Welcome to our brand new weekly show, Playlist, hosted by RICCO. Bringing you latest releases and favourite track from the world of prog.
Go deep space - Vidivi
Hypnosis (Zac extended mix) - Volaris
Underwater- Blood groove, Kikis
Beautiful place - Emma Lemus
Calima ( Dabeat remix) - Pierre Sebastiano
Flores - Stereo Munk, Dublew, Eichenbaum
Forget the world 2024 remixes - John Creamer , Stephane K
Cross simulation - Neuralis 
Our time - Jon Towell, Stephen Biddle
Almost Heaven - Frankie Vertigo
Strong - Vidivi

Creators and Guests

RICCO aka Richard Trout is an English dj with over 25 years experience. Also producing his own tracks and promoting his own shows.

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