Resident In The Mix – Dave Furneaux 08122021

How to make a science fiction mix: Dave Furneaux. This mix belongs in Zuckerberg's Metaverse. When selecting the residents for PHUK, we wanted our team to be fearless in trying new things and letting their imaginations run wild with genres simply being the clouds in their blue sky. Dave has delivered this in spades. JFK's 'It's not the critic that counts' hammers this theory home second track in. Take your pick from thereon in. House, techno, tech-house, breaks and back again. Crystal clean groove the whole way through and a magical mystery ride from start to finish. A Wonderful Mix.

  1. Acid Pauli - Ice Mizer
  2. JFK – It's not the critic that counts
  3. Elfenberg - Vasta la hista
  4. Alexandar Alar - Cesme
  5. The Cobb - Voda
  6. Carsten Harlem - Echoes
  7. Boss - Axis (Carstem New dawn Harlem remix)
  8. Grain Capacity – Brandroid
  9. Johny Dangerously - Consciousness
  10. Bicep– Glue (bootleg)
  11. Dusky - Hildegard (Extended Mix)
  12. Gruuve - Cloud (Extended Mix)
  13. DJ. T - Bedouin Ride (Balam remix)
  14. Gab Rhome - Asylum Twist
  15. Budakid - Story of tokay (Khen Remix)
  16. Antrim - Verstehen

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