Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 04032020

As ever QUiNTESSON is back with another a superb collection of underground deep progressive music beauty weaved together to create a tripped-out international journey. Sounds from his native Australia help to set the scene with luscious grooves and soft synths that bubble and shimmer along. As the mix builds to around 50 mins in it’s time to take a detour around the sights and sounds of South Asia courtesy of some extremely talented Sri Lankans. QUiNTESSON’s sound is ever-evolving, maturing and moving into new areas. So load the mix up and take a 2 hour trip to the other side of the world.

1. QUiNTESSON - Tears in the Rain (intro)
2. Jelly For The Babies - Luna
3. Joan Retamero - Through Revival (Ezequiel Arias remix)
4. Antrim - Desire
5. Gabriel Amato - Starship
6. P U L S A R - Metero Shower (rAin remix)
7. GMJ - Mystic Sea
8. Dysco, Juan Ibanez - Gaspra
9. Kenan Savrun - Ancient
10. Made In TLV, Amitre - Roads (Subandrio remix)
11. Nishan Lee - Dusty Bees
12. 7even (GR), Haris Kate - Dubya Kaya
13. Plus Thirty - Believe
14. Hoten - Blot (Mark Craven remix)
15. Nishan Lee - Poised for the Future (Subandrio remix)
16. ID - ID
17. Hot Tuneik feat. Amega - Awake
18. ID - ID
19. QUiNTESSON - Tears in the Rain (outro)  

Progressive House UK