Resident ‘In The Mix’ - Danny Jarvis 06052020

This month's mix comes takes all the energy and frustrations of lockdown and funnels it into a 2 hour solid wall of sound! There's a couple wonderful nostalgic re-works early on from Butch in the form of 'Lale' sampling Baby D and Morttagua’s immense remix of the sublime classic from Solid Sessions, Janeiro. Tracks featured throughout the mix come from my back catalogue from the past 3 years and there’s a good few that I never aired but still sound fresh as a daisy today. There’s also the latest from my ‘Man of the moment’ Alex O’Rion and one of my all-time faves Chris Cargo. As per usual I’ve kept the energy levels moving, building the set through several stages with twists and turns along the way. All the usual dream sequences are layered into the journey to take us all off to that special place only perfectly positioned progressive house can. Enjoy. DJ

  1. Roger Martinez – Elemental (Original Mix)
  2. Roy Rosenfeld – What Happened To Me? 
  3. Alex O’Rion – Ukko
  4. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Morttagua Remix)
  5. Butch – Lale
  6. Unknown – White Label
  7. Alex O’Rion - Around Us
  8. Mark Alow – Golden Tiger
  9. Martin Andrioli & Katzen: Aura (Monuloku Remix)
  10. A.J Roland – Mysteries Of Life (Tomek Remix)
  11. Slytek – Detonator (Andre Sobata Remix)
  12. D-Rhapsody – Supersimmerty (George Yammine Remix)
  13. Andrea Cassino – Rumore
  14. Dmitry Molosh & Michael A – Twelve Days
  15. Fernando Olaya – In The Middle Of The Night
  16. Antrim & Ezequiel Arias – White Moon (Alex O’Rion)
  17. Bootes Gray – Healing Trip (NOIYSE PROJECT remix)
  18. Chris Cargo – Shimmer
  19. Ge Bruny & Pedro Capeloss – Black Peony (Subconscious Tales Remix)
  20. Tash, Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Exapsis (Alex O'Rion Remix)
  21. Adana Twins Feat Glowal – My Computer
  22. New Order -Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)
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