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021 CD2 - 'Solar' Compiled & Mixed Marc Brommel

‘Solar’ mix Insight: I approached this mix by exploring the many links to Solar: The sun, the energy it creates and how that then transmits into music. I then took this a step further by considering how that energy affects us all, the moods it can create, the life and hope it brings with it. Its hard to translate the raw power and emotion of the sun, its energies, and the life it creates into music, but this mix is my interpretation of Solar. Such a concept did not come easy and I spent several weeks sourcing the correct vinyl to ensure that both mixes fitted the brief I had set myself. And even longer ensuring the mix flowed as it should. I guide you into the mix at daybreak: The first glimmer of light: I sourced my first tune with this thought in mind and then followed the set through in a similar format to the day cycle. raising in energy, drawing on chants, bongos, and deep basslines to achieve the build in the mix right through to mid-set: Where the suns warmth offers the best energy. Here I hand-picked tunes that ignite the dance floor and then later in the mix, slowly bring the set simmering back into the evening. I hope you all enjoy these mixes as much as I enjoyed making them and that my translation reaches your all.

021 CD1 - 'Lunar' Compiled & Mixed Marc Brommel

‘Lunar’ mix Insight: This mix focuses on the dark anxiety that is associated with the club. I wanted to try to create the soundscape of what constitutes a great night out: From start - entering the club - catching that rift that sets your pulse racing dilating your pupils and forces dance compliance, through to lasers driven ecstasy. That tune that drags you back from the bar and the mixes after that, that hold you in suspense on the dance floor unable to move through sheer content. The moments your yes roll in sheer satisfaction and the Goosebumps experienced when the breakdown hits. I pictured hugs and laughter as well as some serious head down dance music action when considering how best to approach this set. I believe I've captured all the elements that would leave anyone blurred eyed in the early hours on a friends sofa while listening to the birds sing, wondering "what the Fuck was that tune the DJ played". This set is an insight into my raw unhinged thought process as a DJ and how I work the crowd to stay with me until the end of the night! No prisoners allowed.

Electronic:at 014

Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 50mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK and my Soundcloud. Subscribe at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/subscribe

Flux #002 - Max Blade

Back in 2020, we proudly teamed up with Bristol-based Flux who are working with some of the finest progressive DJ’s from all over the world. We hope you enjoy these stellar lineups. This week the mighty DJ /producer Max Blade

Resident 'In The Mix' Francisco Ludena 14042021

Hailing from Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina Francisco comes from a legendary place where the progressive house reigns supreme. He’s also currently the A&R director of Flux (our international mix partner) made up of some of the scenes very best artists, designers, photographers, VJs. Inspired ever since by his first album purchase by The Orb he went on to be influenced of course by the music of Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Nick Warren, John Digweed and Sasha. Prog gold. We’re honoured to have him on board and as part of our team 🙏🏻🎧🔥💚

Electronic:at 013

ELECTRONICAT013 - UNLUCKY FOR SOME. NOT FOR US - 60MINS EXTENDED SHOW THIS WEEK! Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. No adverts, no pigeonholes, no dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK and my Soundcloud. Subscribe at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/subscribe

Lost In 1st Birthday Pt 2- Danny Jarvis

So what now? What does the future hold? The weekly live streams have now come to an end but I have a series of live outdoor events lined up (all 3 sold out) to start things off over the next 3 weeks. I have partnered with my dear friend Paul at ISG who is now sharing in my vision of spreading the Lost In vibe into the right environments and exploring where this leads. I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that Nick Roger has joined the Lost In team. Nick’s diverse music knowledge and amazing creativity is only echoed by his beautiful personality and gentle soul. He’s the perfect addition and we’re all excited about the future! So for now, enjoy this mix or indeed any from the last year. More importantly, stay with us on our journey because we’re always stronger together! Sending you all peace, love and excitement vibes.

