Resident In The Mix - Garry Howden 02032022

Resident In The Mix - Garry Howden 02032022

Ex-Pat Garry is up this week delivering a warm up-lifting mix - must be that Florida sunshine getting him in the mood! His fortune is ours too as he strides through up-tempo progressive beats that don't fail in raising the dopamine levels. The mix builds quickly over the first 2 tracks and into Salazar 'Aristarchus', a wonderfully bright and energetic number that grows gently into a massive soundscape before arriving at Emi Galvan's bouncy remix of Nick Warren's 'Freebird' out on now The Soundgarden. Hang on! You're only 20 mins in and the tracks are coming thick and fast. There's just enough of that perfect ebb and flow in the tracks that each one takes its time to rise and fall and then re-build. Close your eyes and you could be stood in Buenos Aires with thousands of passionate Argentinian clubbers swaying in the hot midnight air. However, the reality is that this is big muscular, melodic progressive house all the way from Florida and the mid of our latest resident - take a bow Garry - a beautifully crafted, perfectly mixed selection that will warm any UK winter day up!
  1. D-phrag & Valentin Mavron - Forest For The Trees 
  2. Nopi - Hookan IDyll (Forty Cats Remix)
  3. Salazar - Aristarchus
  4. Nick Warren - Freebird (Emi Galvan Remix)
  5. Dundary - Lost In Dagobah (Mauro Augugliaro Remix) 
  6. Dublew - High Seas (Alto Astral Remix)
  7. Golan Zocher & Choopie - Pinko (Analog Jungs Remix)
  8. Alex O’Rion - Echium (Simons Tagias Remix) 
  9. Ric Niels - Lahkuma (Kostya Outta Remix)
  10. Matter Ft Graham Baxter - Everything So Young 2022 Rework
  11. Simons Tagias - Mattel 
  12. Nichols - Light Worker
  13. Petar Dundov - Neopar (Cid Inc Remix)

Creators and Guests

Garry Howden
Garry Howden
Garry Howden is a Scottish DJ now living in Weeki, Wachee, Florida, USA. He's Host Of Exile Deep & Resident Progressive House UK. He also guests for Intrinsic Episodes & on Saturo Sounds

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