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Resident ‘In The Mix’ – Stevie Reid 19022020

This month's outing gets straight down to business. We start as we mean to go on with a solid groove and melody. Stevie's tight grip of the controls never fails to steer us through deep progressive house that shimmers and teasers as the mix motors towards Dimitry Molosh's Bloom via the unstoppable Th;en Remix. We then plunge in the vortex that is Adventure Tale - Consciousness; the second fist-pump moment of the mix. Highlights almost certainly include Andrea Cassino's - De Los Alpes A Los Andes (Robert R. Hardy Remix) & Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Fur Coat Remix). A special treat at the end from the vaults too from Hybrid! The entire mix is a crystal clear audio soundscape of what most people adore about the Progressive genre. Stevie's pace and track selection takes us through peaks and troughs of sonic emotions and you find yourself in a peaceful state of mind, whilst your foot taps away and your mind floats off. Its the type of mix that leaves you feeling eager to find another 2 hours and play it again, all to yourself louder and louder each time. The Flying Scotsman has done it again, climb aboard and enjoy a first-class journey.

Resident 'In The Mix'- Danny Jarvis 12022020

Let me take you on a journey. The end of the earth is upon us. Pretty soon it will all turn to dust. The lungs of the earth are gone, the oceans purged and the heat from the sun too hot for any vegetation to grow to sustain life. It’s time to leave earth. A top-secret space travel project has been underway for years in Nevada and I was instructed to create a soundtrack for an imminent voyage. Interstellar plans have been co-ordinated for a small solar system not unlike ours. We should be able to reach it using light speed in just 2 hours. We must set up a new colony and start afresh; learning from the mistakes we’ve made. I have uploaded the inflight soundtrack to the ship's mainframe computer HAL 9000. I have also coded in Asimov’s 3 robotic laws so you feel safe whilst you are in deep status REM. Whilst you will have no real-time experience of the flight; the soundtrack contains a collection of ethnic prayers, Earth’s original Hz frequencies and chakra lullaby’s to aid restful, calm deep sleep. Space flight is dangerous and although our calculations ensure that we’ll be successful, I must stress, there will be asteroid belts, black holes and wormholes that undoubtedly will cross our trajectory and present challenges. HAL 9000 will be there to guide us on our mission. Our pilots have strict instructions to stay on course no matter what. HAL knows this and will keep us safe. Remember Asimov laws state Robots will keep us safe from harm; their primary objective is programmed to sustain human life at all costs. Good luck, I’ll see you on Earth 2.1. DJ.

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 05022020

It's not often a DJ surprises you with every mix they put out but QUiNTESSON does. And he does it consistently. If you were to find a quiet spot somewhere, wherever you like, on your own and press play on this mix, you'll be transported away to a wonderland of carefully crafted musical magic. Known primarily for his raw, harder-edged, but equally musical style; this mix takes a different path. From the off, we venture into sparse sounds and onto a beautiful and relevant new remix of Massive Attack's - 'Teardrop' courtesy of Luis Junior's Remix. As the last notes of Teardrop echo out, we gently move into the rhythm with Andre Sobota's 'New Seeds' with Jimmy Van M on remix duties. You barely notice the movements of the mix guiding you further into a spellbinding selection of expansive tracks. A personal favourite is track 9, Ivan Stabile - 'All the Way Down', imply magic as it builds emotion and energy. He's done it again. Transportation into another world and back in just 60 mins. Breathtaking and a new Resident series classic. Danny Jarvis Progressive House UK

Resident 'In the Mix' - CANDY 29012020

Hold on to your hat, there's a new girl in town for 2020. This week's mix comes from a revived and rested CANDY and it's tough, techy prog and techno at it's finest. Solid groove is served from the off with low slung tracks from DP-6 & Gab Rhome and Kora (CA) gliding into each other. As the pace whips up and the tracks start to galvanise into a seamless wall of sound that doesn't let up. Just as you're coming up for air, Soul Button's - 'Come to me' grabs you back and pulls you down to the murky depths. Once on the bottom, St Vincent's 'Masseduction' spins you around for a safe return to the surface. Over 60 mins of a brand new DJ with the soul & mind of a well-travelled and seasoned dance floor professional. Enjoy.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Stevie Reid 22012020

Ladies & Gentlemen – we proudly present our newest member of the resident team – Stevie Reid. Stevie is no stranger to the underground scene and winning our competition was but one of the many online accolades he possesses for his outstanding mixes. Picked out by none other than Quivver for his mix competition entry Stevie has made waves ever since with his consistently tight mixing and thoughtful track selections. His debut for a mix for PHUK glitters with all the elements we’ve come to love about his take on Progressive House. Changes in tempo, mood and flow, tease the listener through a sonic journey whilst always remaining original and unique to his style. Quality from start to finish, so much so you’ll play it again immediately.

Resident 'In The Mix' - Danny Jarvis 015012020

Happy new year to everyone. As part of a team of residents who complement each other superbly, we also have very different approaches to our mixes and like any individuals have varying influences which come through in our craft. That said, this creates a wonderful opportunity to venture into other realms of house. I began listening to house music at a very early age thanks to an older brother into the early Acid House Scene. As such my influences are varied but there’s always an ‘old skool’ sound that you’ll subtly hear coming through in my music. The ingredients of a good mix, for me, have never changed but you’ll never hear me playing track after track of obvious peak time tracks or ‘hits' of the moment that typify a trend. Instead, I look to hook listeners into warm grooves and hypnotic vibes that melt and flow into tracks without losing the overall thread of the journey I’m creating. I hope you have an unexpected trip into nostalgia as glide you through 60 mins of atmospheric house music. Peace & Love DJ

Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 08012020

Happy New Year! I'm kicking off 2020, with a powerful little mix with some eclectic, percussive sounds and ethnic overtones. Tracks by Brian Cid, NekliFF, Marc DePulse, Jenia Tarsol and Jelly For The Babies. Recommendation: Find yourself a decent sound system and play this loud! Oh and a 1000 points to you if you can guess what languages are featured in the mix - be sure to drop your guesses in the comments.

Progressive House UK