Garry Howden - Best of 2022

Garry Howden - Best of 2022

A very special round-up from Garry of his personal favourites from 2022. There are some amazing tracks in here, so kick back, relax and enjoy 90 mins of progressive excellence!
  1. Wolf Ear & Fassbender - Crystal Blue (Navar Remix)
  2. KAZKO - Melody Train (Ocean Of Emotion Remix)
  3. Ezequiel Arias Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor - Blue Sphere
  4. Navar - Herinneringen
  5. Mike Griego - Flying Doves
  6. Nichols - Light Worker
  7. Alex O’Rion - Echium (Simos Tagias Remix)
  8. Simon Doty - Dreamscape
  9. Dmitry Molosh - Surface (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
  10. NOIYSE PROJECT - When I’m Not Me
  11. Berni Tureletti - Seychelles (Matter Remix)
  12. James Beetham - Conjunction (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
  13. Petar Dundov - Neopar (Cid Inc Remix
  14. Guy J - Last Standing

Creators and Guests

Garry Howden
Garry Howden
Garry Howden is a Scottish DJ now living in Weeki, Wachee, Florida, USA. He's Host Of Exile Deep & Resident Progressive House UK. He also guests for Intrinsic Episodes & on Saturo Sounds

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