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Progressive House UK 2nd Birthday Mix - Danny Jarvis

Our 2nd birthday party 'Live'. Yes, we are 2! Thank you to everyone who has supported us the last couple of years. The admins, the DJs, and of course, all our loyal 1000 + followers. Here's my peak time mix just under 3 hours - hold onto your hats!

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday Mix - CANDY

Last Year's Resident CANDY is back with a deep dark slice of birthday magic. Especially mixed up just for our 2nd birthday, plug in and enter the low, bassline rumbling, dub heavy world of CANDY.

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday Mix - BEAN

We were proud (really super proud) to have announced Bean Cuenca as our PHUK DJ mix competition winner and new resident back in 2020. Here she's given us a mix for our 2nd Birthday celebrations.

Progressive House UK's 2nd Birthday Mix - Stevie Reid

This month's mix is exciting for 2 reasons; 1) the tracklist is mouth-watering, 2) It's going to be played live on our first LiveStream for our 2nd Birthday bash on Mixcloud as a warm-up mix for Danny Jarvis' peak time set followed by Tom McMorrow's afterparty.

Electronic:at 010

Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK & Mixcloud. Subscribe at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/subscribe

Lost In Deep Space 18032021

'Lost In’ Livestream every Thursday 19:30​-21:30​ BST: https://www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/​ Big Science Fiction Music this week folks. This week was to celebrate two Lost In Member birthdays so it was an extended set. Happy birthday Les & Marion. Follow Lost In page & events at: Facebook.com/LostInElectronicMusic Facebook.com/groups/lostincommunity

Welcome to Progressive House UK

Want the best progressive house & underground electronic music in just one click? 3 shows a week, every week direct to your phone: Our Resident 'In The Mix' DJs, 'Lost In Thursdays' a 2-hour live stream mix, Progressive house guest mixes & Electronic:at with Nick Rodger on Sundays. Available across all podcast stations including Apple, Google, Spotify plus many, many more. Music is our shared DNA.

020 CD2 - 'By Land' Compiled & Mixed Classroom

'By Land' explores a slightly more rugged terrian starting with the beautifully deep 'Lost Souls Are Here' from Prime Edge. As you glance back to the water's edge you'll realise what may lay ahead may not provide the tranquillity of “By Sea” but you'll be soon be reassured that the same essence and quality of the music will be guiding you through this next part of your journey. The Great Escape, by the magician Volen Sentir, perfectly lifts your spirits with its gentle strings, airy vocals, and light percussion yet surprisingly chunky bassline. Next up, VICTHOR's sublime almost fairytale-like groove will have you nodding your head and tapping away. It's all a gentle slope down from there on in as Dee Montero & Newman's rework of the 70's classic by Sammi Smith drifts in, 'Shadows' demonstrates that sensitive use of classic vocals can still be so effective. Mariner & Domingo's medley of tracks works extremely effectively at the midway point, increasing the musicality further with crystal clear instrumentation and an incredible production clarity and depth of sound. It's audio perfection as birds of paradise call out to each other from the treetops of some tropical rainforest we've wandered into. There you will stay until you reach the second of Nick's productions 'Tundra' a rich, deep atmospheric low-end track that exudes peace and tranquility yet doesn't overlook the need for a serious bassline that delivers a solid base for any style of track to mix in or out of. And so all good things must come to an end as Andrew Meller & Depth Perception's 'Let's Get Down Tonight' serves up a perfect summer-themed end to the two mixes bridging them together perfectly. 'By Sea' and 'By Land' are intelligent and thought-provoking mixes showcasing perhaps a global consciousness to look once again at how music can unite us in a more peaceful, loving, and caring society. Yes, you can dance but it doesn't always need to be in the dark - step into the light, feel the sunshine, and connect with yourself and nature. That's my kind of learning and that's my kind of Classroom.