Lost In 1st Birthday Pt 1- Danny Jarvis

Part 1 of a 4 hour set to commemorate an entire year of ‘Lost In’ Livestreams. It was a tough job to whittle down a playlist that flowed like a proper set from over 1500 tracks that I played played during all those livestreams. That’s an average of 30 tracks a week for 48 weeks. Sometimes I played 2 hours, sometimes 5-6 hours and there were always people ‘out there’ who tuned in.

Flux #001 - Alejo Gonzalez

Back in 2020, Flux approached PHUK to team up to deliver some amazing guest mixes. We started our series of exclusive sets with Alejo González who a dedicating a large part of his life to music, in recent years Alejo put great dedication to music #production, managing to edit original productions and remixes of prestigious progressive house labels such as Bedrock ( John Digweed), The Soundgarden, Hope Recordings (Nick Warren), Perfecto Records (Paul Oakenfold), among others.

Resident 'In The Mix' Lee Scott 07042021

Lee is no stranger to Progressive House UK. He’s one of very few DJ’s to have mixed two Guest Mixes for us and was one of the very first members of the group. We’re delighted to have him on board the resident team. He’s made of solid stuff too. His music journey started, like many of us older folk, with rave & hardcore. The mighty Carl Cox ‘the 3 deck wizard’ was just as big then as he is today. Slipmatt, Ratpack, Grooverider and Fabio all played records that had a distinctive sound of the early rave era which were hugely addictive and very hard to get hold of especially before the rave scene started to become more popular and divide into sub-genres. Next came a huge influence in the form of hard house from the legendary Tony de Vit. De Vit in particular was one of the earliest pioneers of tight, long mixes and despite his more famous faster ‘Trade’ persona, would play a hugely varied chunky sound which he toured up and down the UK clubs with igniting audiences. You can hear that influence in Lee’s mixes if you know what you’re looking for. Like so many of us, it was the galvanizing and genre uniting duo Sasha & Digweed who most obviously influenced Lee’s progressive style. Producers like Quivver & Laurent Garnier also pricked his ears for production quality and uniqueness.

Electronic:at 012

Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK and my Soundcloud. Subscribe at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/subscribe

Lost In Melody

Lost In Every Thursday 19:30-21:30 HRS (UK) +1HR CET This week's mix will concentrate on melody and all those atmospherics we associate with spring and summer outdoor music. As we enter into April and prepare for our first-ever outdoor event on the 17th at Derwent Manor, I’m going to use this week to test some beautiful music out on you! Follow Lost In page & events at: Facebook.com/LostInElectronicMusic Facebook.com/groups/lostincommunity https://www.facebook.com/dannyjarvisofficialdjpage Follow me on: www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday - Dave Furneaux

Dave & I go way back, nearly as far as this mix does. We first met in 1997 in Cheltenham and hit off straight away due to our shared love of DJ'ing. Back then people hardly did it and it was rare to find somebody who could do it so well. We were individual DJs and back-to-back DJs together from then on. Lately, he and I were discussing older records and the fact that it was hard to go back and source the records you either had and don't have anymore or the tracks you want to find to complete certain parts of your back cat. This led to us discussing making some sets that jog those memories. NOT classics but tracks of an era that occupy a special place in your own heart - and maybe other people's too! Other old people like us! Here's the result - all mixed live in one take - no jiggery-pokery - just good Djing. Enjoy!

Electronic:at 011

Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night in partnership with PHUK. Enjoy everywhere: soundcloud.com/nick-rodger/sets/electronic-at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/episodes

Progressive House UK 2nd Birthday Mix - Danny Jarvis

Our 2nd birthday party 'Live'. Yes, we are 2! Thank you to everyone who has supported us the last couple of years. The admins, the DJs, and of course, all our loyal 1000 + followers. Here's my peak time mix just under 3 hours - hold onto your hats!

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday Mix - CANDY

Last Year's Resident CANDY is back with a deep dark slice of birthday magic. Especially mixed up just for our 2nd birthday, plug in and enter the low, bassline rumbling, dub heavy world of CANDY.

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday Mix - BEAN

We were proud (really super proud) to have announced Bean Cuenca as our PHUK DJ mix competition winner and new resident back in 2020. Here she's given us a mix for our 2nd Birthday celebrations.

