PHUK International Guest Mix Series presents... Glenn Molloy

Progressive House UK (P.H.U.K.) International DJ Mix Series presents... Glenn Molloy. Spend a few moments in conversation with Glenn and you will quickly be immersed in his warmth, drive and passion for what he does. It's infectious! Glenn Molloy is a Dublin based artist, who has made a staggering number of releases over the course of the last few years on labels such as BC2, Mystic Carousel, Findike, IN2U and Pro B Tech, finding support with Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier and Nick Warren to name a few. As a DJ, he has supported acts such as Slam, Spektre, Slipmatt, Fish Go Deep, Gary Beck and Nhar, held residencies at 2 local clubs and weekly shows at Dublin's top underground radio stations. Glenn has also begun his new mix show called Gorgonoized Radio. Delighted to have Glenn Molloy debut our International DJ Mix Series with an outstanding mix - a percussive, vocal and melodically woven journey. From everyone at the Progressive House UK FB Group, we hope you enjoy the next 1 hr 30 mins.... with Glenn Molloy.

1) Booka Shade - Rigera
2) Monkey Safari - Gira
3) Tunnelvisons - Rafaka's song (Fort Romeau Remix)
4) Aether - We'll Be Together
5) Ebrahimi - For Henne (Dave DK Remix)
6) Rigooni - A Blue Rose for Daniele
7) Miguel Lobo - Another day
8) Tibi Dabo - It's All Behind
9) Kiz Pattison & Micah - Beam of light
10) Super Flu - Jetendra
11) Rampa - Terrace
12) ID - ID
13) Ultraverse- Tete a Tete
14) Luke Brancaccio & Cypherpunx - Sore Lullaby (dub)
15) Seismal D - Esperantia
16) Michael Mayer - Doot Doot
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