Resident ‘In The Mix’ Stevie Reid 13052020

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Water! This month's mix from Edinburgh's very own Stevie takes you on a magical winding groove through deep house, tech house and choice progressive tracks. It's a story fo energy as all good mixes should be. As ever, Stevie's tight control of mixing and second to none track selection makes for a wonderful 2 hr 40 min mix, the likes of which you could easily imagine in Ibiza or some sun-soaked terrace anywhere in the world. He's delved into the record box and fused new with old and on remixes we'd not heard before. You'll find the PHUK label favourite 'Balkan Connection' in full flow here featuring throughout the mix like audio glue to bond the sounds together that inevitably give Stevie is own unique style. We all may well all be grounded but step about Reid Airways and jet off to any destination your imagination fancies. During these times it's DJ's like this that get us through the day /week /month.

  1. K Nass & Rafa'EL - Lost Dreams (GMJ Dreamscape mix) [Balkan Connection]
  2. Andy Cato - The 7am Drop [Pack Up and Dance]
  3. The Orange Lights - A Few Good Days (Tom Middleton Deep Dub) [Blackbird Records]
  4. Quivver - Chasin a Feeling (Shifter & Carvell remix) [Boz Boz]
  5. Scott James - Leaving [Beat Boutique]
  6. Arnold Jarvis & Danism - Reciprocated Love [Noir Music]
  7. DNYO - Flare (Petar Dundov remix) [Juicebox Music]
  8. Phil Martyn - Come On (Quivver remix) [Perspectives Digital]
  9. Matthew Dekay - Higher Thoughts [Little Mountain Recordings]
  10. Silicone Soul - 3am (Maetrik Jazzersize remix) [Soma Records]
  11. Quivver - I'm Bob [Bedrock Records]
  12. Quivver - Lights Down, Pt.1 [Selador]
  13. Francois Dubois - I Try (Sam Ball remix) [Urban Torque]
  14. Dimitry Molosh feat. Sasha Bartashevic - Step By Step (Original Dub mix) [Replug]
  15. Dante Sauceda - Desire (Tatsama's Deep Desire remix) [Balkan Connection]
  16. Nico Stojan - Imagination (Audiojack remix) [Suara]
  17. Owersound - Body Language [Balkan Connection]
  18. Jiminy Hop - In The Right Place At The Right Time [Balkan Connection]
  19. Quivver - Push & Pull [Toolroom]
  20. D.Ramirez - Open Your Eyes [Toolroom]
  21. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Sonikross & Johnny Frenetic remix) [Loverush Digital]
  22. Lank - Floppcorn [Baroque]
  23. Pete K - Utopia (Dousk remix) [Proton Music]
  24. Guy J - Candyland (King Unique remix) [Bedrock Records]
  25. Evgeny Lebedev - One Million Little Pieces [Heath Mill Recordings]
  26. Brisker & Magitman - Other Dye (Perry O'Neil remix) [Renaissance]
  27. Bjork - Pagan Poetry (Infusion remix) [White Label]
Progressive House UK