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday Mix - Stevie Reid

This month's mix is exciting for 2 reasons; 1) the tracklist is mouth-watering, 2) It's going to be played live on our first LiveStream for our 2nd Birthday bash on Mixcloud as a warm-up mix for Danny Jarvis' peak time set followed by Tom McMorrow's afterparty.

Electronic:at 010

Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK & Mixcloud. Subscribe at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/subscribe

Lost In Deep Space 18032021

'Lost In’ Livestream every Thursday 19:30​-21:30​ BST: https://www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/​ Big Science Fiction Music this week folks. This week was to celebrate two Lost In Member birthdays so it was an extended set. Happy birthday Les & Marion. Follow Lost In page & events at: Facebook.com/LostInElectronicMusic Facebook.com/groups/lostincommunity

Welcome to Progressive House UK

Want the best progressive house & underground electronic music in just one click? 3 shows a week, every week direct to your phone: Our Resident 'In The Mix' DJs, 'Lost In Thursdays' a 2-hour live stream mix, Progressive house guest mixes & Electronic:at with Nick Rodger on Sundays. Available across all podcast stations including Apple, Google, Spotify plus many, many more. Music is our shared DNA.

020 CD2 - 'By Land' Compiled & Mixed Classroom

'By Land' explores a slightly more rugged terrian starting with the beautifully deep 'Lost Souls Are Here' from Prime Edge. As you glance back to the water's edge you'll realise what may lay ahead may not provide the tranquillity of “By Sea” but you'll be soon be reassured that the same essence and quality of the music will be guiding you through this next part of your journey. The Great Escape, by the magician Volen Sentir, perfectly lifts your spirits with its gentle strings, airy vocals, and light percussion yet surprisingly chunky bassline. Next up, VICTHOR's sublime almost fairytale-like groove will have you nodding your head and tapping away. It's all a gentle slope down from there on in as Dee Montero & Newman's rework of the 70's classic by Sammi Smith drifts in, 'Shadows' demonstrates that sensitive use of classic vocals can still be so effective. Mariner & Domingo's medley of tracks works extremely effectively at the midway point, increasing the musicality further with crystal clear instrumentation and an incredible production clarity and depth of sound. It's audio perfection as birds of paradise call out to each other from the treetops of some tropical rainforest we've wandered into. There you will stay until you reach the second of Nick's productions 'Tundra' a rich, deep atmospheric low-end track that exudes peace and tranquility yet doesn't overlook the need for a serious bassline that delivers a solid base for any style of track to mix in or out of. And so all good things must come to an end as Andrew Meller & Depth Perception's 'Let's Get Down Tonight' serves up a perfect summer-themed end to the two mixes bridging them together perfectly. 'By Sea' and 'By Land' are intelligent and thought-provoking mixes showcasing perhaps a global consciousness to look once again at how music can unite us in a more peaceful, loving, and caring society. Yes, you can dance but it doesn't always need to be in the dark - step into the light, feel the sunshine, and connect with yourself and nature. That's my kind of learning and that's my kind of Classroom.

020 CD1 - 'By Sea' Compiled & Mixed Classroom

During our initial discussions, Nick and I talked about the infinite themes he could use. After a few more messages back and forth he settled on a theme that had a strong emotional bond for him personally. These are perhaps the best themes to use. 'It was a real highlight for me this year being asked to do a mix for this special mix series. My theme is “By Sea” and “By Land”.  I have been really enjoying a more eloquent style of electronic music of late away from the driving progressive house sound you might normally associate m style with. It has also definitely influenced my own productions, really encapsulating my current emotions. I'm therefore really proud to showcase to have my very own tracks across the two mixes.' 'By Sea' explores a serene, dreamy melodic collection of tracks designed to set you afloat on a peaceful journey along the coast circumnavigating you safely back to shore 60 mins or so later. The personal element? Nick has dedicated this mix to his dear father who passed away 10yrs ago. Hailing from South Devon, Nick's Dad was a lover of the Sea and had a huge passion for sailing. Indeed Nick's first track, his own, is an ode to his Father; beautiful and poignant lyrics that wash over you and instantly sets the emotion dial to high. There are some stunning tracks on show here from Damian Lazarus, Double Touch, and a strong collection of tracks from 'The Purr' label that really bind the mix together. It takes patience and a cool hand to keep the pace set at 'chilled' and this mix does it beautifully. Vocals sing out amongst gentle percussion and blissed-out melodies throughout. Go on. Put your hand over the side and dip it into the cool water as the sunshine warms your face. Like the lazy ocean laps the shore, Classroom is holding you close and swaying you more.

