Resident 'In The Mix' - Danny Jarvis 11032020

The month’s mix is a little more peak-time. Locked into 123 bpm and we kick off with some strong solid sounds from the off. There’s a delicate sprinkling of vocals weaved into the mix early doors too, I love to place vocal tracks in amongst the thick of it all to engage the listener on an extra level. My usual hypnotic grooves layer up as the first half of the mix opens up into a vortex of swirling rhythms and atmospherics. I wanted to create different energy levels throughout the 2 hours, using the magical recipe of shifting keys, just at the right time, and tracks where the percussion changes the pace of the journey without changing the BPM. This is probably as close to a mix I’d play in a club for a headline set, which should give you some idea of my intent here. I hope you get completely lost in my music maze. Enjoy. DJ

  1. Intro – Peabody – That Sound In Your Head
  2. Carl Jurgens & Niso - Skyscrapers (Praveen Achary Extended Vocal Edition) Massive Harmony Records
  3. Torsten Fassbender - Echion (Alex O'Rion Remix) Strange Town Recordings
  4. Disco-C & Sangabriel - That Sound (Betoko Re-Touch) Unknown
  5. Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher - My Shelter feat. Velveta (version 1) Manual Music
  6. Erdi Irmak - Endless Way (Kotu Remix) Proton Music
  7. DJ Paul (AR)- Nidavellir (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix) Balkan Connection South America
  8. Meeting Molly - Breken (Extended Mix) Black Hole Recordings
  9. Alex O’Rion – Alone (Original Mix) Sudbeat
  10. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Camille Luciani Mix) Renaissance
  11. Lucas Rossi - Labyrinth Of Doubts (Chris Cargo Remix) Balkan Connection
  12. Chris Cargo - Coyote (Original Mix) [If You Wait] Balkan Connection
  13. Alec Araujo - Stranded In A Dream (Nikko Mavridis Remix)
  14. Julio Largente & Mariano Rial - The Twilight Zone (Lucas Rossi Remix) Massive Harmony Records
  15. Marcelo Vasami - Shades of Blue (Original Mix) Sudbeat
  16. Subconscious Tales - Magnectares (Kasper Koman Remix)Proton Music
  17. Kasper Koman - The Construct (Original Mix) Unknown
  18. Marcelo Vasami - The China Wall (Original Mix) Sudbeat
  19. Funkstate - Plexo (Praveen Achary Remix) Balkan Connection
  20. Chris Cargo - U Know Me (Original Mix) (Beat Boutique)
  21. Outro – Danny Jarvis Feat Amaya Anjalou – New Steps Of Change
Progressive House UK