Resident In The Mix - Garry Howden 23122021

Resident In The Mix - Garry Howden 23122021

This is Garry's first mix for Progressive House UK, which doesn't quite seem right and by all accounts, its way overdue. He's not just giving us a one-off mix though, far from it, he's one of our new residents taking us into 2022. For anyone new to Garry’s style then rest assured he’s an accomplished Progressive DJ. That means all the right pacing and energy in all the right places. You’ll notice from the track notes there’s a good splattering of Framewerk used and rightly so. The Irish producers have made some incredible music over the last 2 years and deserved to be celebrated. All the right names appear too, Matter, Fabri Lopez and Michael A to name a few. You’re in for a real treat. Welcome to the sound of Mr Howden. 🚀🔥
  1. Roni Iron - Umatic Child (Framewerk Remix).
  2. Framewerk - Metropolis.
  3. Rikk Earth - Lost & Confused (East Cafe Breaks Mix).
  4. Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Ft Kiki Cave - Always (Framewerk Remix).
  5. Sander Kleinenberg - Sacred (Framewerk Remix).
  6. Eric Lune - Adore (GMJ & Matter Remix).
  7. Matter - The Search.
  8. Michael A - Temblor.
  9. Simon Tagias - The Purge (Dmitry Molosh Remix).
  10. Fabri Lopez - Hite.
  11. Forty Cats & Meeting Moly - Lagom. 
  12. Ruben De Ronde - Lose Yourself (Kostya Outta Remix). 
  13. Dekkai - Only One (Extended Mix). 
  14. Vinu - The Source. 
  15. Still Corners - The Trip (Bruno Andrada Remix).

Creators and Guests

Garry Howden
Garry Howden
Garry Howden is a Scottish DJ now living in Weeki, Wachee, Florida, USA. He's Host Of Exile Deep & Resident Progressive House UK. He also guests for Intrinsic Episodes & on Saturo Sounds

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