Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 05022020

It's not often a DJ surprises you with every mix they put out but QUiNTESSON does. And he does it consistently. If you were to find a quiet spot somewhere, wherever you like, on your own and press play on this mix, you'll be transported away to a wonderland of carefully crafted musical magic. Known primarily for his raw, harder-edged, but equally musical style; this mix takes a different path. From the off, we venture into sparse sounds and onto a beautiful and relevant new remix of Massive Attack's - 'Teardrop' courtesy of Luis Junior's Remix. As the last notes of Teardrop echo out, we gently move into the rhythm with Andre Sobota's 'New Seeds' with Jimmy Van M on remix duties. You barely notice the movements of the mix guiding you further into a spellbinding selection of expansive tracks. A personal favourite is track 9, Ivan Stabile - 'All the Way Down', imply magic as it builds emotion and energy. He's done it again. Transportation into another world and back in just 60 mins. Breathtaking and a new Resident series classic. Danny Jarvis Progressive House UK

  1. Acid Pauli - Shakmat, but Happy ("Pauli's Psychedelic Breakfast" Take 9) [Ouie]
  2. Massive Attack - Teardrop (Luis Junior Remix) [Bootleg / Free Download]
  3. Andre Sobota - New Seeds (Jimmy Van M Remix) [Flow Vinyl]
  4. Drhamer - Crescent Moon [Sungate]
  5. Artphorm, Adam Husa - Moonbow (Pablo Bolivar Remake) [L'enfante terrible]
  6. Atish - Abyss [Manjumasi]
  7. Madota - Rangi [Saisons]
  8. Dance Spirit, Adisyn - Portal From Mars (DAVI Remix) [When We Dip]
  9. Ivan Stabile - All the Way Down  [BCSA]  
  10. Ivan Stabile - Truman [BCSA]
  11. Animal Trainer - I Flute You [KATERMUKKE]

Progressive House UK