021 CD2 - 'Solar' Compiled & Mixed Marc Brommel

‘Solar’ mix Insight: I approached this mix by exploring the many links to Solar: The sun, the energy it creates and how that then transmits into music. I then took this a step further by considering how that energy affects us all, the moods it can create, the life and hope it brings with it. Its hard to translate the raw power and emotion of the sun, its energies, and the life it creates into music, but this mix is my interpretation of Solar. Such a concept did not come easy and I spent several weeks sourcing the correct vinyl to ensure that both mixes fitted the brief I had set myself. And even longer ensuring the mix flowed as it should. I guide you into the mix at daybreak: The first glimmer of light: I sourced my first tune with this thought in mind and then followed the set through in a similar format to the day cycle. raising in energy, drawing on chants, bongos, and deep basslines to achieve the build in the mix right through to mid-set: Where the suns warmth offers the best energy. Here I hand-picked tunes that ignite the dance floor and then later in the mix, slowly bring the set simmering back into the evening. I hope you all enjoy these mixes as much as I enjoyed making them and that my translation reaches your all.

1. GPAL Presents GHOS - I can see the lights
2. GPAL Presents GHOS - Can you see the lights
3. Blackwatch - Foreshadow (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
4.Luigi - Creation (Blackwatch Eastend Remix)
5. UBU - Pixels (Original)
6. Quivver - Daylight (Main Mix)
7. Guy J - Synthopia
8. Sasha - Trigonometry
9. RBA - No Alternative (Lemon8 Remix)
10. Lemon8 - Lose Control (Original Mix)

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