019 CD2 - 'EONS After' Compiled & Mixed RealGoneKid

As promised, Cd2 is an altogether more full-on experience. Back in the day my friends and I would go to ‘FULL ON’ the once-a-month all-nighter at Nation (home of Cream) in Liverpool. There you would watch Andy Weatherall, Justin Robertson, Josh Wink & Laurent Garnier rub shoulders with the likes of Dave Seaman, Nick Warren and a whole host of DJs and artists that played literally everything and anything. An interconnecting room simply displayed a huge timetable and there you could meet up and create your own pic-n-mix. That ethos, that spirit is captured right here from the get-go with THIS mix. Mod3r’s glittering melodic techno opener rips through the speakers into Underworld’s ‘If Rah’ on a remix from Volski. Karl Hyde’s vox vocals echo out gloriously over the airwaves creating an almost classic feel to the proceedings: It is an out and out underground sound and EONS is in peak flow. Locked Groove’s ‘From Beyond’ acts as a sonic holding pattern, retaining the amassed energy before releasing the absolute beast that is ‘The Journey Begins’. It is a glorious well-executed lengthy mix borrowing the atmospherics of the former track but pushing the driving rhythm from Victor Calderone & Nicole Moudaber through from below it. Surrender at this point, let the strobes flicker, and nod your head to the dark groove, its yet another standout moment of the mixes so far. The track that bears the same title as the mixes, rips out into chunky grooves and dancing percussion whilst the female vocal recites new age rhetoric. Clever footwork needed on the dance floor here to avoid the joyous mass of people that would be pulsing and jumping to this. And then, without warning, you are plunged into obscene, dirty, filthy, and damn right immoral low end squelch theory from Foglight. To guide us safely through the peak time haze, Anton Tumas’ Secret’ transitions into the delightful Gabriel & Dresden track ‘Dub Horizon’. It is a perfect title for a track that brings the mix to a gentle plateau at the peak of the night. As we float just above the atmosphere it is a let go and raise your hands in the air moment. RGK then moves on to capture that 3 am vibe perfectly as SpeakOf’s spacey breaks lead us into those smaller hours when tracks can take their time and work their early morning magic. As the mix draws to its final 15 mins, a distinct feeling of sunrise being just around the corner creeps in. ‘Participants’ is a beautiful warm slice of electronic house with a male vocal reminiscent of Royksopp and providing a calm and hopeful segway to the last track of the entire mix. As the lights start to come up and you see the happy faces of the diehards around you a slice of electronica by Scarper massages the mind and reduces the heart rate down to create a perfect sense of contentment and serenity. What is clear here is that RGK has created a very visceral and timeless mix. It is an entire night out in two hours, like the best highlights of an all-nighter. With tracks spanning back 10 years in some cases, here is a DJ that has not only been there himself but is able to transport the listener to a night out that could occur at any point in time and anywhere on the globe. 019 is a special mix and although we might be listening at home, we only need close our eyes, think happy thoughts, and wander into the smoke-filled neon glow of EONS, an audio Neverland.

  1. Mod3r - Circles #2 
  2. Underworld - If Rah (Volski Sleepless Remix)
  3. Locked Groove - From Beyond
  4. Victor Calderone & Nicole Moudaber - The Journey Begins 
  5. The Mae - Eons 
  6. Air Frog - Bon Voyage
  7. foglight - Engage
  8. Anton Tumas - Secret
  9. Gabriel & Dresden - Dub Horizon 
  10. SpeakOf - Silent Squares
  11. Gabriel Ananda - Participants
  12. Scarper - Afterglow

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