Dominic Ortega 'ProgMelodic Therapy' 1023

Dominic Ortega 'ProgMelodic Therapy' 1023

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey like no other, as one of the UK's leading ProgMelodic house proponents, Dominic Ortega, takes you on a sonic odyssey through the ethereal realms of electronic soundscapes. In this carefully curated mix, Dominic weaves together a tapestry of emotions and rhythms that will transport you to a place where time stands still and the world fades away.

The mix begins with the enchanting "Sheremetyevo (Original Mix)" by Nicolas Rada, setting the tone with its dreamy melodies and pulsating beats. As you settle into the groove, you'll be greeted by the soulful vibes of "Marimbas & Angels (Nicolas Rada Remix)" by Namatjira, a track that effortlessly merges organic elements with electronic finesse.

Dominic's expertise truly shines as he seamlessly transitions into "All One Word (GMJ & Matter Remix)" by Nick Muir, a hypnotic journey through intricate layers of sound that beckon you deeper into the music. The ethereal "Kingdom of Dreams (Juan Ibanez Remix)" by K3V (SL), Jayy Vibes follows, casting a spell with its ethereal melodies and celestial harmonies.

As the mix progresses, the energy rises with "Zagros (Hobin Rude Remix)" by Federico Monachesi, an exhilarating ride through vibrant synths and driving percussion. "Waterfalls and Us (Kamilo Sanclemente, Mauro Aguirre Remix)" by Radieux introduces a sense of euphoria, lifting your spirits higher with its cascading melodies.

The enchantment continues with "Wild (Juan Deminicis Remix)" by NUFECTS, a track that explores the wild, untamed side of progressive house. "Robobass (Original Mix)" by Mike Griego injects a dose of futuristic energy into the mix, making you feel as if you're floating through a digital dreamscape.

Just when you think the journey couldn't get any more captivating, Dominic Ortega takes you on a melodic rollercoaster with "Waiting (Extended Mix)" by Terry Da Libra, a track that tugs at your heartstrings with its emotive chords and evocative atmosphere.

"Soma (Extended Mix)" by South Pole offers a moment of introspection, allowing you to connect with the deepest corners of your soul as the melodies wash over you. "Rajilla (Original Mix)" by Serious Dancers injects a burst of energy back into the mix with its infectious rhythms and playful melodies.

Finally, the mix reaches its zenith with "Prana Vayu (Original Mix)" by Berni Turletti, a track that encapsulates the essence of melodic house, inviting you to dance, dream, and lose yourself in the music.

Dominic Ortega's latest ProgMelodic Therapy mix (exclusive for PHUK) is a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and genres, creating a profound connection between music and listener. With each track carefully selected to evoke emotion and transport you to another dimension, this mix is a testament to the power of electronic music to elevate the soul and ignite the spirit. So, close your eyes, surrender to the music, and let Dominic Ortega take you on a journey you won't soon forget!

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