Resident 'In The Mix' - QUiNTESSON 19082020

If there is one word I would use to describe the theme of this mix, it would be, 'Gratitude'. Having a platform such as Progressive House UK, has given me the opportunity to plug into an amazing community of kindred spirits; having an audience to share my musical interests; having friends with years to decades of artistic merit that I can learn from and look up to; having friends who want to share their music and mixes with me, seek my feedback, ask me for advice and take me to their gigs... you have enriched me, musically and socially. Believe me when I say that the appreciation for these wonderful, little things in life have not gone unnoticed. Especially, in a time when restrictions have been placed on most forms of travel, events and social gatherings. Despite all of this, its heart warming to see continued efforts to keep the music alive - via livestreams, online mixes and new music, made by the same community of people and friends whose livelihood have been affected by these lockdowns. This mix is dedicated to you! In keeping with the theme, I have placed 4 vocal tracks within this mix that will, hopefully, convey my message of gratitude. Finally, I close with Mark Craven's remix of Hidden Mantra by Kaspar Tasane, followed by a special mashup! Hope you enjoy this special message.

  1. Intro: Harel - The Night In Between [hoTei Records]
  2. Evan Espinoza - Fear Of Myself [BETHLEM]
  3. Mollono.Bass feat Kuoko - No Silence [3000 Grad Records]
  4. Jos & Eli - Atomica (Yotto Remix) [Watergarte Records]
  5. Arude - No Man's Sky [Free Download - Suprematic]
  6. Antithet - Apparition [Stellar Fountain]
  7. Kasey Taylor - Flashback [Vapour Recordings]
  8. Made By Pete - Beautiful Silence Feat. Jinadu [Selador Recordings]
  9. Namatjira - Naya [Manual Music]
  10. Integral Bread - Me Atrapas "The Wash Remix" [Mango Alley]
  11. DJ Funko - Simply (Rockka Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]
  12. Hans Zimmer - Cornfield Chase (Juan Sapia's Private Bootleg) [Free Download]
  13. Kaspar Tasane - Hidden Mantra (Mark Craven Remix) [onedotsixtwo]
  14. Outro: Cravo's Hidden Mantra Breaks Mash-Up 
Progressive House UK