In Conversation With Dominic Ortega E011

In Conversation With Dominic Ortega E011

Introducing our next guest on "In Conversation With" Dominic Ortega!  

Dominic has been making waves in the scene over the past couple of years, and is now busy trying to establish himself as a prominent figure in UK Progressive House scene. His dedication and drive has certainly caught our attention, leading him to become the newest PHUK resident and soon to be an invaluable addition to our admin team.

Not only is Dominic a talented DJ, but he's also stepping up to contribute behind the scenes, getting involved with the administrative side of things for us. His passion and energy are truly inspiring, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have him on the show and as part of our team.

Join us as we dive into Dominic’s journey, his unique perspective on the Progressive House genre, and his vision for the future. Get ready for an engaging conversation filled with insights, music, and the infectious enthusiasm that Dominic brings to the table.

Don't miss this exciting eleventh episode featuring Dominic Ortega on “In Conversation With".

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