Resident 'In The Mix' Lee Scott 07042021

Lee is no stranger to Progressive House UK. He’s one of very few DJ’s to have mixed two Guest Mixes for us and was one of the very first members of the group. We’re delighted to have him on board the resident team. He’s made of solid stuff too. His music journey started, like many of us older folk, with rave & hardcore. The mighty Carl Cox ‘the 3 deck wizard’ was just as big then as he is today. Slipmatt, Ratpack, Grooverider and Fabio all played records that had a distinctive sound of the early rave era which were hugely addictive and very hard to get hold of especially before the rave scene started to become more popular and divide into sub-genres. Next came a huge influence in the form of hard house from the legendary Tony de Vit. De Vit in particular was one of the earliest pioneers of tight, long mixes and despite his more famous faster ‘Trade’ persona, would play a hugely varied chunky sound which he toured up and down the UK clubs with igniting audiences. You can hear that influence in Lee’s mixes if you know what you’re looking for. Like so many of us, it was the galvanizing and genre uniting duo Sasha & Digweed who most obviously influenced Lee’s progressive style. Producers like Quivver & Laurent Garnier also pricked his ears for production quality and uniqueness.

  1. Kookmode, feat Toff Malstroem - In the Name of , Ruede Hagelstein Remix,  Sangraal Records.
  2. WhomadeWho & Patrice Baumel -  Nefetari, Cercle Records.
  3. Brian Cid - We will Rise, Endagered.
  4. Mark Mywords - Sneaking In,  Magnitude Records.
  5. Acaxia - All I Need, Taya Remix, Circus Records.
  6. Manuel Nunez - Unknown Door, Endangered.
  7. Mark Mywords, Links - Magnitude Records.
  8. Brian Cid - Under the Blissful Tree, Bar25 Music.
  9. Samot Bidot - Light Figures, Endagered.
  10. Luke Brancaccio & Cypherpunx - I see Colour, Crosstown Rebels.
  11. Maetrik - Paradigm House, Triebstoff.
  12. Richie Blacker - The Gurner, Elektisch.

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