Resident In The Mix - DJ Dave Furneaux 08092022

Resident In The Mix - DJ Dave Furneaux 08092022

PHUK Subcode Debut show September 1hr
  1. Freedom Club Mix Mind Against, Dyzen fabric 
  2. Hollow Logic 1000 Remix Flume, Emma Louise Transgressive Records / Co-op 
  3. Escape Original Mix Nikki Nair, Nala  DIRTYBIRD 
  4. White Girl Got Some Ass Original Mix Brothers Of Funk Electro Breakz 
  5. Sky lined Original Mix The Prodigy XL Recordings 
  6. Otomo feat. O'Flynn Original Mix Bonobo, O'Flynn Ninja Tune 
  7. ControlOrigin8a & Propa Remix Martin Badder  Hardcore Energy 
  8. Atlantis Original Mix Richie Blacker  Of Unsound Mind 
  9. This Place Original Mix Ivory (IT)   Exit Strategy  
  10. Can We Still Be Friends? (with Laurence Guy) Original Mix Laurence Guy, Barry Can't Swim Technicolour 
  11. HAWK (FEAT. MACHÌNA) Bicep – Ninja tune  
  12. Quartz Original Mix James Harcourt Renaissance Records 
  13. Atlantis Original Mix Richie Blacker  Of Unsound Mind – EDIT  
  14. Rave memories – Richie Blacker Of Unsound Mind 

Creators and Guests

Dave Furneaux
Dave Furneaux
Dave Enjoys many genres of electronic music. Initially buying vinyl as far back as 1995. Dave homed his skills on technics and some early belt drive KAM turntables. After not successfully getting into may raves in the 1990s he developed a passion for hard house and hard bag and loved Tony de vit sets and music from the trade nightclub. Despite his southern stubbornness and loyalty to dirty breaks, drum and bass and hard bag his good friend Danny Jarvis thrusted northern exposure CDs down his throat around 2003 and conversion therapy soon ensued. Today Dave is comfortable playing multiple gernes and he enjoys music with a bounce and energy. When he isn’t contributing to PHUK Dave is a self confessed Prydaholic. Film, football and Sci fi buff.

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