In Conversation With Nasser Alazzawi

In Conversation With Nasser Alazzawi

This is the first of a new series of interviews with key people on the UK underground music scene. DJs, producers, promoters, and those that are trying to shake things up sit down with me, Danny Jarvis, and chew the fat over the passion, complications, highs, and of course lows of the underground electronic music scene.
On this episode we catch up with Nasser Alazzawi co-founder with his wife Sophie of Progress:On, Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. We talk about events, promoting, Shindig, DJ'ing, genres, and the social media expectations on top of DJing or making music that people need to do in 2023. Currently living in Cyprus, Nass talked over where he's at with a new life, a new baby, and a music scene new to him that he's busy getting to grips with.

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Creators and Guests

Danny Jarvis
Danny Jarvis
Danny is the founder of Progressive House UK, Lost In, Early Doors Club & In Conversation With. Living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Danny’s wide musical range covers Deep House to Melodic Techno & everything in between. He’s known for playing music packed with emotion & energy combined with flawless creative mixing. His passion for the underground scene has meant building many relationships with DJs, producers and promoters. His podcast show "In Conversation With" explores these relationship in a relaxed laid back format to give music fans extra insight to the underground scene.
In Conversation With
In Conversation With
Welcome to 'In Conversation With; the podcast series that takes you behind the scenes of the UK underground House music scene. Join host Danny Jarvis as he sits down with some of the most exciting and influential DJs, producers, and promoters in the game to explore the passion, nostalgia, and complexities of this dynamic music scene. From clubbing memories to current projects and everything in between, get ready to dive deep into the highs and lows of being a part of the underground electronic music world. Whether you're a die-hard house music fan or just curious about this vibrant culture, 'In Conversation With' is the podcast for you.

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