Resident 'In The Mix' Lee Scott - 13052021

Predictably unpredictable. That's no backhanded compliment either as a Lee Scott tracklist always raises an eyebrow from the discerned DJ or knowledgable underground enthusiast. Lee's May resident mix starts plucky and vibrant with Tim Green's opener and quickly into the delightful Matthias Meyer Remix of 8 Kays 'Sun Will Come Out' (a beauty of a track I have too). The melancholic vibe continues as the chunkier deep house elements start to build, placing vocal and groove at equal footing. Then descent. Murky, minimal techno locks you in for a stomper before lightening ever so slightly with well placed vocal snippets courtesy of Was P. One of my men of the moment Coiz delivers a moment of fresh clean air with his remix of 'Clair'. Into the wee hours of the night next as Lee delves deeper into those mysterious bleeps and squeaks, before breaking clear with Herzog & Aurich's 'Jesus & the Devil'. Imagine that at 4 am! Don't worry though, Lee's chosen Jesus there on in to guide us all home. Jimi Jules' groovy guitar-led 'Don't take it personal' reminds us that it's always darkest before it's light. Another 60 mins from DJ who knows how to construct an hour mix that could easily be a whole night condensed, just for you, from the comfort of your own armchair! DJ

  1. Tim Green, Sea Parade, Shanti Moscow.                                                   
  2. 8 Kays, Sun will come out, Matthias Meyer Remix, Renaissance Records.                           
  3. Brandon Scarbrough, Far Dream Laika Sounds                                          
  4. Alex Kennon, Blinding Lights, Joris Voorn Remix, Spectrum.           
  5. Was P feat Deaf Joe, Laid Bare, Kamadev Remix, Manual Music.         
  6. Patrice Baumel, Clair, Cioz Neapolis Remix, Get Physical.             
  7. &Lez,  Zara, Selador.                      
  8. Herzog & Aurich, Jesus & the Devil, Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich Remix, Sincopat.               
  9. The Organism, Radha, Whitesquare Remix, organic.                  
  10. Jimi Jules, Don't take it personal,  Innervisions.

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