Dominic Ortega's ProgMelodic Therapy Session - 1223

Dominic Ortega's ProgMelodic Therapy Session - 1223

Step into the future with Dominic Ortega's last ProgMelodic Therapy mix for 2023. A sonic odyssey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. This seamlessly curated playlist takes you on a journey through the electronic realms, each track a portal to a new dimension of sound. Strap in, and let the beats guide you through a realm where the dance floor meets the stars.

The odyssey begins with "Monolith Garden (Original Mix)" by Rodriguez Jr., a pulsating track that subliminally sets the tone for the euphonic adventure ahead. As the beats intensify, Ezequiel Arias and Spencer Brown's "SF to Córdoba (Extended Mix)" invites you to transcend earthly constraints, soaring through the expanse of the universe.

Feel the rhythm cascade like droplets of light with Stan Kolev's "Rainbow Warriors (Original Mix)," as Nora En Pure's "Arbora (Extended Mix)" sweeps you into a mystical forest of beats. Ismael Rivas then introduces "Delirium (Original Mix)," a hypnotic composition that weaves through the fabric of time.

The journey takes a contemplative turn with "Silent Fortress (Original Mix)" by Paul Hamilton and CaThY K, where ethereal melodies create a tranquil space within the cosmic symphony. PASINDU's "Nirvana (Original Mix)" elevates the experience, immersing you in a state of sonic enlightenment.

"Shelter of Hearts (Original Mix)" by GMJ and Matter unveils a celestial sanctuary, a haven within the pulsating beats that drive the mix forward. Simos Tagias' "Skyline (Original Mix)" then propels you into the stratosphere, where the dance between rhythm and melody becomes a cosmic ballet.

"Ascent (Original Mix)" by Meeting Molly is a sonic elevator that lifts you to new heights, preparing the senses for the spiritual revelation that follows in Dextrose's "Moksha (Original Mix)." As the mix reaches its zenith, you're enveloped in a state of euphoria, the culmination of a futuristic sonic pilgrimage.

Dominic Ortega's ProgMelodic Therapy Session is more than a collection of tracks; it's a voyage into the unknown, a glimpse into a future where music transcends boundaries and becomes a cosmic force. In 2024, Dominic's focus is to play live at events across the UK and to share his ProgMelodic sound with more fans of this unique sound DNA, and so be sure to follow him on his socials for more news.

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