020 CD1 - 'By Sea' Compiled & Mixed Classroom

During our initial discussions, Nick and I talked about the infinite themes he could use. After a few more messages back and forth he settled on a theme that had a strong emotional bond for him personally. These are perhaps the best themes to use. 'It was a real highlight for me this year being asked to do a mix for this special mix series. My theme is “By Sea” and “By Land”.  I have been really enjoying a more eloquent style of electronic music of late away from the driving progressive house sound you might normally associate m style with. It has also definitely influenced my own productions, really encapsulating my current emotions. I'm therefore really proud to showcase to have my very own tracks across the two mixes.' 'By Sea' explores a serene, dreamy melodic collection of tracks designed to set you afloat on a peaceful journey along the coast circumnavigating you safely back to shore 60 mins or so later. The personal element? Nick has dedicated this mix to his dear father who passed away 10yrs ago. Hailing from South Devon, Nick's Dad was a lover of the Sea and had a huge passion for sailing. Indeed Nick's first track, his own, is an ode to his Father; beautiful and poignant lyrics that wash over you and instantly sets the emotion dial to high. There are some stunning tracks on show here from Damian Lazarus, Double Touch, and a strong collection of tracks from 'The Purr' label that really bind the mix together. It takes patience and a cool hand to keep the pace set at 'chilled' and this mix does it beautifully. Vocals sing out amongst gentle percussion and blissed-out melodies throughout. Go on. Put your hand over the side and dip it into the cool water as the sunshine warms your face. Like the lazy ocean laps the shore, Classroom is holding you close and swaying you more.

Resident 'In The Mix' Defcon - Annexe 17032021

Annexe - Defcon has given us a dual mix this week taking us through two different soundscapes. ‘Annexe’ is broken beats and deep dub tech mischief in full flow. Music sometimes needs to challenge our concepts of rhythm and melody and take us into another dimension of sound. Defcon is working tirelessly in that deep leftfield between computer beats and mechanical space-age technology. Try Fastgraph 'Zero In On You' and Versalife 'Lapis Lazuli' just ten minutes into the fray as they squelch and ricochet between your eardrums. You're never far from the next wormhole either; pulling you through as the previous track closes its portal mysteriously behind you. The realm you find yourself in now both unfamiliar yet wonderous at the same time. Old skool elements fuse with Nu Skool science whilst 303's weave in and out keeping you grounded in that unmistakeable underground sound. A plucky mash-up right at the end adds for some hi-energy, just in case you thought Defcon didn't contain a sense of childish abandon.

Resident 'In The Mix' Defcon - Warehouse 17032021

If all the other PHUK residents are Jedi, then the Defcon collective are most definitely on their way to the dark side. The whole point of having a team of residents is that all sides of the electronic spectrum can be explored so DJs and listeners get variety and light can be shone into the far corners of the scene. This month the dynamic duo have given us 2 mixes: Warehouse & Annexe. Their idea is simple and effective. You can choose which room to explore in your own time for 75 mins each. 'Warehouse' explodes into life through NASA's control room into warm expansive breaks from Chris Cargo. Don't forget though that Defcon doesn't wait on ceremony to ease you into proceedings. Tight, precision mixing affords space-age melody to fuse effortlessly with big science fiction noises and brooding bass lines. Freedo Mosho's 'Mano Chanta' is all those things within the first 10 mins. Then D-Rhapsody's 'Supersimmetry from back in 2017 drifts in and still sounds as perfect today as it ever did; it's blissed-out science fiction house music in full flow. Lay back and feel the weightlessness of this stunning track. Don't get too comfortable. Nichols' Tremors is like the Event Horizon coming into view - Any crew? Negative. If this is a warehouse then it's a warehouse onboard a giant space freighter silently cruising past distant planets. Vadim Zhukov's Zip-tastic remix of Forty Cats' 'Duality', couldn't be better placed to initiate hyperdrive. Complementing the pace but yet changing the mood cleverly comes Khainz & Frohburg's The Call - dark elements rumbling below the tripped-out piano and key changing bassline doesn't get better much better than this. Another Forty Cats number this time remixes by Cheltenham's Alfonso Muchacho takes the mix higher still. Things then get bent and twisted for a while as HAFT and Daniel Ratenke's respective remixes melt into dark funky and organic rhythms. Tension builds as mystical voices call out. The energy climaxes back into solid 4/4 from Hacobb and the warp drive is initiated once again. As 'Caged' filters in you can sense we're coming home beckoned by the sweet vocals. Ground control prepare for landing, crew return to seats as Intro P's 'Fireflies' slows and cools the mix to a safe level for us to land safely. Just as you'd expect things change and move quickly without warning but never without purpose or flow in this mix. Forget trying to make sense of the names or genres of the tracks Defcon play. Instead, just give in and be transported away. Resistance is futile.

