Jimmy Van M – Bedrock Compiled And Mixed CD2

CD 2 has as much energy as CD 1. Jimmy chose John Johnson's London as the set opener, making it sound as if it's really ready to fire masses of non-stop uplifting effects and swirling melodies. This carries and builds the set into a gorgeous melodic trance courtesy of Solid Sessions, one of this year's most talented artists. This great track finally drops into a million mile of killer breakdown that is sure to send shivers down your spine. This tune was mixed back to back with the mix from the Saffron man who was also responsible for remixing Jennifer Lopez's track. If you play this CD real loud, you will notice that Jimmy has managed to continue to assault sonically with the echo sounding tracks that were made to envelope the room in swirls of sounds. Other cool tunes worth mentioning include Nuclear Ramjet's Deep Blue and Thermobee and Stratosphere's Diminished Responsibility, both deadly tunes with awesome bassline, sweeping sounds and unbelievable metallic grooves that will never leave your head once you have listened to them. Very impressive work by Jimmy Van M. Resident Advisor Monday 23 July 2001

2-01 | –John Johnson | London | 8:34
2-02 | –Solid Sessions | Janiero (Original Mix) | 8:18
2-03 | –Solid Sessions | Janiero (Saffron Mix)Remix – Saffron (2) | 6:17
2-04 | –Brancaccio & Aisher | Music Don't Stop | 5:47
2-05 | –Quivver | One Last Time (Quivver's Amityville Dub)Remix – Quivver | 6:53
2-06 | –Van Bellen | Soulfeel (The Senses EP) | 8:18
2-07 | –Mansdisco | Mansdisco (Original Mix) | 6:32
2-08 | –Junkie XL | Bon Voyage | 6:00
2-09 | –Nuclear Ramjet | Deep Blue | 5:49
2-10 | –Thermobee & Stratosphere | Stoned Trance | 7:01
Progressive House UK