Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 26022020

If there's one thing you are guaranteed with CANDY's mixes, it's music you'll have never heard before. Her latest mix retains her theme of mysterious melody, dark grooves and infectious rhythms from all corners of electronic music. One glance at her tracklist intrigues and educates at the same time. Take a deep breath, relax and step into a world that's beautiful and surprising in equal measure. Dark tech sounds dance and play with organic percussion whilst ethnic voices chant and beckon you further into unfamiliar territory. Stay with it though as warm swathes of sunlight come in the form of playful synths akin to that found in sci-fi movies and the darkest of backroom dance floors. Enjoy, but of course, you will.

  1. Abyss - Atish
  2. Swam Away - Samihe
  3. Marshmallow - Amount
  4. Playground #1 - Yuichiro Kotani & Hiroyuki Kajino
  5. Mystic Pleasure Deftone
  6. Lavender Boogie- Rampa
  7. The Heart Rattles (Baez remix) - Samihe
  8. Sirens - Einmusik
  9. Nova (Joseph Ray Extendid Mix) - Yotto
  10. Death grip (Original mix) - Marcel Ignacio
  11. Glimpse (Original Mix) - Marcel Ignacio
  12. Nightfall - Ryan Davis
  13. Straylight (Dave DK Remix) - Portable Sunsets
  14. Beyond the black Rainbow (Original Mix) - Karim Maas
  15. Void - Max Cooper
  16. Air glow - Daniel Daraban
  17. Omen - Menthal
  18. Human Failure (Yuriy From Russia Remix) - Joe Fisher
  19. Sky Mirage - Budakid
  20. Woken - Samihe
  21. Amapola - Kevin Di Serna
Progressive House UK