Electronic:at 009

Welcome to my weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK and my Soundcloud. Subscribe at progressivehouseuk.co.uk Tracklist: 1. Philipp Harms - When It Rains It Pours - Facetten www.beatport.com/track/when-it-ra…t-pours/14864606 2. Scope (Ric McClelland) - Munich - Scope Records www.beatport.com/track/munich/14867956 3. Dee Montero - Odisea (Man Power's orbitmix) - Renaissance www.beatport.com/release/odisea-ep/3284774 4. Klartraum - Draw The Line - Lucidflow www.beatport.com/release/manifest…eprint-3/3283098 5. Dillard - Staysys - self released dillard.bandcamp.com/ 6. Synkro - Dub Specialist - Deepheads deepheads.bandcamp.com/album/synkro-x-deep-heads TRACK OF THE WEEK 7. Lux Nova - Temple of Hanoi - Pressure Dome pressuredome.bandcamp.com/track/tower-of-hanoi 8. Dubspeeka - Geb - Last Night on Earth bandcamp.com/tag/last-night-on-earth 9. DMX Krew - Unconnected - Hypercolour hypercolour.co.uk/album/loose-gears 10. Broken Spectrum - Avtomat - unreleased Broken-spectrum – Avtomat 11. Igor Pumphonia - Fight For Your Love - Chilledrecords Music igorpumphonia.bandcamp.com/ 12. Roderiguez Jr - Here to Forget You - Mobilee rodriguezjr.bandcamp.com/album/blisss

Lost In Thursdays - 11032021

This week's Lost In takes a 3 hour deeper journey into some beautiful Organic and Deep House from All Day I Dream Of, Anjunadeep, Clubsonica Records, and many more. There are lots of musical elements to enjoy as I take you around the world on a journey through the rain forests, along Mediterranean shores, and over the Sahara desert. Listen out for the Elephants too! Finally, we'll meander into the smoke-filled haze of the night with some powerful electronic music from the deep underground. Join me, Danny Jarvis, for the 'Lost In Thursdays' live stream every week 19:30-21:30 BST: www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/

Resident In The Mix: Francisco Ludueña 10032021

Pure South American Class. That's the default setting of Francisco's sets. From the moment the sci-fi Bedrock 'The Experience Of Love' by C-jay floats in, you know something special is going to happen. In comes the soft bassline and plucky percussion of Bruno Andrada's 'Hidden Part of You' and away we go. Rigooni's recent 'A Horse & A Blowing Horn' bounces nicely in to continue the optimistic warm vibes butted up beautifully to Erdi Irmak's deep house remix of 'Today Will Never Be Again'. For those unaware of Erdi Irmak, you can pretty much rely on some of the most beautiful orchestration of his remixes for artists. always unique and always in my own sets. Another gorgeous deep house track follows lifting the vibrations back up into 4th gear. '707 Heaven' contains all the right elements to keep you moving forward with its funky B-line and gentle atmospherics - pure sunset vibes from The Soundgarden label. Nico Szabo's 'Junira' floats effortlessly in and out creating a perfect segway for Joep Mencke's 'Satare' a nice deep slice of slower progressive house. As Francisco picks the pace up for the final 20 mins, you get the sense he's been keeping you in lower gear this month. 'Brotherhood' is a perfectly weighted track driven by a solid bassline groove propelling the mix forward perfectly into a more peak time sound. Weird Sounding Dude's mischievous 'Embankment' dances into life and creates that 2am heads down and dance feel before the Subandrio remix of AIO's Malstrom crunches into to baton the mix down into an airtight finish. It's a perfect 60-minute mix with intelligent track selection and excellent tight mixing skills. Here is a confident young man at the top of his game right now and we're super proud to have him playing each month for us. Book mark Francisco, he's going places and so are his mixes!

