tabula Rasa' courtesy of Antrim & Artfaq on the remix. Does anyone not like a Bjork remix? The warm house grooves resume through a wonderful Chus & Ceballos & Dennis Cruz track laden with percussion and purpose before terminating into a slice of sonic tech edged groove by Dim Kelly. I just know you are going to press play straight away. Why? Because I did! DJ

Resident In The Mix - McMo 13102021

'And he's back! Fresh from his recent Progress: On gig, McMo takes us off in a more gentle direction for home listening. Away from the maddening crowds and his 'club' sound, here Tom nestles into warm and delicate melodic tracks accented by beautiful vocal tracks - perfect as the Autumn nights draw in and the street lights return to light our way home once again. Highlights from faves like Tim Green melt into lesser-known artists like Valer den Bit and Pandhora without any loss in quality or direction. '1001 Nights' steers us momentarily into middle eastern instrumentation and back again to more familiar strings and piano. There's a global sound here as we move in and around different cultural rhythms and beat structures. No matter where you hail from you'll feel comfortable. One thing is for sure, wherever or whenever you listen to this mix, day or night, home or away, far or near, inside or out, McMo provides the warm blanket across the shoulders, right on cue, just when you need it.' Danny Jarvis

DJs Inbox featured Mix - Danny Jarvis

Over the moon to have been the focus of the latest DJs Inbox feature. Big thanks to Mark Kovach for the kind words and asking me to provide a mix. Full article here & mix link below: https://www.djs-inbox.com/featured-dj-danny-jarvis/

Resident In The Mix - DEFCON 06102021

Much like the Mona Lisa, the enigmatic duo, DEFCON, are a multi-layered phenomenon and their latest creative offering doesn’t disappoint. Straight out of the gates with a rocket is an ingenious mix of three breakbeat head-melters - James Shinra’s ‘Gritti’, Aloka’s ‘Concave’ and Drexell’s ‘Seven’. Deep, dark and scary, you’d better check nan’s strapped down as this musical mash-up is taking no prisoners. Now firmly in orbit, ‘District Battle’ by Creasol and ‘Random Alias’ by Automat maintain cruising speed. We’re only 14 mins in and on the fifth track - this is mixing at its finest. Next up is PRZ’s ‘The Zone’, an apt title for where DEFCON are at, a breakbeat masterpiece that segues beautifully into techno with Rene Wise’s ‘Pleasure Note’ and R3NY’s ‘Beview’ taking up the batton – *goosebumps. Rondell Adams’s ‘Shakedown’ puts the 303 to good use and we find ourselves in the realms of minimalist, experimental techno reminiscent of its earliest days. Confidential Recipe’s ‘See You’ is a gentler reprise, but we’re not getting away from the madness so easily, with a devilish chorus of voices and the repeated, ‘I can see you’, there’s nowhere to hide. When the Mona Lisa was subjected to various forms of scientific analysis, it was discovered that Da Vinci had started with the skeleton, then painted muscle and sinew, and layer by layer produced what we see today. With Sen-sei & Jesse Brook’s ‘Sunshine’, a new layer of music manifests - deep house. The mixing intensity hasn’t stopped though and before you know it you’re smiling (if not lol’ing) at the voiceover sample in Lauhaus’ ‘Mel Gibson’. Maybe Mel Gibson likes big butts too, but the poem is by Charles Bukowski and called, ‘Girl on the Escalator’. We’re in funkier realms now and Loht Vostok’s ‘Sunshine Diamond’ gives us an effervescent dose of groove, spilling over into Cinthie’s ‘803 The Meme Queen’ and Cygnus’ ‘Cycario’. Coming to the end, true to form, another layer of music is revealed and we have some tech-house with Loht Vostok sampling dance music’s favourite guru, Alan Watts, in ‘Watts’. Finishing off, DEFCON leave us searching for more with the final track by Nebulae, ‘The Seeker’. With 17 tracks in an hour, this is a mixing masterclass that few can achieve. Sheer brilliance. (McMo)

Lost In September - Danny Jarvis

A round-up of some of my faves from the month and tracks that didn't get played earlier in the month.

Lost In Thursday 23092021 - Danny Jarvis

In preparation for my upcoming monthly residency and some other gigs, it was time to dust off some powerhouse tracks. Expect some quick moves through the gears into big tracks. The melodic techno section has some huge tracks out right night now but also some gems from 2018 I haven't played in a while - hold on tight!

Lost In Thursday 16092021 - Danny Jarvis

Big Session full of peak time tracks as I prepare to gear up for my next wave of gigs - some Progressive House Classics at the end too! Never forget your roots and the hedonism you experienced. Some tracks evoke such emotion and nostalgia - they simply must be played! Join me for ‘Lost In’ Livestream every Thursday 19:30-21:30 HRS (UK) 20:30-22:30 CET. https://www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/ Deep House to Melodic Techno & everything in between. Music with real emotion & energy combined with flawless creative mixing.

