Resident ‘In The Mix’ - Stevie Reid 10062020

Stevie's mix this month heads down a seductive and tech edged path. The big deep South American style of Progressive house is not on show here. Instead, it’s crisp, clinical basslines, tight snares and purposeful percussion, accompanied by meaningful Vocals or whispers and suggestions. This is a murky groove with robot funk-infused rhythms shifting energies constantly. There are some real standout moments for me during this, in particular, Aaron Slater - Alien to Me (Simuck Dub) and a Dousk 'Hammer', which I haven’t heard in a good few years. Stevie never fails to weave together a mix that places older tracks perfectly with newer ones. This is a skill that DJ’s often fail to do; they either opt for straight out classics and force them in or opt for updated versions of them that seem too obvious. Stevie remembers a sound that was ahead of its game when released and then complements the new track with it regardless of the number of years between them. The result is a steady hand of experience that stretches out all the goodness of both tracks and brings the ‘sound’ together. This mix is a solid outing from Stevie and further cements why he is such an invaluable member of the team. The residents, although working under the same banner of ‘progressive’ never fail to surprise, compliment, and push each other further and this mix does exactly that. DJ

  1. Dubfire – The End To My Beginning [Diynamic]
  2. Quivver – Response [Sudbeat]
  3. Guy Mantzur & Khen – Where Is Home [Bedrock Records]
  4. Sonabit – Sleeping Over Keyboards (Emi Galvan remix) [Lowbit]
  5. Dave Seaman – Thonk! (Whitesquare remix) [Selador]
  6. Donatello – The System [Stripped Recordings]
  7. Stan Kolev - Listen Max Freegrant & Slow Fish Remix [Freegrant Music]
  8. Bodytemp - Kalm Eelke Kleijn Remix [Silk Music]
  9. Aaron Slater – Alien To Me [Fiberline Audio]
  10. Elegant Universe – Positive Thinking (Sam Ball remix) [Flow Vinyl]
  11. Pongo – Lose My Mind (ARTBAT Rave mix) [Connected Frontline]
  12. Audiojack – 6EQUJ5 [Crosstown Rebels]
  13. Danny Howells – Whiterock [Voltaire Music]
  14. Anis Hachemi – Future Funk [Dear Deer]
  15. Twin Mix Trip – Anomaly (Pavel Petrov remix) [Hey Momma!]
  16. Antix feat. Rob Salmon – Tame The Beast [Andre Absolut remix) [Flow Vinyl]
  17. Dousk – Hammer [Vapour Recordings]
  18. Audiojack – First Flight [Knee Deep In Sound]
  19. ANNA – Leave House [Terminal M]
  20. Framewerk – House Music All Night Long [Capital Heaven]
  21. Eric Lune – Embers (GMJ remix) [Sound Avenue]
  22. Bog & Gheist – Venere (Fideles remix) [ATLANT]
  23. RUFUS DU SOL – New Sky (Paul Anthonee remix) [White Label/free download]
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