Electronic:at 008

Welcome to this weeks' Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK, mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/and my own Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/nick-rodger

Lost In McMo 04032021

'Lost In’ McMo Livestream - A big peak time progressive house set to celebrate our dear friend Tom McMorrow’s birthday. Join the private group: Facebook.com/groups/lostincommunity Please share with like-minded people. #lostin #progressivehouseuk #dannyjarvis

Resident 'In The Mix' - Lee Scott 04032021

Lee is no stranger to understanding how to create a depth of sound. When we first met online a few years ago, Lee and I discussed our influences and it was evident that he'd stayed with the scene throughout all the genre creations, re-classifications and never-ending new sub-genres that exist. As a DJ he's simply stuck with the best method, find great emotive music regardless of 'genre' and play it with feeling and experience. The mix starts in a dreamy laid back state with 'Rhia', a lighter house with calm and soothing tones to lead you in. Pletca's 'Abala' on Tale&Tone notches the 'depth-o-meter' down just below the surface with beautiful rainforest tones home to some mystical indigenous tribe you'd love to dance with in unison. Aptly named 'Another Life' by Mariner + Domingo keeps us locked into the organic house grooves with a meandering and interesting rhythm and then... the vocal drops - 'The right Time, in another life'. Wonderful. Lee's hooked you in. A big favourite of mine from Andy Woldman & Katrin Souza takes us from the forest floor and gazing up into the night sky. 'Fragile Star' is an intelligent and serious slice of solid melodic techno, here Lee opting for the Ivan Aliaga Mix which delves deeper than the original, in keeping with the journey Lee's taking us on. Then, without warning, the tribal rhythms of 'Imperios' rumbles in and puts the mix into peak time, lights out mode. With the mix now set to optimum, Ezequiel Arias' 'Solar' glides in building patiently whilst percussion simmers over the top of a chunky prog bassline before delivering a light and airy soundscape that Arias is well known for amongst the big names like Hernan and Guy J. Oozing class and sophistication 'Bora' effortlessly melts in and creates a breathing space in the middle of the mix before making way for 'Lotus 79' a deeply warm and gentle track which delivers swathes of rich tones and gentle key changes gradually and subtly all the while leading us into the fantastic remix of Coldplay's 'Trouble', a track many have unsuccessfully converted into a credible electronic version for the underground dancefloor. Amir Telem's version here doing just enough with the vocals before delivering a stunning post-break arpeggio led head massage. Brilliant. 'Aliado' bubbles and shines with just enough brightness before descending into Alex Cicada's 'Syel' melodic techno deep swell. The lyrics borrowed from a track I used to play a few years ago doing just enough to keep you above water. The unmistakable sound of AFFKT rumbles in for the last track. With haunting off-key synths firing off into the abyss and a monster bassline, the track acts as a perfect fusion of sounds to close the mix. Mr Scott has provided us with yet another excellent take on what we perceive to be 'House Music' in the modern age. Here's a DJ comfortable in his own skin, comfortable with shade and light, rhythm and melody and his own ability to deliver a mix that takes in all of his experience and all the best that today's electronic music has to offer - whatever Beatport or the like decide to call it. A solid, interesting and intelligent mix from an old soul with a modern outlook.

