015 CD2 - 'Stay Alert' Mixed & Compiled by Dave Furneaux

The second instalment of this guest mix gets stuck straight in. White Square’s ‘Pressured Mind’ bassline bubbles whilst plucky percussion punctuates a searing and driving synth; plotting a course for things to come. Rodriquez Jr follows with ‘Haussmann’ a mixture of London early rave breakbeat with science-fiction style atmospherics before Blueprint sweeps in delivering an emotional wall of sound – what a start! As the breakbeat echoes out, the solid 4/4 rolls in to take charge of the groove but never letting go of the light in the shape of playful melody and warm light synths washing in and out. Just as the beats relax, Dave starts to whip things up and we’re reminded of the progressive roots from whence he came. Gorgeous big basslines drop whilst rhythms bounce off in all directions giving a sense of space flight and otherworldly adventure from Monojoke bookended with the wonderful Eric Lune. As the mix heads towards its crescendo starting at 51 mins Christopher Kah’s monster track Evolution 909 (Magnus Froblem Remix) crashes in and takes no prisoners. Pryda’s ‘Snaz/ acts as a sonic conduit for the classic and personal favourite ‘Little Bullet' from Spooky, ending the mix perfectly and giving us a sense that we’ve time travelled effortlessly courtesy of Dave Furneaux’s tight control and wonderful imagination.

  1. Dave Furneaux  - Stay Alert Intro               
  2. White Square - Pressured Mind 
  3. Rodriquez Jr - Haussmann            
  4. Blueprint - Lost Inside Your Own Ambitions (Extended Mix) 
  5. Rodriquez Jr - Nairobi     
  6. Baril - Vocales    
  7. Muchez Stylez – Bigsol (Robert Babicz Remix) 
  8. Eric Lune - Benji (Forerunners Remix) 
  9. Monojoke - Arterials (Greenage Remix) 
  10. Monojoke - Superficial (Nosh & SJ Remix)
  11. Eric Lune - Wooden Bird (Praveen Achary Remix) 
  12. Memory - Amancay         
  13. Christopher Kah - Evolution 909 (Magnus Froblem Remix) 
  14. Pryda - Snaz        
  15. Spooky - Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix)
Progressive House UK