In Conversation With…Lloyd Barwood Pick & Mix Sessions

In Conversation With…Lloyd Barwood Pick & Mix Sessions

In Conversation With…Lloyd Barwood

New Guest Alert! In the latest episode of 'In Conversation With,' we had the pleasure of hosting the very talented Lloyd Barwood, a DJ, producer, and events organizer based in London.

Lloyd is deeply immersed in the world of underground dance music, and his passion for the scene shines through in his music-sharing and events platform. As part of this platform, he curates the renowned Pick & Mix Sessions in London, where progressive and melodic sounds take center stage. Alongside his Resident DJ partner, Will Flint, Lloyd crafts unforgettable experiences, inviting special guests to join them on their musical journey.

One of the highlights of Lloyd's career is his signing to Capital Heaven Records, an independent label and studio specializing in Progressive House, Melodic House and Techno, Chill Out, and Electronica. We delve into Lloyd's incredible success as a brand new producer, exploring his approach to creating records and his unique insights on the London Progressive scene.

During our conversation, Lloyd and I explore the evolving landscape of progressive house in the UK and the efforts he and Will Flint are making to elevate the genre to a younger audience. Their dedication to sharing their knowledge, providing updates on music from beloved artists and labels, and curating remarkable underground events is truly inspiring.

Join us as we uncover Lloyd Barwood's journey, his creative process, and the exciting future he envisions for Progressive House in the UK. Tune in to 'In Conversation With' and immerse yourself in the world of melodic beats, captivating sounds, and the incredible talent that is Lloyd Barwood.

Don't miss this electrifying episode, available now on your favorite podcast platforms. Let the music take you on a journey you won't forget!

Join the boys for an unforgettable musical voyage at the upcoming Pick & Mix Sessions - Thames Boat Party!  Hosted by Lloyd & Will Flint, this event promises to be a melodic journey like no other. Setting off from the stunning backdrop of London's iconic Westminster Pier, the boat party will take place on Saturday, 8th July 2023, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. 

In addition,  Lloyd’s tracks are now available on Beatport!  Don't miss the chance to explore his current tracks and follow him to stay up to date with all his upcoming releases. You can find his tracks on Beatport at: 

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