Welcome to this months Producer session.
This month we feature another top class Producer in Zy Khan.

He writes from the points of view of his own life experiences and moods, 
bringing a fresh new perspective and exciting sound design to his music. 
With many years under his belt producing tracks for alias THEELEMENT , Z.A.K and more he now takes the step of producing and releasing under his own name Zy khan.
With many a release within the ElectroHouse genres as THEELEMENT winning several remix competitions for DIMMAK , SPINNIN , CR2 he also has had a string of charted releases hitting the Top 100 at Beatport .
Zy Khan will now  be concentrating on releasing quality House & Techno already releasing on UNIVACK, ICONYC , DIMMAK , Beatfreak Recordings , Krafted , Blackhole Recordings , Perfecto and more 

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