021 CD1 - 'Lunar' Compiled & Mixed Marc Brommel

‘Lunar’ mix Insight: This mix focuses on the dark anxiety that is associated with the club. I wanted to try to create the soundscape of what constitutes a great night out: From start - entering the club - catching that rift that sets your pulse racing dilating your pupils and forces dance compliance, through to lasers driven ecstasy. That tune that drags you back from the bar and the mixes after that, that hold you in suspense on the dance floor unable to move through sheer content. The moments your yes roll in sheer satisfaction and the Goosebumps experienced when the breakdown hits. I pictured hugs and laughter as well as some serious head down dance music action when considering how best to approach this set. I believe I've captured all the elements that would leave anyone blurred eyed in the early hours on a friends sofa while listening to the birds sing, wondering "what the Fuck was that tune the DJ played". This set is an insight into my raw unhinged thought process as a DJ and how I work the crowd to stay with me until the end of the night! No prisoners allowed.

  1. Lexicon Avenue - Dusk Till Dawn Sander Kleinenberg Audio Paranoid (Dubapella)
  2. Jimmy Van M - E.C.I.P.S
  3. Jerry Bonham - Seventh Seal (Dub Mix)
  4. Satoshi Tomiie - Virus (Main Path)
  5. Chris Fraser - Kismet (Original Mix)
  6. Luke Chable: Presents Quest - The Shepherd (Original Mix)
  7. T-Empo - Fouk (Maurice & Nobles Fouked Up Union Mix)
  8. Breeder - The Chain (Babealicious Mix)
  9. Breeder - Twilo Thunder (Stoked up Remix)
  10. Arrakis - Aira Force (Lemon Remix)

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