Resident 'In The Mix' Defcon - Annexe 17032021

Annexe - Defcon has given us a dual mix this week taking us through two different soundscapes. ‘Annexe’ is broken beats and deep dub tech mischief in full flow. Music sometimes needs to challenge our concepts of rhythm and melody and take us into another dimension of sound. Defcon is working tirelessly in that deep leftfield between computer beats and mechanical space-age technology. Try Fastgraph 'Zero In On You' and Versalife 'Lapis Lazuli' just ten minutes into the fray as they squelch and ricochet between your eardrums. You're never far from the next wormhole either; pulling you through as the previous track closes its portal mysteriously behind you. The realm you find yourself in now both unfamiliar yet wonderous at the same time. Old skool elements fuse with Nu Skool science whilst 303's weave in and out keeping you grounded in that unmistakeable underground sound. A plucky mash-up right at the end adds for some hi-energy, just in case you thought Defcon didn't contain a sense of childish abandon.

Resident 'In The Mix' Defcon - Warehouse 17032021

If all the other PHUK residents are Jedi, then the Defcon collective are most definitely on their way to the dark side. The whole point of having a team of residents is that all sides of the electronic spectrum can be explored so DJs and listeners get variety and light can be shone into the far corners of the scene. This month the dynamic duo have given us 2 mixes: Warehouse & Annexe. Their idea is simple and effective. You can choose which room to explore in your own time for 75 mins each. 'Warehouse' explodes into life through NASA's control room into warm expansive breaks from Chris Cargo. Don't forget though that Defcon doesn't wait on ceremony to ease you into proceedings. Tight, precision mixing affords space-age melody to fuse effortlessly with big science fiction noises and brooding bass lines. Freedo Mosho's 'Mano Chanta' is all those things within the first 10 mins. Then D-Rhapsody's 'Supersimmetry from back in 2017 drifts in and still sounds as perfect today as it ever did; it's blissed-out science fiction house music in full flow. Lay back and feel the weightlessness of this stunning track. Don't get too comfortable. Nichols' Tremors is like the Event Horizon coming into view - Any crew? Negative. If this is a warehouse then it's a warehouse onboard a giant space freighter silently cruising past distant planets. Vadim Zhukov's Zip-tastic remix of Forty Cats' 'Duality', couldn't be better placed to initiate hyperdrive. Complementing the pace but yet changing the mood cleverly comes Khainz & Frohburg's The Call - dark elements rumbling below the tripped-out piano and key changing bassline doesn't get better much better than this. Another Forty Cats number this time remixes by Cheltenham's Alfonso Muchacho takes the mix higher still. Things then get bent and twisted for a while as HAFT and Daniel Ratenke's respective remixes melt into dark funky and organic rhythms. Tension builds as mystical voices call out. The energy climaxes back into solid 4/4 from Hacobb and the warp drive is initiated once again. As 'Caged' filters in you can sense we're coming home beckoned by the sweet vocals. Ground control prepare for landing, crew return to seats as Intro P's 'Fireflies' slows and cools the mix to a safe level for us to land safely. Just as you'd expect things change and move quickly without warning but never without purpose or flow in this mix. Forget trying to make sense of the names or genres of the tracks Defcon play. Instead, just give in and be transported away. Resistance is futile.

