Jimmy Van M – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD1

A week away from being 19 years old – boy did and do I love these CD’s. Released sometime after the first in the Compiled and Mixed by head honcho John Digweed, Jimmy Van M finally got chance to demonstrate his skills. Here it is the latest compilation from Bedrock that profiles one of the best DJs on the planet. Jimmy Van M has done a remarkably good job in compiling & mixing both cds. The tracks are professionally blended using his Jimmy's unique mixing skills. CD 1 starts off with nice mellow grooves of Mo Shic and Zeidan's Night Stalker progressing slowly to ECVM's (Jimmy is 1/3 of the group) Circuit Breaker which was given a tribal progressive treatment by the men of the moment, John Creamer and Stephane K. This tune scores well in its use of synths and subtle effects added for extra feelings and overall sounds that works so well in a set like this. But, still the Original Mix kicks real hard, making it very hard to top. Then Jimmy added a little more energy to the set by mixing it with Richard Scheissel's (Yum Yum) new track "Heavy Fluid" that has already rocked many major dancefloors. Richard, the owner of "Sperm Records," is back to slam the progressive world with a stunningly beautiful track with a storming progressive edge and feel. The next big notable tunes highlights includes "Prototype's Control Of Sound," "Tocharian's Lacuna," and Jimmy's new track "Love Like Sleep," which was co-produced with epic progressive house legends Marc Mitchell (Sunday Club, Human Movement) and Richard Scheissel (Yum Yum) and the vocalist Terra Deva in Jersey, UK. Jimmy ended the set with "Filterheadz Remix" of Minimalistix's Struggle For Pleasure, which is one of this year's best tunes that has been caned by other superstar DJs including Dave Seaman and Sasha.

1-01 | –Mo Shic And Zeidan* | Night Stalker | 9:07
1-02 | –Floppy Sounds | Late Night (Dissonant Dub) | 7:23
1-03 | –ECVM | Circuit Breaker (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)Remix – John Creamer & Stephane K | 4:25
1-04 | –Yum Yum | Heavy Fluid | 5:40
1-05 | –Prototype (4) | Control Of Sound | 7:30
1-06 | –Bill Hamel Presents Innate & Andy Moor | Barotek (Blackwatch Threshold Dub)Remix – Blackwatch | 6:53
1-07 | –Trancentral Station | Mothership (Steve Porter Remix)Remix – Steve Porter | 7:08
1-08 | –Tocharian | Lacuna | 2:28
1-09 | –Vantage Point | Love Like Sleep (Dub)Vocals – Terra Deva | 6:59
1-10 | –Minimalistix | Struggle For Pleasure (Filterheadz Remix)Remix – Filterheadz | 7:18
Progressive House UK