Electronic:at 007

Welcome to this weeks' Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of my favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK, mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/and my own Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/nick-rodge

Lost In Juliusz & Natalie 25022021

Thanks to all of you for being part of my favourite Lost In since we started. Lost In Anthems was a massive high point but I think last night, for me, was THE one. What an honour to play for people's birthdays! Available ON: www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/episodes Mixcloud, Soundcloud & Apple & Google Podcasts for us all to enjoy again. ❤🙏

019 CD2 - 'EONS After' Compiled & Mixed RealGoneKid

As promised, Cd2 is an altogether more full-on experience. Back in the day my friends and I would go to ‘FULL ON’ the once-a-month all-nighter at Nation (home of Cream) in Liverpool. There you would watch Andy Weatherall, Justin Robertson, Josh Wink & Laurent Garnier rub shoulders with the likes of Dave Seaman, Nick Warren and a whole host of DJs and artists that played literally everything and anything. An interconnecting room simply displayed a huge timetable and there you could meet up and create your own pic-n-mix. That ethos, that spirit is captured right here from the get-go with THIS mix. Mod3r’s glittering melodic techno opener rips through the speakers into Underworld’s ‘If Rah’ on a remix from Volski. Karl Hyde’s vox vocals echo out gloriously over the airwaves creating an almost classic feel to the proceedings: It is an out and out underground sound and EONS is in peak flow. Locked Groove’s ‘From Beyond’ acts as a sonic holding pattern, retaining the amassed energy before releasing the absolute beast that is ‘The Journey Begins’. It is a glorious well-executed lengthy mix borrowing the atmospherics of the former track but pushing the driving rhythm from Victor Calderone & Nicole Moudaber through from below it. Surrender at this point, let the strobes flicker, and nod your head to the dark groove, its yet another standout moment of the mixes so far. The track that bears the same title as the mixes, rips out into chunky grooves and dancing percussion whilst the female vocal recites new age rhetoric. Clever footwork needed on the dance floor here to avoid the joyous mass of people that would be pulsing and jumping to this. And then, without warning, you are plunged into obscene, dirty, filthy, and damn right immoral low end squelch theory from Foglight. To guide us safely through the peak time haze, Anton Tumas’ Secret’ transitions into the delightful Gabriel & Dresden track ‘Dub Horizon’. It is a perfect title for a track that brings the mix to a gentle plateau at the peak of the night. As we float just above the atmosphere it is a let go and raise your hands in the air moment. RGK then moves on to capture that 3 am vibe perfectly as SpeakOf’s spacey breaks lead us into those smaller hours when tracks can take their time and work their early morning magic. As the mix draws to its final 15 mins, a distinct feeling of sunrise being just around the corner creeps in. ‘Participants’ is a beautiful warm slice of electronic house with a male vocal reminiscent of Royksopp and providing a calm and hopeful segway to the last track of the entire mix. As the lights start to come up and you see the happy faces of the diehards around you a slice of electronica by Scarper massages the mind and reduces the heart rate down to create a perfect sense of contentment and serenity. What is clear here is that RGK has created a very visceral and timeless mix. It is an entire night out in two hours, like the best highlights of an all-nighter. With tracks spanning back 10 years in some cases, here is a DJ that has not only been there himself but is able to transport the listener to a night out that could occur at any point in time and anywhere on the globe. 019 is a special mix and although we might be listening at home, we only need close our eyes, think happy thoughts, and wander into the smoke-filled neon glow of EONS, an audio Neverland.