Electronic:at 009

Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK and my Soundcloud. Subscribe at progressivehouseuk.co.uk Tracklist: 1. Philipp Harms - When It Rains It Pours - Facetten www.beatport.com/track/when-it-ra…t-pours/14864606 2. Scope (Ric McClelland) - Munich - Scope Records www.beatport.com/track/munich/14867956 3. Dee Montero - Odisea (Man Power's orbitmix) - Renaissance www.beatport.com/release/odisea-ep/3284774 4. Klartraum - Draw The Line - Lucidflow www.beatport.com/release/manifest…eprint-3/3283098 5. Dillard - Staysys - self released dillard.bandcamp.com/ 6. Synkro - Dub Specialist - Deepheads deepheads.bandcamp.com/album/synkro-x-deep-heads TRACK OF THE WEEK 7. Lux Nova - Temple of Hanoi - Pressure Dome pressuredome.bandcamp.com/track/tower-of-hanoi 8. Dubspeeka - Geb - Last Night on Earth bandcamp.com/tag/last-night-on-earth 9. DMX Krew - Unconnected - Hypercolour hypercolour.co.uk/album/loose-gears 10. Broken Spectrum - Avtomat - unreleased Broken-spectrum – Avtomat 11. Igor Pumphonia - Fight For Your Love - Chilledrecords Music igorpumphonia.bandcamp.com/ 12. Roderiguez Jr - Here to Forget You - Mobilee rodriguezjr.bandcamp.com/album/blisss

Lost In Thursdays - 11032021

This week's Lost In takes a 3 hour deeper journey into some beautiful Organic and Deep House from All Day I Dream Of, Anjunadeep, Clubsonica Records, and many more. There are lots of musical elements to enjoy as I take you around the world on a journey through the rain forests, along Mediterranean shores, and over the Sahara desert. Listen out for the Elephants too! Finally, we'll meander into the smoke-filled haze of the night with some powerful electronic music from the deep underground. Join me, Danny Jarvis, for the 'Lost In Thursdays' live stream every week 19:30-21:30 BST: www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/

Resident In The Mix: Francisco Ludueña 10032021

Pure South American Class. That's the default setting of Francisco's sets. From the moment the sci-fi Bedrock 'The Experience Of Love' by C-jay floats in, you know something special is going to happen. In comes the soft bassline and plucky percussion of Bruno Andrada's 'Hidden Part of You' and away we go. Rigooni's recent 'A Horse & A Blowing Horn' bounces nicely in to continue the optimistic warm vibes butted up beautifully to Erdi Irmak's deep house remix of 'Today Will Never Be Again'. For those unaware of Erdi Irmak, you can pretty much rely on some of the most beautiful orchestration of his remixes for artists. always unique and always in my own sets. Another gorgeous deep house track follows lifting the vibrations back up into 4th gear. '707 Heaven' contains all the right elements to keep you moving forward with its funky B-line and gentle atmospherics - pure sunset vibes from The Soundgarden label. Nico Szabo's 'Junira' floats effortlessly in and out creating a perfect segway for Joep Mencke's 'Satare' a nice deep slice of slower progressive house. As Francisco picks the pace up for the final 20 mins, you get the sense he's been keeping you in lower gear this month. 'Brotherhood' is a perfectly weighted track driven by a solid bassline groove propelling the mix forward perfectly into a more peak time sound. Weird Sounding Dude's mischievous 'Embankment' dances into life and creates that 2am heads down and dance feel before the Subandrio remix of AIO's Malstrom crunches into to baton the mix down into an airtight finish. It's a perfect 60-minute mix with intelligent track selection and excellent tight mixing skills. Here is a confident young man at the top of his game right now and we're super proud to have him playing each month for us. Book mark Francisco, he's going places and so are his mixes!

Electronic:at 008

Welcome to this weeks' Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK, mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/and my own Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/nick-rodger

Lost In McMo 04032021

'Lost In’ McMo Livestream - A big peak time progressive house set to celebrate our dear friend Tom McMorrow’s birthday. Join the private group: Facebook.com/groups/lostincommunity Please share with like-minded people. #lostin #progressivehouseuk #dannyjarvis

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