PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - Garry Howden

PHUK's 3rd Birthday Mix - Garry Howden

What a tracklist for Garry's special birthday mix. Fresh off the back of his Saturo Sounds competition success, Garry has provided killer proof of why he's so valued on the Resident team here at PHUK 'For this one, I just really went for it and wanted to put something together that I thought ideally represents myself and the style of progressive that I love.' He's a man of few but then.....Garry's music does all the talking! Fire!!
  1. Hector Cortes - Diatoms. 
  2. Trilucid - Cheyenne. 
  3. Dany Dz - Blast.
  4. Gorkiz & Mango - lpanema Twilight (Analog Jungs Remix).
  5. Alan Cerra - Falling Back.
  6. J Lannutti - Reflections (Soulmade (AR)  Remix).
  7. LOPA - Innerthya (Indigo Man Remix).
  8. Alan Cerra - Polaris.
  9. Analog Jungs - Surrender.
  10. Wolf Ear & Fassbender - Crystal Blue (Navar Remix).
  11. Jiminy Hop - Johlin.
  12. NOIYSE PROJECT - When I’m Not Me.
  13. Agustin Pengov - Other Walk.
  14. Andrea Cassino - Lamar.
  15. Hoten - 29 Summers (D-Nox & None One Remix).
  16. Alfonso Muchacho - Walk On Water (Matias Chilano Remix).
  17. Simon Doty - Dreamscape. 
  18. Petar Dundov - Neopar (Cid Inc Remix).

Creators and Guests

Garry Howden
Garry Howden
Garry Howden is a Scottish DJ now living in Weeki, Wachee, Florida, USA. He's Host Of Exile Deep & Resident Progressive House UK. He also guests for Intrinsic Episodes & on Saturo Sounds

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