Stepping back in time for his set as part of our 5th Birthday celebrations, here's Nick Rodger's set - initially recorded around 13 years ago and recently re-discovered on an old hard drive. Now rescued and re-mastered. Enjoy.

Greyarea - Slowly
G-Pal - Ocean of Blue (intro mix)
9b0 - Combine
Challenge vs Dirty Fours - Tokyo (nubreed remix)
The Operators - Furball
Fretwell - Dreams Attack
Delerium - After All (Blue Room Project remix)
Fire in Water - Beyond the Sea
Infusion - Legacy (Junkie XL mix)
Jacob Todd - Nothing is Real
Momu - Sunsicle / Logic - The Warning Acapella
Mortal - Road to Rouen

Creators and Guests

Nick Rodger
Nick Rodger
Sci-fi Lover, DJ, Music Junkie.

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