Resident In The Mix - Nick Rodger 24112021

Nick has joined us to add to our rosta of top-class underground DJs on the UK scene. Newcastle based Nick is no stranger to the online scene and comes with a massive wealth of musical depth and knowledge. He's also one half of the mighty DEFCON with partner Danny Jarvis. We're over the moon to welcome Nick into the resident clan under his own name. Always deep and always different each time - enjoy the sublime underground sound of Mr Rodger.

  1. El Farouki - Out of Danger
  2. Lawrence - Spark
  3. Subchord - Open Water (Yefim Malko remix)
  4. Sota - Pelican Club
  5. Enduro Disco - Deep In My Heart (Holger Zilske mix)
  6. Cinthie - 808 The Meme Queen
  7. Samer Tinoco - Aries
  8. Illyuziya Collective - Fourths
  9. Carola Pisaturo and Anthony  - Dear Breeze (Ron Trent Remix)
  10. Sergio Bennett & Jee Bear - Propaganda (Sascha Dive mix)
  11. Joseph Ashworth - Trooper (Ron Trent Remix)
  12. Stryke - Someday Soon
  13. Natasha Kmeto - Deeply (Fhloston Paradigm dance mix)

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