Resident In The Mix - Lee Scott 16062021

Open those curtains wide, Lee Scott on form like this will do you right! Sunscreen at the ready because here is the Sunshine. A sumptuous, gentle and intelligent mix this month might just be the very thing you need to brighten up your day/week/month. I've given this 3 goes and it's put a smile on my face each time. A perfect head massage from the off, the tracklist is simply delightful, there are several sections you could just dwell in forever. Simon Vuarambon's 'Lazo's' into one of my favourite producers Jiminy Hop with his wonderful 'Verona' on Kiksuya Records. There's depth too though from Petro Ocin and Rampa just to keep you locked in the groove. Solid stuff from Lee and great to see his lighter side - G&T anyone? DJ

  1. Didacte, Hemma, Amselcom.
  2. Cornelius SA & Sebee , Silhoutte, Anjunadeep.
  3. Swoof, Tidal, Tim Green Remix, All day i dream .
  4. Sebastian Leger, Stevie, Lost Miracle.
  5. Floral, Need to Feel Loved, Space Food edit. F.DL 
  6. Simon Vuarambon, Lazo's, Peace Symphonies
  7. Jiminy Hop, Verona, Kiksuya Records
  8. Tim Green , Coriolis , All Day i Dream .
  9. Petro Ocin , & Anastasia Nati, Away, Stranger Tourist Remix, Purr Music.
  10. Rampa, The Church, Circoloco Records.
  11. Joseph Ashworth, Dominiki, Get Weird.

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