Dave Furneaux - Resident In The Mix 16032023

Dave Furneaux - Resident In The Mix 16032023

Get ready to be immersed in a musical journey like never before, as our incredibly talented DJ, Dave Furneaux, brings you his latest mix that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Fusing together a seamless blend of electronic, deep house, and progressive beats, this mix will transport you to a realm where rhythm and melody reign supreme. Prepare to be captivated by Dave's skillful selection and expert mixing, which have earned him a devoted following on our podcast.

The new mix kicks off with the enigmatic "Mystery Man (Original Mix)" by Jonas Rathsman, setting the tone for an unforgettable listening experience. As the beats progress, your senses will be tantalized by the entrancing "Coconana (Original Mix)" by Fake Mood and DIBIDABO, followed by the hypnotic "La Llama (Still Burning) (Vocalized Dub)" by Inamo featuring Niña Indigo. The auditory journey culminates with the serene and introspective "Reminiscent (Extended Mix)" by Marsh, leaving you with a sense of awe and satisfaction.

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  1. Jonas Rathsman - Mystery Man (Original Mix) -Monaberry 
  2. Fake Mood, DIBIDABO - Coconana (Original Mix) Bar 25 Music 
  3. Inamo feat. Niña indigo - La Llama (Still Burning) (Vocalized Dub) trueColors 
  4. Township Rebellion, Victor Pilava - Bohemia (Original Mix) Truesoul 
  5. Joseph Ray, Nox Vahn - Inhibitions (Original Mix) Anjunadeep 
  6. Alan Cerra - Arrival (Dowden Remix) Juicebox Music 
  7. Kazuki - Object (Michael Hooker Remix) Late Night Music 
  8. Claudio Cornejo (AR) - RamsesK (Loveski Remix) Juicebox Music  
  9. PAUL (AR) - Substances (Issac Remix) Guerilla Movement 
  10. Simos Tagias - Archaios (Original Mix) Meanwhile 
  11. Levitone - Highlight (Ivanshee Remix) YOMO Records 
  12. Miyagi, Allies for Everyone - Far Away (Facundo Mohrr, Valdovinos Remix) Bar 25 Music 
  13. Marsh - Reminiscent (Extended Mix) - Anjunadeep 
  14. Cristoph - Tha Music (Original Mix) Consequence Of Society Recordings 
  15. Cristoph - You (Original Mix) Consequence Of Society Recordings 

Creators and Guests

Dave Furneaux
Dave Furneaux
Dave Enjoys many genres of electronic music. Initially buying vinyl as far back as 1995. Dave homed his skills on technics and some early belt drive KAM turntables. After not successfully getting into may raves in the 1990s he developed a passion for hard house and hard bag and loved Tony de vit sets and music from the trade nightclub. Despite his southern stubbornness and loyalty to dirty breaks, drum and bass and hard bag his good friend Danny Jarvis thrusted northern exposure CDs down his throat around 2003 and conversion therapy soon ensued. Today Dave is comfortable playing multiple gernes and he enjoys music with a bounce and energy. When he isn’t contributing to PHUK Dave is a self confessed Prydaholic. Film, football and Sci fi buff.

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