Resident 'In the Mix' - CANDY 29012020

Hold on to your hat, there's a new girl in town for 2020. This week's mix comes from a revived and rested CANDY and it's tough, techy prog and techno at it's finest. Solid groove is served from the off with low slung tracks from DP-6 & Gab Rhome and Kora (CA) gliding into each other. As the pace whips up and the tracks start to galvanise into a seamless wall of sound that doesn't let up. Just as you're coming up for air, Soul Button's - 'Come to me' grabs you back and pulls you down to the murky depths. Once on the bottom, St Vincent's 'Masseduction' spins you around for a safe return to the surface. Over 60 mins of a brand new DJ with the soul & mind of a well-travelled and seasoned dance floor professional. Enjoy.

  1. DP-6 - Labyrinth (shapeless lab remix)
  2. Gab Rhome & Kora (CA) Toboggan (Original Mix)
  3. Roy Rosenfeld & Sébastien Léger – Crème (Original Mix)
  4. Kohra -Vedanta (Original Mix)
  5. Cid Inc. & Orsen - Ten (Nick Muir Remix) 
  6. Darex & Leo Levo - Ethereal (Original Mix)
  7. Edu Imbernon & Raxon - Vapor Trails (Original Mix)
  8. Soul Button - Come to me (Special Edition)
  9. St. Vincent - Masseduction (Midland's Mass seduction Remix)
  10. Gab Rhome - You want it Lighter (Original Mix)
  11. Alex O'Rion - L'Arbre Des Contes (Original Mix)
  12. Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens - Luminous Spaces (Original Mix)
Progressive House UK