Super Progressive Podcast - Backtracks with Danny Jarvis

Super Progressive Podcast - Backtracks with Danny Jarvis

This week I have something special to share with you all. A project I'm really proud of in conjunction with the L.A based Super Progressive community. We first touched base some time ago and hatched some cool plans off the back of their amazing and original podcast interviews with Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia, Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Lawler, Stacy Pullen... the list goes on. And little old me is up next for the maiden voyage of the offshoot!
We discussed how clubbers also had a unique take on the DJ and clubbing culture and we enjoyed talking about their discovery of underground house music through the Global Underground series given to them years later by their cousin Ned Shepherd. 

After a really positive and lively Zoom call, we had the bones of an exciting new podcast offshoot for them and I get to be the Guinea Pig. 
The interview discusses my underground dance music roots and first experiences of clubbing centred around the Hacienda, rave tapes and that early 90s spirit. We then discussed making a mix which could encapsulate that unique intoxicating experience of a whole night out of clubbing. I've used a mixture of modern tracks but retained genre clashing hedonism of that true underground sound. Letting go to the DJ and going on the 'journey' is literally what it was all about 'back in the day'.

To celebrate the launch of the podcast and mix - I'll be live-streaming a 2-hour segment of the mix on Progressive House UK's Mixcloud Channel on Thursday 28th April. 

It's the best of both worlds for old and existing clubbers alike! I would love for you to listen in and enjoy a truly awesome little collaboration with me and the Super Progressive team. Massive thanks to Willy Noglows and Jack at Super Progressive ( for their passion, commitment and crushing it for the scene!

Creators and Guests

Danny Jarvis
Danny Jarvis
Danny is the founder of Progressive House UK, Lost In, Early Doors Club & In Conversation With. Living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Danny’s wide musical range covers Deep House to Melodic Techno & everything in between. He’s known for playing music packed with emotion & energy combined with flawless creative mixing. His passion for the underground scene has meant building many relationships with DJs, producers and promoters. His podcast show "In Conversation With" explores these relationship in a relaxed laid back format to give music fans extra insight to the underground scene.

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