019 CD1 - 'EONS Before' Compiled & Mixed RealGoneKid

When presented with the challenge of creating two one-hour mixes for our guest mix series, DJs invariably rub their hands together and the grey matter goes into over-drive. The very point is to get all those backed-up creative juices really flowing and make something special. Real Gone Kid took the brief and ran with it. In our initial conversation, he fleshed out his theme, which in his own words ‘is designed to be a representation of an imaginary club night where the crowd are bang into the sound and as open-minded as possible. Kinda like a DJs fantasy club. Like it was back in the day: about music not looking cool.’ When the creator shares his inspiration, it is a wonderful starting point for the listener. As soon I press play on Cd 1, I am transported into a psychedelic, energy fuelled world courtesy of M83’s Hitchcock(esq) ‘Car Chase Terror’. I am imaging walking into a massive neon lit warehouse and that being blasted out with the visuals on a huge screen as we all filter in. The serenity of Sieren’s ‘Someone Else’ washes through creating a wonderful sense of calm with it is sparse breaks and warm bassline teeing up the awesome remix of Jamez’s ‘Music’ courtesy of Paper Samurai Krayt Dragon. With atmospherics now set to stun, there is a cinematic quality that draws the best out of the tracks whilst the pace starts to gently pick up. My favourite part of clubbing was always at the beginning; leaving the bar, Red Stripe in hand, and finding my spot to get fully into the warm-up DJ on the dance floor. Both physically and emotionally this moment arrives at the very stroke of the 30-minute mark for me. The mix from ‘Eagle’ into ‘Into the Aura’ is exactly that gliding you on into the first 4/4 of the mix from one of my favourite producer/remixers Kasper Koman. Underground hero Sean McClellan’s ‘Strike Zone’ takes us back to deep breaks with a soaring Depeche Mode style vocal, wrapping us in a melancholy blanket before being delivered ready and willing for Westseven & Miguel Matzo’s – 10-minute epic ‘Brainchild’. It is a very fitting last track that summarises the entire mix, deep, warm, gentle, moving and first class.

Resident 'In The Mix' Stevie Reid - 24022021

Cool, calm and confident. That's Stevie Reid. Cool, Crisp and calculated, that's Stevie Reid the DJ. There's no rush here to head off at a crazy pace, oh no. This is about setting your stall out and letting tracks breathe and work together effortlessly. Funkform's quirky vocal sets the tone of the first half of the mix perfectly. As warm as the sounds are, there is a depth and melancholy vibe just below the surface giving you the sense something is brooding. Kastis Torrau's 'Clock' exemplifies that theme with a great Chicago / US garage vocal echoing out of the spaced-out synths and gentle percussion. GMJ & Matter lead us gently on with their take on Andre Sobata's 'Unmute' a dreamy low key sunset accompanying type of track that tees up 'Breathe Deep' on Lost&Found to continue the floating segway. If people are familiar with Stevie's mix then they'll know there's never a dirty bassline far away to turn the mix in another direction. 'Multitude' is that track and we watch the clock go to ten to midnight as the beat deepens into slow melodic techno. Right on cue, midnight strikes with 'Lost On Origin', a bouncy yet solid groove from GMJ & Matter with Imran Khan doing the honours on the remix for Balkan Connection. The pace picks up with Kostya Outta & Sistersweet 'Bali River' which shimmers and moves forward with a purpose. The pistons are pumping now as D-Nox and Beckers swoop in with the 303's flexing their muscles whilst the strobe lights flash through the smoke-filled dancefloor. As the sirens shriek and the tension builds there's a definite air of 90's northern exposure. Tight mixing and energy control fuses into 'Hot Foot' a confident stomp that stops and starts, teasing and testing. Just as the lids about to blow Stevie pulls the reigns and delivers Navar's sonic 'High Noon' to lift the spirits and connect with your inner peace. Time to glide home, Michael A's wonderful 'Silent Moments' gets an Imran Khan Remix which builds and grows methodically and you are in 3 am territory floating. 'Wanderlust' shimmers and sparkles with swirling atmospherics and clean beats to help us alight onto Eli & Fur's pixie anthem with added electronica mystic courtesy of Rodriguez Jr's Remix. As the last notes fade, you can't help rubbing your eyes as if you've just had a wonderful dream. Stevie Reid is no stranger to this level of mixing and track selection. He never fails. And in times like these, we need things we can rely on and a Stevie Reid Resident mix always delivers that warm blanket or reassurance. Danny Jarvis

