Guest Mix Series 023 CD1 Garry Howden

Guest Mix Series 023 CD1 Garry Howden

The infamous Guest Mix Series is back with a twist. Same criteria in terms of being a double CD (each CD an hour), any genre, or bpm or on any equipment. It's a real DJ challenge of focusing on an idea or theme rather than a trend or being constricted by any ridged rules. The Twist then? This year's series sees 2 DJs come together and work with one another to create their own theme and double mix album. This is what collaboration is all about. We're thrilled to see 2 DJs who worked together for the first time together on a project in 2019 come back to create their vision of Progressive 'Space' House music. Garry Howden & Danny Jarvis have combined to give us a double mix album perfect for the next 'Space X' in-flight entertainment. Elon Musk's already in talks for the next instalment! Enjoy CD 1 from Garry and lets us know your thoughts.
1. Elon Musk vs Emi Galvan - Nothing Less (Quivver Remix) (DAAZ & Howdegarr Live Intro Edit). (Baroque)
2. Ewan Rilll - Vomeka. Manual Music.
3. Guy J - Aurora. (Lost & Found)
4. Indigo Man & Diego Alvarado - Going Thru Space. (Droid_9)
5. Cedren Manu-l & Juan Ibanez - Inner Purpose (Soulmade (AR) Remix).(Droid_9)
6. J Lannutti - Reflections (Soulmade (AR) Remix.).(Droid_9)
7. Soulmade (AR) - Sideral. (Droid_9)
8. David Leck - Stardust (GMJ & Matter Remix). (Particles)
9. Simos Tagias - Emotion (GMJ & Matter Remix)(Howdegarr One Small Step Edit). (Meanwhile Recordings)
10. Dj Macintyre & Juan Ibanez - Astral Journey (Paul Hamilton & Dj Ruby Remix). (Droid_9)

Creators and Guests

Garry Howden
Garry Howden
Garry Howden is a Scottish DJ now living in Weeki, Wachee, Florida, USA. He's Host Of Exile Deep & Resident Progressive House UK. He also guests for Intrinsic Episodes & on Saturo Sounds

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