Resident 'In The Mix' Stevie Reid - 17052021

Stevie Reid rising like a Pheonix from the flames with this week's resident mix. All the PHUK residents have been raising the bar each time they take to the decks this year, pricking the ears of listeners and DJ's alike. This is Mr Reid's fire breathing May entry. From the word go there is pace and purpose. Crystal clear metallic groove reigns out from Anima before the floor literally drops out with a monster bassline change as Artfaq's 'Perth Fly' on Sudbeat moves underneath and lays down a low-end groove topped with bent out of shape melody and bright driving high hat. Stevie expands the depth and textures moving confidently through Alex O'Rion and Chris Cargo remixes before delivering a back to back Simos Tagias medley of spaced out progressive landscapes and we're only 35 Mins in folks! One of Stevie's strengths is keeping the pace manageable and Simply City's remix of Astrona into Kasper Koman's excellent chunk-tronic 'Rocking Boat' does just that, a little interlude before moving the throttle again. Whamo! Ivanshee! Glittering progressive tech, squelching and expanding in all directions whilst never losing melody, this is it, right here hitting the spot for everyone. The beauty here is that these tracks sound so new but they're from the Reid archives and that's another super strength to Stevie's armour - unleashing records you haven't heard before or forgot existed in the disposable new world we live in. It's a smooth glide down to the end of the mix with what feels like a slower thumper by way of Kasey Taylor & Karl Pilbrow – Amber Skies [Sudbeat] but the steady 122 bpm has been the same throughout. James Zabiela's remix brings a sophisticated end to the mix, sticking with what can perhaps be described as 'tech edged' prog. It's a stellar mix again and although we've come to expect nothing less - Stevie is reassuringly consistent - there's something about this mix that I think will have people on the rewind! Wizard mix Stevie. DJ

  1. Anima (Planet) – Comet [Good News Records]
  2. Artfaq – Perth Fly [Sudbeat]
  3. Rigooni – When Midnight Comes (Alex O’Rion Remix) [Higher States]
  4. Mango & Th;en – Morgenstunde (Chris Cargo remix) [Mango Alley)
  5. Simos Tagias – Fluxer [Higher States]
  6. Simos Tagias – Emotion [meanwhile]
  7. Ivan Allaga & NAHS – Astrona (Simply City Remix) [Mango Alley]
  8. Kasper Koman – Rocking Boat [EIN2]
  9. Ivanshee – Go [Moonearth Music]
  10. Ivanshee – Stop [Moonearth Music]
  11. Nicholas Van Orton – Clobbering Time (Subandrio Remix) [Yin]
  12. Sharam – Exodus [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
  13. Maksim Dark – D.I.M.O.N. [Dense Audio]
  14. Kasey Taylor & Karl Pilbrow – Amber Skies [Sudbeat]
  15. Spooky – Candy (James Zabiela Remix) [Spooky]

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