Electronic:at 006

Sunday evening. You know what it is. Electronicat is back - show 006 is now live. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track dj mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night in partnership with PHUK. Enjoy everywhere: soundcloud.com/nick-rodger/sets/electronic-at www.progressivehouseuk.co.uk/episodes www.mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk

Lost In Time 18022021

This week introduces my 'Warrior' theme. The idea behind this theme is building inner strength and resilience. The music is a little tougher, builds and is often intense - all the things your inner Warrior needs to go through to succeed. The mix is two retro mixes I made using CDJs back in 2006 and 2011. They came at a time in my life of poor mental health and I needed my Warrior. These mixes, therefore, go the journey. Both mixes are back to back and are 1hr 20 mins each, 2 hrs 40 altogether with a tiny pause in between. 1st Tracklist if I can find them to follow. I hope you'll see my ethics and style have massively changed over the years, admittedly my mixing finesse has improved but so has the production of music and technology we now use to mix it.

Resident 'In the Mix' McMo 17022021

What Tom has managed to do in an hour mix is the equivalent of when 'Sun-Pat' tells you they've put 1,000,000 peanuts in every jar of their peanut butter! It's like an audio Tardis or going through a wormhole, especially from track one to two. At 12:35 it feels like the mix is at its peak - and that's the genius of this mix. It's quite rightly difficult to pigeon whole the genres here and who cares - that's how electronic music should be - all wonderfully whisked up together. Echomen's 'Estella' typifies that fusion of dark house with a driving techy edge that Forensic made famous way back when. It leads beautifully to Sanclemente & Dabeat's (The killer duo) 'Your Smile Is Priceless'. And just like that warm ethereal voices and gentle keys wash in and swirl you around gently, like a siren beckoning and luring you away from your true journey. The next 15 min chapter is a wonderous hard-edged jerky you'd expect to hear in the deepest of underground warehouses. Solid grooves and serious rhythms replace melody for a good foot stomp. One of my all-time favourite clubbing acapella echoes out from Dan Diamond for a re-imagined 'Therapy'. It's glorious. 'I don't need big breaks a song and build, nah... I'm not going for none of those reasons to tell you the truth.' And just like that, you are into chapter 3 or is it 4? The last 15 mins, I'd like to call chapter 5, takes the pace up for the final climb. Robbie Rivera's 'Is This Techno Or Is This House?' perfectly sums up the mix - which is it? Not that it matters. What does matter is how a McMo has used his knowledge and crafted a perfect hour mix that you couldn't have dreamt up yourself. And that's Dj'ing and that's why McMo has nailed it - AGAIN. DJ

Electronic:at 005

Welcome to the weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of Nick Rodger's favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track DJ mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK, www.mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/ & on https://www.mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/

Lost In Love 11022021

This week Lost In has fallen close to Valentine’s Day and provided the perfect opportunity to introduce you all to my new weekly themes: Lover Warrior Magician Sovereign This week will be the ‘Lover’ theme and needs little explanation. I’ll explain the themes each week as we go along!

