Nick Rodger - Resident in the Mix

Nick Rodger - Resident in the Mix

Nick takes a break from showcasing The Void to bring us over an hour of electronica, mixed unplanned and in one take.
All vinyl.
No digital safetynet.
Turn this one up to 11.

1. Rave Industries - Nenuphoresb2 (Gated)
2. Voiski - Sound of Distance (Dolly Deluxe)
3. Unbalance - Freedom (Dolly Deluxe)
4. Ivna Ja - Laax (Noise to Meet You)
5. Ivna Ja - Maar (Noise to Meet You)
6. Larinov - No Gravity (Noise to Meet You)
7. Cignol - Role Player (Furthur Electronix)
8. ERP - Equiponderance (om:nia)
9. Who? - Train Station (Cignolised) (Who Is Paula?)
10. Dawl - Gamma (Emotions Electric)
11. Interlect3000 - Matrix (Revoke)
12. Shine Grooves - Na Pike Romantiki (Dusk Delay)
13. Vertical Cat - Moss (Achingly Responsive)
14. Derek Carr - Mimas (Trident)
15. John Shima - Compoment (Firescope)
16. Darren Nye - Dream Sequence (Magnonic Sequence)
17. John Shima - Paralysis (Firescope)
18. G-Prod - Thoughts from the Past (inkipak remix) (Fourier Tranform)

Creators and Guests

Nick Rodger
Nick Rodger
Sci-fi Lover, DJ, Music Junkie.

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