Resident 'In The Mix' - CANDY 24062020

Candy’s mix this month is a delightful mix of light and dark techno. Opening the cinematic score is the first from Robots With No Soul ‘ENTER’ and briskly into Luigi Tozzi’s sparse yet expansive ‘Allergic’ echoing out and warming you up for the path ahead. By Track 3 and 4, I’m reminded of John Selway's ‘Lightwave’ Journeys By Dj’s CD, which washes in and out with warm synth-led atmospherics and calm quiet brooding groove before ramping up and up. Intelligent techno if you will. We have the same ethos here and at around 25 mins in things start to morph and bubble with intent. Somewhere just in the middle of the storm that is brewing is an almost a ‘techno Jazz’ interlude from Tale of Us - Ricordi (Rødhåd Remix). It is reminiscent of a science fiction film soundtrack you think you’ve heard but can’t quite place. And then without warning; onwards. Dino Lenny’s futuristic ‘Living in a song’ sears in delivering the first full vocal of the mix and into ‘The Pain on The Train’ a proper old school techno stomper. At the halfway through point Candy has us all in the Tunnel and the lights are now out. It is head down reach forward stuff as techno tracks weave in and out of menace beats and melodic synths. Often in the midst of a night you know that the DJ will deliver you safely through the smoke-filled darkness and into the light. It’s exactly the reward you have here through the aptly named ‘Breaking the clouds’ from one of my old faves Dapayk Solo. Further gentle guidance and a now typical Candyesq warm and refreshing climax comes from Arutani ‘Far Away’. And we are back, refreshed 78 mins later, without a scratch or a mark on us looking eagerly at the play button again. DJ

  1. ENTER - Robots with no soul
  2. Allergic - Luigi Tozzi
  3. Low ratio - Pablo Bolivar
  4. 12H.5 (Remix) - Donato Dozzy
  5. Moving Shadows - Sei A
  6. Pronom - Wata Igarashi, Voiski, WAV
  7. Ricordi (Rødhåd Remix) - Tale of Us
  8. Living in a song (Gardens of God Remix) - Dino Lenny
  9. The Pain on The Train - Robots with no soul
  10. Get Down Motive - Developer
  11. Team Silent - Daniel Avery, Noun and Roman Flügel
  12. Satyr - Luigi Tozzi
  13. Golden Acht (Mind Against Remix) - Dominik Eulberg
  14. The Great Beyond (Original mix) - Kollektiv Ost
  15. Breaking the clouds - Dapayk Solo
  16. Far Away - Arutani
Progressive House UK