Resident 'In The Mix' Defcon 10022021

From the opening buzz of radio static at the start to the twisted tones of The Organism at the end, Defcon’s latest resident’s mix guides us on a rare musical journey that will leave you with lasting memories. We start with a mash-up of Shaun Rudman’s ‘Wash Over Me’, Trancesetter’s acapella of ‘Roaches’, and Rodrigues’ ‘New Realities’ which sets up a sophisticated soundspace right from the off where it seems anything is possible. After this brief orientation, Defcon lead us into darker, more experimental realms, bringing deep minimal tech house and breakbeat together in a way few dare to try. ‘Bouks – Kilos’ is a perfect example of this, playfully mixing into Voiski’s, ‘She Was Running Late’. This ingenious variety of trip beats and tech sounds is unlike anything you’ll have heard in a while. Stepping it up a notch with Giuliano Rodrigues’s ‘U Must Be Mine’, we soon find ourselves in the more melodious realms of progressive breakbeat with Raphael Mader’s beautiful, ‘Fading Still’, before gliding into a tidy mash-up of Gilberto’s ‘Harling’ and Versa’s ‘Chanting Souls acapella’. We’re above the clouds now cruising with some emerging 4/4 beats, the tech breaks still there but more an echo as the pace gets more toasty with the techno-sounding, ‘The Breakfast Club’ by 214. At this point in the mix, it’s time to strap-in as Defcon engage the hyperdrive. Max Bertolas & Avikal’s ‘Global Effect’ acts as an immediate, goose-bumping attitude adjuster - deep, driving, means business. Pilatus isn’t freeing Barabus any time soon either, with the joy-beans on both these tracks and the next (Tali Muss’ wonderful ‘Garip’) coming from the Heinz Music record label, known for their absolute bangers. Warning: at this point, you will be bouncing around your room. Missus’ ‘Born in a Time of Adversity’ comes in perfectly at this point terrorising your speakers, your neighbours and anyone within earshot to get grooving. It’s the kind of tune that makes you turn your sound system up in the hope you don’t get a complaint any time soon. That’s not before Defcon’s own, ‘Humans Are A Virus’ grips you by the face asking where Morpheus is and why you’re not dancing, before dropping into Pavel Petrov’s powerful, Ayahuasca. If things weren’t otherworldly enough, Pavel Petrov’s remix of Tomy Wahl’s ‘Just Machines’ propels us into the future and pounds us into mechanical submission. ‘Stockholm’ takes up the batton and there’s no loss of pace or flow, joy-beans a plenty with this little beauty. ‘Persistence Of Time’ maintains the deepness and richness of this progressive part of the mix with ‘My Love’ bringing the pace up even more while maintaining a rich funk - it’s goosebump time again. (The ‘Cowboy-Western’-sounding guitar sample in it is just delightful!) And so we find ourselves in the last three tracks. ‘Boulder City’ picks up the pace of ‘My Love’ while cleaning the palate for more exotic flavours. This comes with Frankey & Sandrino’s ‘Boson’, which provides an unusual, somewhat ‘industrial’ march to the finish line that is a perfect example of Defcon’s innovative sound. Finishing with ‘Jhana’ by The Organism, Defcon isn’t letting you go just yet. Erupting out of the darkness ‘Jhana’ plunges us back into a maelstrom of rhythm and melody, a monster of a track. An altogether fantastic mix that shows the class, versatility and range of these great DJs. (McMo)

Electronic:at 004

Welcome to the weekly Electronic:at show, a mini-snapshot of some of Nick Rodger's favourite electronic records. Loosely complied over 40mins or so, no adverts, no pigeonholes, no one track DJ mixes. Just beautiful music, every Sunday night via Progressive House UK, www.mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/& on https://www.mixcloud.com/Progressivehouseuk/

Lost In Sinead & Gav 04022021

This week’s Lost In was a dedication to the efforts of Sinead & Gav who are doing a really tough challenge to raise money and awareness for Male Suicide. To find out more or donate here's the info in more detail: Sinead Batterbee & Gav Pittman 01 Feb - 07 Feb 2021 - 30 mile per day Mental health is becoming an even bigger issue during the Covid crisis. In particular men's mental health. Andy's Man Club is a UK charity that creates space for men to talk #itsokaytotalk https://andysmanclub.co.uk/ Sinead and Gav were taking on the challenge of running 30 miles a day on hilly trails for 7 consecutive days in order to raise money and awareness for Andy's Man Club! You can sponsor them on: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/feb30x7 https://www.facebook.com/30perday/

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