Lost In 09092021 - Danny Jarvis

Lost In Thursday Livestream: 19:30-21:30 HRS (London,UK) https://www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/ The Lost In weekly session is every week. Join myself and the Lost In community for the only weekend warm-up you can't miss.

Progressive House UK Retro Set - Dave Furneaux

Dave steps up to the decks again to take us through a retrospective of house - expect early renaissance classics and some rare treats!

Lost In August - Danny Jarvis

Lost In August aka Lost In Will - One of the original supporters and members of Lost In. From day one Will Smith has tuned in and been a huge part of the Lost In community. It's time to celebrate his birthday in style. Lost In 'Will' is a ball of energy that grows and grows - hold tight and join us for another birthday party!

Lost In Festivals – Danny Jarvis

I've missed out on playing a large scale festival in August due to it being cancelled. I won't be at the next House Of Barefoot festival either due to family commitments but I had prepared this set in advance. I wanted to create a mix that I would ideally play from 8pm-10pm - as the sun fades and the lights come up over the crowd. The idea is to cast a hypnotic spell over the festival of warm soothing vibrations and melodic electronic groove. Let's see if you the listener can close your eyes and imagine this with me. Lost In Festivals - Sunglasses optional, hands in the air mandatory! Join me every Thursday for Lost In Livestreams 19:30-21:30 (UK Time) https://www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/

022 CD2 - 'Strobelight' Compiled & Mixed Phil Littledyke

As the title suggests it’s likely we’re in for some more familiar nocturnal frequencies and we’re ready and willing. The opening track would lead you to believe we’re in for another sumptuous trek into the realms of chillout but Denis J’s ‘Nomad lullaby’ has other ideas. The perfect pace of the beat when it kicks in (I believe around 124-125bpm) signals big Phil is taking us into the night and for a special experience. Quick, clean mixing through tracks one and two adds instant depth and shimmering progressive house sounds into the fray and we’re undoubtedly off. Chris Sterio & Sean McClellan ‘Light Waves’ transitions in and delivers acid fused, twinkling future disco grooves setting up for another change of pace for ‘Teenage Wasteland’ an expansive sci-fi fusion of warm synths, busy rhythms and a purposeful bassline. Prog meets Melodic techno in the middle without ever losing the depth the mix is creating all the time. Cinematic elements reign in the middle with the massive and euphoric ‘Her Entrance’ courtesy of Innellea's Interstellar Remix. This is a massive moment of the mix but wait - Marc DePulse’s throbbing electro fused ‘Rapante’ is next. WOW. Phil’s goal from thereon in is to take us through his unique world of pounding kick drums and pixie-infused vocals – a particular highlight for me is Royksopp’s ‘What Else Is There?’ (ARTBAT Remix) a well-considered and perfectly executed update on the classic from 2005. And what better way to end than on an undoubted (DJ uniting) modern-day classic - BOg, GHEIST ‘Venere’ via Fideles’ perfect remix. This is a wonderful double album, exactly on brief, fitting into the back category beautifully. It’s full of experience of music from all genres and sown together with integrity, passion and love. This mix will stand the test of time and rightly so.

022 CD1 - 'Lamplight' Compiled & Mixed Phil Littledyke

After a short break the infamous underground double mix series is back. Progress On aficionado Phil Littledyke follows his brother in rhythm Alan Ruddick in taking up the challenge of creating us a 2 ‘CD’ concept mix. For those with full memories, we invite underground DJs to work on any theme they like and produce two mixes each 60 mins in length. Phil went away and started work on something by his own admission would be something very different from his norm that he could get his teeth into. And here it is. ‘Lamplight’ and Strobelight’. Every DJ approaches his work differently and we approach DJ’s who fall loosely under the ‘Progressive’ umbrella. We’d like to think progressive means forward thinking and open minded. This spirit and ethos enables a DJ to open his heart, delve into his archive and pull tracks or influences in to make something they can be proud of. ‘Lamplight’ as equally at home accompanied by a glass of wine in the warm evening sun as it is by a hot chocolate in front of the fire. Orchestral arrangements are often underused in electronic music and when used correctly ignite the senses and make for something beautiful and timeless. Phil’s guidance through the first section of the mix leads you into a luxurious and almost classic Café Del Mar experience. Weaving happily from film score to electronica, downtempo to standout chillout classics, the heartfelt and precise track selection is strong evidence that big Phil likes to chill and knows how to do it in style. Grab your favourite tipple and recline.

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