Resident 'In the Mix' QUiNTESSON 15072020

Wait, stop, look out; it's QUiNTESSON. From the first beat, this is a fast and thrilling white knuckle ride. The very essence of what first pricked our ears at Progressive House UK is on full display here. Like a tightly coiled spring, the first 2 tracks come flying out. The energy created through the clever combination of both mixes of 'Inside' through Thimble and into the crescendo of Sensitive (IT)'s 'Flat Out' is pure electronic joy. Cherry (AU)'s Aiza then throws us into a mystical Saharan love story whilst beats bounce and percussion ricochets around your ears, intelligently fusing Progressive atmospherics with techno-infused rage. Quite right therefore that Buttrich's 'Slow Down' follows to give us a pause in the proceedings - and what a pause. Look out for the neatly slotted in perky re-work of Ame's modern classic Rej this time re-imagined by Javier Benitez followed by a deep funky techno workout from Yotam Anvi. Sublime is the Blond:ish Remix of M.A.N.D.Y.'s 'Hi End' featuring the haunting vocals from Nonku Phiri which are veiled behind the dark stabs and solid grooves. The hypnotism continues with Herzog & Aurich's 'Stranded Spaceman' from Dubspeeka who's remix creates a kind futuristic sparse landscape with swirling synths and cheeky percussive pads playing with each other throughout. The close of the mix brings a very optimistic and playful climax - a tease to make you imagine what could follow. And a tease it is, leaving you wanting more - as all good 60 min mixes should! Hats off (and thrown in the air) for QUiNTESSON.

1. Better Lost Than Stupid - Inside (The Stoned Autopilot Reprise)
2. Martin Buttrich, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace, Better Lost Than Stupid - Inside (Rebuke Warehouse Mix)
3. Thimble - Aletella
4. Sensitive (IT) - Flat Out
5. Cherry (UA) - Aiza
6. Martin Buttrich - Slow Down
7. Ame - Rej (Javier Benitez Edit)
8. Yotam Anvi - Midas Touch
9. M.A.N.D.Y. feat. Nonku Phiri - Hi End (Blond:ish Remix)
10. Herzog & Aurich - Stranded Spaceman (Dubspeeka Remix)
11. Ken Hayakawa, T Raum - Spirit Base
Progressive House UK