014 CD2 - 'Dream' Mixed & Compiled by Nick Rodger

If you’re ready to hit the rewind button and go back through the first mix, I suggest you wait and line CD2 up – Dream. Here the Matrix meets bubbling breakbeat and popping candy synths as Nick delivers his red Pill. At 15 mins in Acid squelches and stray snare drums ricochet around your head in chaotic harmony. Just like a dream, light and shade morph into each other and a sense of calm and control allows you to let go and explore the audio landscape Nick is creating. Sections of the mix just glide and move at there own pace yet nothing stays the same or becomes familiar. As the mix nears to an end or we begin to awaken, bright drum and bass opens up and echoes out again as sunshine pours in leading perfectly up to Royksopp’s ‘Compulsion’ to bring us back from our sleepy wonderland and safely back to CD1 or ‘reality‘. This mix is not just cleverly executed, technically brilliant and unique, it’s a labour of love and a creative masterpiece. Nick has delivered exactly what is intended for this guest mix series and for those who intend to follow; a must-listen. Hats completely off.

Dream CD2

1. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfischer – Rain
2a. NuKreative – As You Are (Ambient edit)
2b. Banco De Gaia – 887 (refix loop NRedit)
3. DJ Psychiatre – Power of Introspection
4. DJ Sadie – Pulse
5. 3KZ – Liquid Spirits
6. Nathan Melja – Angels
7. Perdu – Wrong Perception
8. Ivan James – Katarina (breaks version)
9. Hiver – Inner Motion
10. Benoit B – Cruising
11. tnc6 – Escape Pod
12. Ascendance – Growing Awareness
13a. Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn (tempo refix)
13b. Global Traxx – Hither Green (I’m Only an Intro)
14. Kevin Shields – Goodbye
15. Royksopp - Compulsion 
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